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Hello, My name is Nico and i just turned 20! Im just getting into coding I have worked on a farm and in retail since i was about 16, and I was wondering if anyone wants to give a new beginner some helpful tips to stay focused and pushing toward my goals! Also, would love to meet some new people in this community and make some new friends feel free to dm me if you are interested. Thanks for reading and i hope all you have a great rest of the day. :slight_smile:


I’m Mathew here, Working in Home care as digital Strategist.
Started my journey with computers way back in the early 90s with a x286 machine and playing the game Alley Cat. Worn so many hats since then. My expertise are:

Prototype / Wire-frame / Design / Project Management - Website, Web applications, Mobile Apps (Axure, XD, Photoshop, Vector Graphics)

PHP, MySQL, MVC, CodeIgniter, WordPress, Magento, Shopify Etc.

Flash / Animate (AS2, AS3), E-learning

SEO (On site, Off site, Content writing)

SMM, Digital Marketing (Animated GIFs, Videos, Paid ads, Google / FB / IG / Linkedin / Snapchat)

Hardware, Networking, Assembling PCs

Manage or Create Linux or Windows web servers (Apache/IIS, DNS, Webmin/Virtualmin, WHM, cPanel, Putty, VMs, AWS), Email Solutions (Gsuite, Office 365, Amazon SES)

3DS Max
Print Media (InDesign)
Premiere, After Effects, Filmora

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Hi, I’m Tom and I’m 35 years old and am from Cambridge, England.
I am a jack of all trades which is why my CV looks pretty crazy as it seems I have a new job every few years.
I have enjoyed coding since I made my fist text adventure back on a commodore 64!
it got buggy after about 10 lines but I still had fun.
I made a screen saver/ darts games with visual basic on my 1st pc - some old IBM.
I started learning C++ about 12 years ago but stopped after I made my 1st program: a random result generator for the world cup.
a few years ago a made a rubbish game for my android phone - its really bad but I was proud for finishing something!

I currently work in social housing as an assistant housing officer and all my qualifications are in housing.
I had a choice of taking a year long level 4 course in housing practice and law but I’m putting it off and I’ve paid for the pro version of codecademy - I am loving the mix of quiz’s, projects and lessons.

I am starting off with JavaScript on here. Wish me luck


Hi my name is Gearóid
Currently graduated IT student now unemployed.
I would like to use my new skills in UI/UX design to create better sites
A friend passed the information and the bite-sized chunks of information that can be digested. I can renew my skills too.
I plan to take full-stack after this one (front-end)
Have you been to any of our meetups, or events? None scheduled but am open to any suggestions.
Do you have any examples of work that you have done using the skills you learned at Codecademy? None as yet.
Do you have a cool story to tell about how Codecademy helped you achieve your goals? None as yet.

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Hi Codecademy,

I’m Leanne from Peterborough, England, UK. I’m 2 score and more but won’t say how much more! I’m totally new to coding and Codecademy and to be fair new to forums that I’ll actually be using as well! So please be gentle with me.

I’m looking for a career change after working in Supply Chain and Operations for many years. Always had an interest in computers and how different systems could get (or not get!) you what you needed and wanted to know. Everything starts with the code behind them so I thought I need to learn this magic, fool that I am!

Not sure just yet what my career path will be with these new skills but I’m starting at the beginning (html) and will see where I end up or what I like doing best. I’ve only just found out, since browsing learn to code websites, there is something called a Data Scientist. Another career to consider!

What I’ve learnt so far hasn’t put me off and I’ve found it enjoyable (Is this allowed?!) so I plan on being here for a long while yet.

Happy learning to all the fellow newbies out there.



Hi all,
I joined Codecademy as a way to learn Python programming and computer science skills. I’m looking to transition careers away from my economist role and into something a little more focused on data science or engineering in the public policy and/or politics field.

To be honest, all this intimidates me a bit and I haven’t explored the community much, but I’m hoping to get the most out of this.

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Hello everyone!

My name is Panagiotis. I’m from Greece but i live in England, UK the last 10 years. Currently i live in London.
I am totally new to programming and everything has to do with it.

I studied and worked for 10 years in hospitality & catering industry as a chef. The last 6 years i am working in logistics industry as a warehouse operative.

After years of thinking my next step I decided to pursue a web/software developer career. I think is very exciting and creative job. It’s really hard at the moment and so much to learn but i hope to cope and achieve my goal in a few months.

I wish everybody in the community to achieve your goals and help each other to become better.

Happy coding! :slightly_smiling_face: :desktop_computer:

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Hi my name is Willard Roseberry.
I am working for Jennmar. They make metal products to reinforce coal mines.
I plan to use my new coding skills professionally.

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My name is Dan and I am embarking on a continuation of a journey into coding that has had numerous detours, but is now culminating in a chance to properly pursue the goal of working professionally in this space. This time, I am committed to seeing the process through to the point of gainful employment.


Hi all!
My name is Nora, from Hong Kong.
Now, my job is a graphic designer.

Why I join CodeCademy:

  1. My colleague introduced “CodeCademy” to me to learn from;
  2. My English is bad, so learn to code while learning English;
  3. I want to change myself.

My plan:

  1. Familiar with HTML, CSS and JS;
  2. Learn one hour at Codecademy every day.

Hope in the future:

  1. Love CODE more than now;
  2. Hope to help colleagues to reduce the burden on work.

Thank you!


Hi, I am David, I got passionate to web developer and I am trying to change my career. Currently I am working as a Finance Analyst. I have a decent level of the basic Html Css and Js, I feel that if I am able to learn also React properly I would able to get a job quick enough. I am closer to my thirty than forty but I have to admit reading how many young people there are here I feel a bit a “fish out of water”. Hopefully all those stories regarding people change their career in web dev are true. let’s make it happen.


Hi! I’m Melissa and I currently work in GIS for local government. I’ve learned some python to help with work tasks and recently got into learning some basic HTML and CSS to make updates to our website. I enjoy getting the chance to code and would like to expand my knowledge base and hopefully take on a side job as a developer. I’m open to the idea of switching careers but feel behind the curve on my coding skills. Looking forward to learning!


Hi everyone!

My name is Isaiah, and currently I am a music major (full time right now with 7 classes this semester haha) and a part time retail worker but I am most likely going to double major in computer science. The only reason I didn’t until now was because the math seemed very intimidating. However, I had an epiphany the other day that I’m the type of person who needs to be challenged and constantly has to feel like they’re learning something, or it’s just not good for my mental health lol.

I’ve played piano for 11 years, and I basically taught myself how to write piano music starting from when I was a high school sophomore just from hours of looking at sheet music, but I have yet to write something that I truly feel represents me yet. Not just that, but sometimes I feel like I have so many ideas it’s overwhelming sometimes. I’ll listen to anything except country music, but classical, jazz, hip hop and pop are my favorite genres, I think.

I decided I wanted to learn code because I want a better job, but also because coding can be extremely challenging. Having said that, it is perfect for someone like me who needs to embrace adversity and be challenged. Also, because of the constantly evolving nature of code, I could spend the rest of my life learning and being challenged by this stuff.

I quite honestly yearn for a job where the learning and the challenges never stop. I don’t ever want to feel like I know everything about something because that’s boring. Knowing everything is boring. We can leave that to the computers to be uber-literal and whatnot, but people aren’t perfect and we’ve all seen that corny sitcom episode where the protagonist tries to be something they’re not just so they can fit in with the crowd, and…ah. I should mention i have a tendency to ramble sometimes haha.

I honestly didn’t think I’d say as much as I just did considering how afraid I was to post on here, but I’m glad I did :slight_smile: I look forward to learning with you guys!


Hi guys My name is Max,
I’m programming hobby list, I would like to enjoy learning new things and hope everyone enjoy learning

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Hi all! I’m Natalie, currently 29 and working at F&B companies. Started looking into programming because I wanted an industry change. Looking forward to learning more and excited to be a part of this community!


Hi everybody!
My name is Chris, I’m 31 and I currently do a masters degree in psychology. However as I’m not really happy about it (don’t like reading scientific paper all the time) I was looking for something which could make me more fun. So I remembered something I always wanted to do but never did (until now): Programming beautiful websites. So I started learning this some weeks ago. My goal is to become a professional web developer creating beautiful websites :slight_smile: And I joined this community here not because I think I can’t reach this goal without it but cause I think it makes much more fun to go this way together with other people :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone!

I’m Victoria! I am looking forward to this journey I’ve started as I have been in pharmacy my entire working career. I’m a bit nervous I must admit but I’ve enrolled in a coding bootcamp that starts in December but until then I’ve decided to be proactive and do things on my own so that I can become a very competent developer. Congratulations to everyone who has decided to venture on this journey as well and I look forward to chatting and collaborating with you!

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Hey all, I’m Rick.

I’ve been an economics professor for the past 7 years and have realized that the part of my job I like the most (and most reliably) is coding. I’ve gotten pretty decent in R, and lately I’ve been playing around in NetLogo. But I want to broaden my skill set and open up more career options so here I am! I’ve been working up the courage to change careers for a few years now, and will probably go the data science route, but right now I’m working on the Full Stack path because I’m interested in the possibility of doing more general software engineering. I’m impressed with the platform and looking forward to learning more!


Hi all, my name is Madison.
To make a long story as brief as possible, I got diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma on August 24th of this year. I just got finished with two out of a total of six rounds of chemotherapy earlier today. I was a student going to a community college with only three classes left to get my A.S in General Studies. I was planning on transferring to Texas Tech this coming spring, but my plans came to a halt.

I hope as I’m continuing on this journey to beat cancer, I can get around to actually doing something with my spare time, like being on CodeCademy.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I also hope that eventually I can earn a B.S in Computer Science and, hopefully, earn a M.S and eventually a PhD in Computer Science as well, but that’s a story for another time.

Anyway, I hope that by doing everything I can to try to learn programming/coding, that I can eventually help other people that are having the same problems.


Hi everyone! I started the front-end engineer career path a few weeks ago. I want to wish all of you great success learning to code.