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Hey! I’ve dabbled a bit in SQL too. Your last job sounds interesting. I’m sorry you were laid off. I am familiar with gimp. I used it for photo editing digital scrapbooks. Anyway it’s nice to meet you and I wish you the best in your journey.

LOL forgot my name :stuck_out_tongue:




I go by Christo (short for Christopher) and have been coding off and on for entirely too long, but have always gotten sidetracked into other career paths (Mission Assurance being the latest, longest sidetrack that just recently ended). I’m kicking this commitment off with the Data Science Career path, since it’s something I know I can apply at my current job pretty quickly, which will stimulate me even more to get through the path.

See you all in the forums and at the Chapter events!



Hello there. Everyone I know calls me Kalbo so Kalbo it is here as well :smile:

I am far too old for all this - I first dipped my toe into HTML in the nineties with my first PC running Windows 95 and had to either use AOL or Compuserve to access the web. My first (and last) webpage I created was just something about my goldfish (it was all I could think of at the time) and was hosted for free on Angelfire if I remember correctly. So here I am many years later and decided to give it a serious go this time and see where it takes me. I have a basic grasp of HTML and CSS (although positioning is seriously doing my head in) and will move on to Javascript/JQuery when HTML & CSS become 80% second nature to me - to be honest, I’m not looking forward to Javascript/JQuery and they could be my stumbling blocks…


Hello guys! My name is Gabriel!
Thank you Codecademy for the opportunity to learn more! I’m here for data science Nice to meeting you!

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Hey Codecademy Family!

I’m attempting to grow my skillset out from a Services and Technical role into something more code cased. I’ve always enjoyed coding and the pleasure of having a project run after taking it from inception to code to break to code and around and around until completition

I have a few personal projects planned and would love to discuss ideas, so please feel free to send me a message! I’m a big collaborator because that is how I learn best!




You can call me Lupita. I’m currently trying to build more skills that compliment my current ones. Currently a Statistics major.

I first got into coding during the crazy days where glittery graphics were all the rage. That is how old I am. Back when having cute layouts were the ‘thing.’ Stopped for a long while. I’ve been coding for almost a year now (in Python and now Java) but I feel like I never do enough sometimes.

Pleased to met you! :smile:

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I’m Frosty from Perth, Australia.

My journey towards wanting to become a programmer has been a long, difficult road and I’ve only recently been accepted into a programming course in college, after which I’ll have skills

·programming in Java, C#, Python
·develop user interfaces
·object-oriented programming
·working with databases
·understanding programming methodologies and documentation
· Arduino IDE which implements C/C++ functions
· website basics

At the moment I’m looking forward to learning javascript, python & C in codecademy, and looking forward to eventually purchasing the Pro membership and becoming very skilled one day to earn a lot of money in the workforce.

So far, after a few weeks on this website, I’ve been impressed by how simple and how much knowledge can be inserted to people’s minds when they follow the course criteria. Thank you for creating this awesome platform.

My name is Pete Storli. I am an Android SW developer. I have been building apps since pc’s first came out in 1978.
My current interests are Android, Kotlin and Korge, which I am using to build educational games.

You may enjoy the brainwave entrainment apps that I built for Deepak Chopra.
They use the cameras flash to calm down your brain while Deepak guides you through a meditation.

You may enjoy my BestMovieDB app which not only shows info about popular movies, but shows the process I use to build apps. You can also download the src code for this MVVM project.

Hi Everyone!

I’m Jesse. I’m new to the website. I just started the lessons on Monday. I’m looking to change my career direction and am hoping coding would be the way to go. I have a bachelors in philosophy. My favorite subject was logic, and from my understanding so far logic undergirds much of CS. I’m currently in customer service at an international company, but the job itself has become boring and unchallenging, and I’ve become more and more aware of there being little opportunity for upward mobility.

Thus far, I’m learning a lot from the lessons. It’s very intellectually exciting! I initially wanted to go to grad school for philosophy, but the market for that is laughably bad. For years, I couldn’t really think of a way to practically apply my love of logic in a way that would be BOTH stimulating and lucrative. I’m hoping that coding can satisfy both of these :slight_smile:

Warm Regards,


Greeting to all programmers here,
I am Harsh Vardhan a student and a beginner in in this field. Actually i am learning programming to do some business in It sector.

Hey all, I am Raven.

New to the Forums and programming as a whole. I don’t really have a really long intro, just that I hope over the course of my learning and beyond I meet some nice people here to learn alongside with.

But until those days! I am just awaiting a book to arrive for me to read through for my course, so there won’t be any questions from me -just- yet!


My name is Michael and I’ve been a software developer and consultant for about 30 years. Most of the work I’ve done has been specific to the IBM i environment and the RPG language. I’ve also done tons of SQL and HTML and Java over the years. But almost exclusively within the context of building apps to run on the IBM i.

For the last few years, all of my consulting contracts have been with clients that are moving off of the IBM i platform. While, in my opinion, that is a costly mistake, from which most smaller businesses won’t recover, those decisions are usually made before I show up. I specialize in integrating the IBM i with the outside world. Whether that be through creating and hosting APIs that are called from other platforms, or writing code to integrate with APIs, stored procs and database on other platforms, I’ve been doing it for years.

Lately, it has become more and more difficult to find contracts for my consulting work. I’ve decided I need to expand my portfolio, and therefore my reach into the market. To meet that goal I have joined Codecademy to expand my skill set into area that will leverage my decades of experience working with databases and business development processes, yet lead me into new territory opened up by new knowledge.

I’ve recently completed the Learn JavaScript Course, and just started the Back-End Engineer curriculum. I’m between contracts right now, so I’m using the hours I would normally be billing to clients and investing in my future, what’s left of it any way. I’ve already been thinking about how some of my recent projects could have been built in the non-IBM i world using Node.js and other languages and tools. I’m excited to try it out once I’ve learn a little more.

I plan to rely on this group heavily when I get stuck on something. In addition, I will give whatever help I can when asked. I think I still have a few tricks up my sleeve i can teach to you young whippersnappers.

Just stay off my lawn!