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Hi, I am Michaela,

I started to learn coding with Codecademy 1.5 years ago. I finished a HTML and CSS course in 2 months and then didn’t touch it for another year because my son was born.

I was sure I want to use and develop my new skills so when my son was 9 months I decided to make a website for my mom’s business. I was relieved that I didn’t forget everything, on the contrary I discovered how searching for answers is a key skill in programming.

I love it and still want to work on my skillset. I have just finished JavaScript basics and I am looking forward to learn more! :slight_smile:



Hi Everyone!

My name is Kirk, and I’m excited to become a part of this community!

I have a BS in chemistry and MS in regulatory science. I currently work in QA at a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant and have been in the industry for ~ 10 yrs. The only coding knowledge I have is from a basic HTML web designing course back in my high school days (~2003 or so).

I’ve been looking at advancing my career in QA, and noticed that there are lots of Software QA opportunities available that pay very well and have great opportunities for career progression. I think I will be able to leverage my knowledge and experience in Quality Assurance and pharmaceutical/med device regulation into a well-paying software engineering position allowing me to work remotely.

I’m looking forward to learning these new skills that no doubt are the wave of the future. Any advice from experienced professionals, or amateurs is always welcome. Thanks for reading!


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i’m Wojtek, im 23 i work in an IT company in Poland, for now all i do is customer service. I want to get more technical because i love solving problems and also i really like to know how something works.
I have some previous experience with Html, CSS and JavaScript. I made some websites for my friends and their friends but then i wanted to learn something more versatile. That’s why I’m here, to learn how to make complex applications, I already have some ideas for apps that i could do that would be fun to make and then use.
So I’m very happy to be here and I look forward to learning something new everyday and connecting with you guys!

Stay inspired!

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