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Hi There,

I am Allie, a 26 year-old from Pennsylvania. I want to switch my career from a compensation analyst to a programmer and/or data scientist. I am excited to be a part of the codecademy community and to learn and grow my skill set.
I have completed the Learn HTML, Learn SQL, and Design Databases with PostgreSQL so far. I have just started the Data Scientist Career Path.



Hello guys!

I am Paul. I am 28 yo from Ecuador. I am trying Codecademy to see if programming is for me, if it is then I will consider a career change since I have had lots of difficulties to find work as an Urban Planner. I have been learning for 2 weeks now and so far I am good.

Good luck everyone!


Hey everyone!
My name is Erika and I am currently working as a speech therapist at a nursing home. I’ve been doing this for about 4 years and my friend had been recommending coding for some time. I’m definitely ready for a career change and Codeacademy is the first time I really can do something well, pick it up easily, and not give up because it’s actually fun. I’ve been reading success stories of people who landed web development jobs without a degree. I’m only a couple of months in but I think I can do it too.

I did HTML and CSS on freeCodeCamp and I’m doing JS here. I’m excited to continue the Full Stack Career Path.


Hi I’m Raghav. I started coding a couple months ago. I can code a little bit in python, but am more interested in Html, Css, Javascript and all the front-end languages and frameworks.

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Hello everyone! I’m Chacha, 21 years old from Indonesia. I’m learning to code on the side as I work part-time as a shopkeeper in a knitting store. I learnt some basic stuffs about HTML & CSS. Applied it well to visually changed some websites I maintained, but met many dead-ends when I tried to delve deeper. So I think I need to learn from the ground up.

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Hi, I’m Adriana, I just recently graduated with my undergraduate degree and I am looking to gain some coding skills that I can hopefully apply and use in a career since I didn’t study Computer Science or anything of the sort for undergrad. I like learning human languages so I hope learning computer languages will be just as fun.

  1. Hi, I’m Lynn, I make music on Bandlab as Lynn Hart.
  2. I’m in the industry of music and I’m a musician.
  3. I’m planning to use it to build websites and apps, so that means professionally.

Hi! I am an HTML and CSS student, and to study more, I came to Codecademy. I want to complete some projects, and get a certification, and move on

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Hi everyone!
I’m Megan, about to be a junior in high school.
I’ve been on Codecademy for about a year now and I’ve gone through HTML and CSS. I want to study Computer Science in college and become a Web Developer. I’m excited to get better at coding :slight_smile:


Hello everybody! I’m Trevor but I usually go by Styles. I’m a little late to the party, as I’m 29 years old (closer to 30). I had previously been in manufacturing for the past 8 years doing a job that I hated for decent money so that I could provide for my family. Recently my wife got a promotion and we had always talked about when that happened I would finally get the chance to do something that I’m more interested in… so here we are! I’ve been into computers, more specifically gaming, since the 2000s when I played starcraft for the first time. Since then I had always gravitated towards tech, but I never thought that I’d be able to do what a lot of the devs do around here. Then my best friend and I had a conversation about the backend work that he does and he explained to me that you don’t have to go to a 5 year college to learn to code anymore!

Learning to write code (JS CSS HTML so far) has been very tough for me since I haven’t been in school for a long time but I find this a lot more interesting than the things I learned in HS. The amount of knowledge you need to soak in is daunting at first, but then I realized there will always be more that I would need to learn and to take it all in stride! I’m really hoping to make a complete career change, if not only for myself but for my family. The manufacturing industry sucked the happiness right out of me and it was making a negative impact on my home life. But when I left my old career and started working towards this one with codecademy, it was like a switch flipped.

The amazing part about programming this that you can use it to do pretty much anything. It honestly amazes me to see how far we’ve come since the 90s. Things that were impossible back then are done every day now, a quote for the movie Thor has been sticking to me lately “Your Ancestors Called it Magic, but You Call it Science. I Come From a Land Where They Are One and the Same.” In the 80s when star trek had motion sensor doors that opened when the crew walked up, there were actually people on the other side of the wall manually opening the doors. Now we walk through them all the time. I don’t know where this is going to take me, but to get there we all have to keep walking!

Looking forward to the journey were all on!

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Hi everyone, my name is Cass
I’m 24 years old, currently running my own virtual assistant / project consulting business. I have recently decided to switch career paths to something less socially demanding. I used to be really into mathematics in high school and problem solving. So I thought coding would work well for me.

I started with downloading some coding apps, then signed up for code academy, and I have been grasping things pretty well so far! I will likely be signing up for a college course in the fall. Excited for this new journey :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone!

I’m a Year 11 student studying for a Senior Secondary Certificate at my college in Australia and i’m also studying two yes two Information Technology subjects! (One in my home college and one at university as a part time student) I wanted to get to a bit more of coding so I can do well in my subjects and also for personal stuff like programming and game development (yes I love video games!) I have some knowledge on HTML, CSS and Python to some degree but not too much (just the basics!) Can’t wait to learn new things!


Hi everyone! My name is Jairzinho and I’m from Amsterdam.

While working with a few partners in our own marketing & web development agency, I stumbled against a few problems that I couldn’t fix on my own. Through practice and a few projects I learned that working with a CMS like wordpress and a plugin like Elementor is not going to get you far in the business. If you want to play with the big boys, well you’re going to need quite more understanding of front and back end development. With this in mind I am now upgrading my coding skills by following the software engineering path. I’m one week in and I love the content and I have so much motivation to get through this path to get back working on some great projects!

I want to wish everyone good luck and I hope that you get everything out of your journey that you’re seeking for!


I’m inquisitive and I love to learn. Perhaps correspondingly, I’ve been a newspaper journalist and an English teacher.

My plan is to gather my loose ends of coding knowledge into a cohesive cord.

I’d like to learn to program in the C language.

I was confident that high-quality, low-cost instructions on how to code would be available online—perhaps Code Academy is what I seek.

Hey everyone! I’m Rajesh. Excited to join this community.

I’m interested in learning how to refine security and be on top on , tech and IoT evolution; and to me it’s the place where everything connects. I look forward to learning from this talented group and contributing where I can.

I enjoy traveling (especially in sunny places :slight_smile: ), mind-games, puzzles and challenges, Sci-Fi & Thriller either in books or movies, and fascinated about tech evolution.

Looking forward to discover this space; it seems users are at the core of this ecosystem to the benefit of its community members and I hope that’s not against the community guidelines.

If I’m crossing the rules then I would apologies for this.

Rajesh :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi everyone I’m Alex, this is exciting but very daunting!

I was a Specialist Biomedical Scientist for over 10 years and was Iooking for a new challenge. I needed to find a career which would incorporate some of the skills I already have and the career learning to fit around my young children. I did not want to have to go back to university to get another degree and masters. I have a lot of work experience in statistics, which I hope will give me an advantage.

I have just completed the SQL codecademy course without realising there was a specific Data Scientist course! I do not feel very confident about SQL and so I’m looking forward to revising it in this course.

Good luck everyone and I’m looking forward to speaking with you.

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