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i’m Wojtek, im 23 i work in an IT company in Poland, for now all i do is customer service. I want to get more technical because i love solving problems and also i really like to know how something works.
I have some previous experience with Html, CSS and JavaScript. I made some websites for my friends and their friends but then i wanted to learn something more versatile. That’s why I’m here, to learn how to make complex applications, I already have some ideas for apps that i could do that would be fun to make and then use.
So I’m very happy to be here and I look forward to learning something new everyday and connecting with you guys!

Stay inspired!


Hi all,

My name is Andrew and I am ever so rapidly advancing towards my 30’s! I am autistic and have ADHD. I am from Scotland and have a Honours degree in I.T, a college degree in Games Development with work experience in the Communications field. Due to illness I have been unemployed over the last two years and I am looking to advance to an entry level role in the Big Data field as an Analyst.

I am hoping the materials here can provide stimulation to keep my ADHD in check while I focus on improving myself.

Looking forward to jumping in!


Hello! I’m a gamer with a love of tech and coding.



I come from a retail ops and marketing background and decided to learn programming and web design when I found myself with lots of downtime thanks to Covid. I joined Codecademy to help cement some of the basics I already knew (HTML, CSS) and learn some new languages with the hopes of moving into Front-end development. Many years of using poorly designed web apps and thinking “I wish I knew how to do it myself” have brought me here.

I’m happy to collaborate and learn from others, as well as share my ideas.


Hello everyone!

My name is Andrew and I am from Winnipeg, Canada. I am currently just about to finish my undergrad in Accounting and also currently work as an Accountant. I am in my early thirties and have zero programming knowledge but have been slowly learning with Codecademy which has been a great experience so far. I find it really interesting how many paths and options there are for people who do computer programming and I thought it might be something I would want to do sometime in the future. I enjoy business and I am looking forward on how I can combine my experience and business knowledge with programming in some way.

I was reading some of the introduction posts and I absolutely love to see the wide array of cultural and occupational backgrounds! I am looking forward to learning more and more with all of you!


Hi everyone,
My name is Jolijn. I come from the Netherlands. A while ago I decided to start how to code. My first experience in coding was during my study as graphic designer. I had to make a website. I really liked it and had a little bit understanding of css and html. Now I’am studying the Front-end Engineer path. After finishing this path I hope to be lucky and finding a good job in Front-end development.


Hi everyone! My name is Andy. I’m 30 years old, currently in marketing, mainly graphic design. I wanted to take the leap and expand on my skills as a designer to better understand design limitations when put into technical practice. I also would not mind pursuing a new career path as the tech industry really appears to be growing in my area. My coding experience is super limited to deprecated versions of HTML and CSS, back in the old MySpace days lol.


Hi all!

My name is Remco, 31 years old from the Netherlands. I have a career in audio engineering, mostly live sound. I love it, but recently I have been considering changing paths to webdevelopment. I want a career that’s a little more future proof (especially with the pandemic going on … and on). Years and years ago I learned some basic HTML, but I have been more focused on other things troughout the years.

I’m hoping to learn to code here on Codecademy and make it my new dream job!


Hello to everyone,

My name is Viktor from Bulgaria. I am 43. I decided to explore web design and coding. I love solving problems and also I really like to know how something works. I have some previous experience with Html, CSS, JS and C#, but I want to learn how to make complex applications.
So I’m very happy to be here and I am looking forward to learning something new everyday and connecting with you guys!

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  • Who are you?

Hello! My name is Luiz. I am from Brazil. I am really excited to be part of codeacademy forum.

  • What is your industry and profession?
    I work as a Java Developer at Accenture.
  • Where do you plan to use your new coding skills? Personally/professionally?
    I want to be an entrepreneur in education and technology. I want to develop solutions to Distance Education taking the most professional skills in python and Educational DataMining.

Hello everyone! I’m Diego and I am from California. I am currently learning as much about coding before I start a coding bootcamp in the Spring and have fell in love with coding and creating!
My current profession is inventory control in warehousing and I am looking to pursue a new career path in coding and I have fell in love with the lessons Codecademy has to offer.
I can’t wait to keep learning and maybe help out in the learning process as well with whoever may need it.

I wish everyone luck on their endeavors!


Hello everyone, I’m a computer engineering student from the Philippines, and I’m currently taking the full-stack engineer course. I joined Codeacademy because I believe it will hone a ton of programming skills especially since the modules from my college don’t cover much as well. This platform was helpful to me during my studies for programming basics via YouTube. My goal right now is to earn more credentials in my field of learning and probably learn more about machine learning and I am looking forward to what this platform has to offer. And, if you’ve reached my introduction at this point, I’m wishing you success in whatever journey you’re involved in, best of luck, and see you around :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone, I am a service engineer in the biomedical field and I love programming. I am here to advance my skills and learn how to build websites and other projects. It is important to learn in a community, so hopefully we will learn a lot together.

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Hey, I’m Paul!

29 from the UK and currently work in education as a teacher with a background in graphic design. I’m interested in a career change, I’ve always had an interest in web design, so am finally starting my journey into learning. I have a few friends who have learnt via Codecademy and have now moved on to careers within web development so they couldn’t recommend this enough. Looking forward to seeing where this takes me!

If anyone has any pointers or advice it would be more than welcome!

Thanks all!


Hey Hey !

My name is Mert I am 24 y.o, im coming from Berlin-Germany and found Codeacademy like 1 Week ago.

I am a really big nerd who loves Anime, Gaming and TCG. (wanna learn DnD now) Really love to meet new people and maybe YOU! are my next best friend who knows. Write me anytime and we can talk about programming and hobby maybe a project u have in mind and need help?

Here’s a short story about me:

I really love to program and found my love to programming a couple years ago where I learned objective-c and swift to develop some App’s. But after a year I knew it wasn’t the right choice for me developing apps on my Own was boring and I couldn’t find any startUps or companies who would hire a self-taught guy without real experience. So I have ended my career as a App Developer and started to do some music which helped me trough a hard time…
This year I tried to apply to some companies, but unfortunately it didn’t work out, although I wrote over 120+ applications.
In November I found a bootcamp near here for which I learn JS/HTML/CSS/SQL/REACT and more, so I have an easy start. Codeacademy came really perfect and I loved learning my first steps here! Immediately bought the Pro version and now I’m learning every day for 1 week. Most of the time 9-10 hours a day because it captivates me so much.

So that’s my Story :slight_smile:

If u want to know more about me just DM me :smiley:
See ya!



Hi I am Shambhu from India.


Hello, my name is Gabriel. I am looking to start a career in Data Science.

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Hi all!

I work as a tech support engineer for an e-commerce/fintech company. I support front and back-end integrations, but sometimes it is too much info so it is easy to be lost in the rush of it all.

I hope to learn as much as I can about the languages we use: Java/Javascript. I’m completely self-taught so I am jumping into a bootcamp to learn more about the whole process and sharpen my skills!

Let’s all keep learning as best we can (it’s OK to take breaks sometimes :raised_hands:)

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Hi Codecademians!

I’m a Civil Engineer pursuing a career change in the tech industry. I’m currently enrolled in the Computer Science Pathway and my goal is to develop my coding skills enough to land a job in Blockchain development.

So far, I’m enjoying my coding journey with Codecademy. I love the platform and the challenges. I’m ready to grind and learn as much as I can to achieve my goals.

Happy coding to everyone!


Hello! My user is Nakvex. I am a furry who got bored in 9th grade and found this site after searching the web for a bit. I hope I can get along well with everyone here!