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Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying your time here at Codeacademy.

My name is Regan. I am 28 years old. This is my first time using Codeacademy! I made a career change from the railway industry to the tech industry approximately three years ago. I come from a non-traditional background but I’ve used computers my entire life and have always been interested in them. I started in IT and realized that I wanted to learn more about software/web development. I am now the Tech Lead at a small company and complete mainly IT or Support related tasks for them. I also deal a lot with technical development and training.

I’m taking the Full-Stack and Data Science courses here at Codeacademy because I am part of the 2022 cohort for Lighthouse Labs Full-Stack Software Engineer course. I look forward to learning more about JS as I currently only LOVE Python. I hope to become a Data Engineer full-time upon completeing these courses and my diploma program at LHL this upcoming fall of 2022!

Take care everyone,
Happy Holidays!

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Hi everyone!

I’m Nicole, I’m 28 and I live in Scotland.

I have a masters degree in Mathematics and I currently work in Finance and Insurance.

I already have a decent background in Python, although I’d love to expand my knowledge of this and explore other things I haven’t before. Really looking for a career change leaning towards data science.

And that’s me!

Happy Holidays!

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Laura and I work as a customer service rep. I recently got my degree in Graphic Design. In that process I did some coding (HTML, CSS, JavaScript basics) and totally fell in love with it. Although I enjoy designing, my passion lies in coding. It would be great to find a career as a full stack web developer and do graphic design on the side. Kind of like majoring in web developing and minoring in design. As I was studying design I feel like I didn’t take the necessary steps to find a job/career in the field promptly. I didn’t do any networking or full on internships to get my feet wet. I feel like I’m giving myself another chance. I want to make things right this time and want to have all bases covered. I feel like Cody Academy is the first step to a successful journey.

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HI fellow coders! I have been learning on and off for about a year now and I am finally ready to really buckle down and get serious about learning as much as possible and seeking employment with my new skills. I am REALLY excited to get to meet and talk to fellow computer enthusiasts and maybe meet some folks who share my love for math, computers, and all things nerdy! :nerd_face: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Anyone wanting to chat or possibly mentor/tutor/study buddy feel free to reply here or message me directly!
Nice to meet you all!!


Hi Guys, I’m Guy!

My Internet Ego is The Hadleigh, I just finished a university course on sound design for Film, TV and Games at Southampton Solent University in the UK!

Im looking for a change in career path so ive just enrolled in the Front end engineer career path course, im hoping to get into a job in the industry in around 6 months time. I work part time (around 4 hours a day) to allow myself to learn new skills and further my career.



Nice to meet you y’all. My name is Jaber and I am in Frontend Engineer Career Path. I am so happy to be here and I really interested to switch my career from journalism to web development.
I hope we can collab on future projects.

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Hi All,

I am Suez, nice to meet you all. I learn to code because I am interested in it, so even I am not young anymore, or because I am not young anymore, so I think it is time to learn more, and hopefully I can be a decent web developer in the future, although I have not experience or any background in it at all.


Hello all,

I got into codecademy 5 weeks ago but waited until I knew it would stick; having a great learning experience sofar! I’m on one career-switch too many and hoping to turn my full stack engineer program into a new job.

And good hunting to you all on your next coding effort!


Hi all! I’m Andy from Seattle. I work in software engineering management, but came up through the Product Management discipline. I took a few Java-based CS courses in undergrad but I’m using Codecademy now to build my full stack web development skillset so I can have deeper understanding of my teams’ day to day work, and tinker more with web development and other programming for fun personally. I’ve mostly been chipping away at the Web Development and Build Python Web Apps with Flask courses.

Really enjoying learning on Codecademy so far. Looking forward to going more off-platform before too long—my personal goal is to wire up a real webpage that can store and retrieve data from a backend service + data store over the internet. Might be overly optimistic, but hoping I can knock a simple version of that out by end of year! :rocket:


Hello everyone, my name is Mathieu, I’m 20 years old and I’m a french student, I’m currently taking a break from my studies and I’m working on back-end path. I want to be a developer and realize useful projects.
I have a small background in code but I want to have a lot more so now I just need to work on it.
Good luck to all :four_leaf_clover: :rocket:


Hi, I’m a fourteen old, I’m homeschooled, and a little bit tech savvy. I was first introduced to the idea of coding because of a computer with a broken hard drive that I decided I wanted to fix. I started by trying to learn how to code everything in binary code (that didn’t work out to well) and learn how every part of the computer worked (my brain got overloaded) until I finally found something that mentioned HTML, CSS and Javascript. when I found out that you dont have to code in only binary, i started looking for courses on how to code. when found codecademy, it was a lifesaver. I’ve had it for a couple months now, and its definitely a real game changer. I am now a person who loves to create websites and firewalls, I just found out about the Forum part of codecademy and I cant wait to get help with some project I’ve been having a bit of trouble with, :slightly_smiling_face:


Howdy All, Whats New


My name is Lincoln. I just turned 28 this year and I am currently a computer information student at del mar college. My reason to join codecademy is to help me understand the core basics of coding for gaming and get a head start while in college. I’m hoping to one day be part of a game developing team or someone who builds gaming pcs at a professional level.

Looking forward to learning code.

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Meredith, I won’t tell you my age, but I have been in the IT Healthcare industry for over 20 years. I am looking to switch careers, and have always been interested in programming but at the time I went to college, I was 1 of 3 females enrolled in the IT program and was the advisor did his best to keep me away from pursuing my interest. My first job in the IT industry I was the only female in the IT department and found with being a single mom I no longer had time to further pursue my interest. So now that my son is grown, I decided to follow my interest and pursue a career change. Looking forward to getting to know all of you.

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hey all, new here! And i’m self studying and referring to tools like codeacademy for help.

i’m trying to change careers from my sales and marketing job to a software engineer.

looking forward to connecting with you all.

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Hi y’all, my name’s Moyo, I’m a 23 year old photographer & model based out here in the UK. As an artist, I’ve been quite involved within the NFT & Web3 community, especially this year during the “NFT Boom”, but through that I’ve been exposed to learning how to write my own smart contracts & building websites.

Coming from a purely traditional art background, I’m hoping to use Codeacademy, through this new year, to learn as much as I can about coding, so i can hopefully not only put those skills to use within my art, but also in new things. :relaxed:

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Hi everyone ,

my name is Karim , and im 24 years old . i think im the most ignorant person when it comes to computer skills , programming , and coding. i have chosen code academy as a mean of bettering my skills and so far after almost a month of buckling down and investing a better portion of my time to practice , i feel much better about my understanding , and it has motivated me to keep it going. i hope i can connect with other coders/developers to eventually create something to better the world we live in.
i appreciate anyone who’s reading this please do not digress on sending me a message or linking up :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone, I am 22 years old and I am currently in Toronto, where I have lived for the majority of my life. I recently graduated with a business degree, and I work full time in Marketing. I first picked up coding as a way to pass the time during COVID related lockdowns, and gained a basic understanding. In the past few weeks, I’ve been committing a significant portion of my time to developing my skillset, and I see myself potentially making a career change if I continue growing at the pace that I am!

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Hey !
I’m Anas, IT functional consultant with 3 years experience.
I’m from Morocco but living in Paris, France.

I decided to go for the full stack developer path as my objective is to be able create web apps from scratch, test them and try to launch few startups.

Glad to be here and looking forward to meet other project oriented developers.

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Hi, I’m Gerard, I’m 15 and I love to learn, I’m passionate about tech, science (especially physics in topics like astrophysics or quantum mechanics and biology in topics like genetics, biotechnology, biochemistry, or neuroscience. I recently started learning to code and I hope to become a Full-Stack Engineer by June or so. See you around and Merry Christmas!