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Hello World :wink:
I’m Luca from Milan, Italy.
I own a diving center but i’m looking for a job in web industry as a front end developer.
I’m new on Codeacademy and i’m doing the Full-Stack Engeener path.
I want to expande my knowledge and try to do some amazing stff for fun and maybe for works… who knows?
Anyone else from Italy? I’m looking for buddies to share code and collaborate too!!


Hi, I’m Duncan!

I’m a Nashville, TN-based copywriter by way of DC and NorCal.

After working with a lot of clients in the SaaS, tech, and health spaces — plus a personal passion for design, strategy, and entrepreneurship, I began diving into the maker community.

It’s a world that scratches my itch for creating interesting things and, to quote Steve Jobs, making a dent in the universe.

I’m here to learn how to make more informed decisions through data science. And, over time, develop influential products and SaaS.


Hi, this is Moe
I am living in Davis California and I am a PhD student in Atmospheric science at UC Davis. I had a little bit of exposure to coding during the coursework labs, but I really need to fortify my basics including computational thinking and algorithm. In addition, I would like to learn machine learning both as a research tool and career path. Happy to be a part of your community, and hope to learn a lot from you guys!

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Hi, im Maciej, and i am from Poland :smiley:
I am working in office in a factory and i am starting to learn coding. I want to be a Full-Stack Enginer :slight_smile:
Nice to meet you all.

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My name is Holly, i’m 19yo and I’m from Ireland.
i just recently decided that i want to work in the IT industry instead of science. I am fairly new to coding and will be starting a software engineering course in university in a few months.
I’m excited for this journey and look forward to learning with you all!

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I’m Andy.
Been working in the design industry for over 20 years and have recently got into data viz.
I have a coding background, but have never got to grips with JS, despite numerous attempts.
Hopefully this time I can stick it out.

Hi! My name is Glenn. I’m a Middle School Math teacher and I’m taking the Python course. I am looking to learn how to teach Python to my students; I would like to use Python to do data analysis with grades and homework and attendance; and I would like to use Python to explore patterns of Primes in the Fibonacci Sequence. Ultimately would love to play with CircuitPython on microcontrollers. I listen to the Talk Python to Me podcast, I’m working my way through Al Sweigart’s book on automating boring stuff and I’ve joined Runestone Academy. Very new to Python, and having lots of fun!

Hi there!

I’m 25 and from a small Caribbean island town called Utila.

I’ve worked in the Scuba Diving Industry for three years and, while lots of fun for a short career, I found that it was going to be very exhausting and not challenging or fulfilling for me in the long term. I’ve also had some experience of local admin jobs that paid horribly and 6 months of freelancing data entry on Upwork (pay was alright but felt like I wasn’t advancing career-wise.

I’m looking to take an honest chance with learning to code and apply for work in which I can make things, solve problems, and put a bit of myself into what I do. So I’m starting on the Data Analyst course.

Here’s hoping for the best.

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Hi, I’m Tim!

I’m a marine engineer, and I’m actively new to Codecademy having dabbled in programming for many years. I’m a pretty big technology geek as a hobby, and I’m looking to bridge my occupational skills with my hobbies to be more effective, and to fill in the gaps in my knowledge base. It’s been fun so far!

Greetings programs!
My name is David. I’m a veteran and currently unemployed. I’ve wanted to learn programming for a good long while now and figured now is as good a time as any to try and start. I’ve messed around with Ruby and Python and heard that Javascript is a good language to pick up. I wouldn’t mind using coding skills for either professional or personal uses.

Hi! My name is Nanie and I’m taking the Fullstack course. I currently live in Brooklyn but I’m originally from Puerto Rico.