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Hey all, I’m Zach, I live in Central Florida. I’m currently a shop manager at an amusement park. I’m taking the full stack engineer course currently, I hope to make a career shift in the next year or so(: I’ve learned a ton so far and have thoroughly enjoyed the content, can’t wait to learn more and begin applying it to real projects :smiley:


Hello Codecademians! I just made that up, how does one refer to a denizen of the Codecademy relm?

I’m Jake, if anyone new here is interested in code reviews or chit chat hit me up on the discord server, I just joined last night!
I work as an industrial automation engineer in the Philadelphia suburbs. Through my early childhood I loooved playing video games on my Commodore 64 . This led me to learn some programing in BASIC.

Once in college I took a few semesters of Java, programmed a lot of microcontrollers in C, and built some static websites with HTML and CSS. In my senior year I got involved with computer vision using MATLAB. Somehow all of this led to where I’m at now, a profession that is basically playing with gigantic Lego Mindstorms.

I’m at Codecademy hoping that I can develop some skills whereby I can help my customers make better use of the data available on their equipment. Perhaps once I’ve learned enough I can make some improvements in uptime and efficiency.


Hello friends, my name is Zach and I’m learning to be a Full-Stack developer!

Currently, I work in Sales development and am a product manager for a company that largly exports goods, I’m not a huge fan of the job especially given the impact Brexit (sorry) has had on it.

I live in a city called Bristol in the UK, and hope to use my new found interest in coding to become some kind of developer. I am on the IT Career Switch programme which is a fairly intensive course tand will hopefully kickstart this life choice.

Nice to meet you all and if you see me bumbling around the forum then be nice, i dont normally post on forums so this is a first for me too :slight_smile:


Hello everyone

My name is Cristian. I am currently a Project Office Analyst for a Real Estate tech company. I am looking to expand my knowledge and learn how to code. I have been wanting to dive into this area for a while now, but I never found the time. It has always been a bit difficult for me to accomplish self learning so this is me giving it another go before I pay for a bootcamp. I am hoping to meet some of you and hopefully join an accountability network that can help me stay on track and continue learning.


Hi everyone!

My name is Sam. I live in the USA. I’m currently completing Codecademy’s fullstack engineer path, and the computer science path.

I hope to use these skills to get a tech job someday, and to design and build my own projects. Music is a passion of mine, so naturally I want to create my own virtual instruments and effects.

Lastly, I want to mention that in addition to English, I speak Spanish and Portuguese. I welcome any opportunity to chat about tech topics in these languages as well.

Wishing you all good luck on your learning journey!


Hey everyone, my name is Godfrey, I am 24 and I’m currently learning to be a Full-Stack developer via an IT Career Switch programme.

I am live in London, and I am currently a Customer Relations specialist at a motor company whilst studying to become a commercial pilot. I know it seems like taking on pilot training and coding seems like a lot but these are two things I’ve been really passionate about practically all my life, so I thought why not jump into coding whilst doing my pilot training and gain the skills needed to jump on coding projects.

Hopefully I get the opportunity to speak to some of you but if not I wish you all a luck on your coding journey. :muscle:t6:


Hi Everyone!

I’m Bee and I’ve been a marketing professional for over 10 years. I lost my job due to the pandemic and thought why not follow a path I’ve always wanted to explore. I started coding in 2015, but stopped because…life. Now, after many unsuccessful attempts to get a job in the digital marketing world, I’m trying this as well.

Random facts: I’m currently learning to be a Full Stack Developer. I live in Sunny California.

I plan on using these skills to either earn a full time income or have it help me build a side hustle. Please reach out and say hey whenever.



Hi, my name is Ana Sanchez. I have been told about this website by one of my friend who is learning a lot from here. I want to learn about marketing and new tech.
Also, web developing. Hope it will be a great platform


Hello! I am Louis. I’m currently not in a profession, and I hope to personally use my new coding skills. I’m using Codecademy to prepare for a course I will take. I am currently planning to take the introductory Python and Java courses to expand my skillset. I have not been to any meetups/events. I don’t have any examples of work I’ve created using skills I’ve learned at Codecademy (since I’m as brand new as you can get), and I don’t have a cool story to tell about how Codecademy helped me achieve my goals for the same reason. I’m hoping to become an avid coder! :+1:


Hey everyone! My name is Tristan!

I’m 32 years old and I’ve recently decided to attempt to change careers from a warehouse manager to a full-stack web developer without college and better my life as a whole, so I gave Codecademy a shot and I love it so far!

I look forward to collaborating with you all in the future and I wish you all luck in your pursuits!

Stay motivated! :crazy_face:


Hi! My name is Beth! I live in Montana and am trying to learn how to code. I think it is a valuable skill! This platform is the best so far that I have found to learn on!

Currently, I am a student at SNHU for accounting. I want to do more work with data science and bots, so I am hoping to learn how to effectively use coding and such to my advantage.


Hey Everyone, My name is Shona.
I live in London and I lost my job in China due to the pandemic. I’ve been wanting to change my career but haven’t been very motivated to start. So, I signed up to a course called IT CAREER SWITCH (£1195) IN August and haven’t had a good start as the course introduced you to coding by making you watch over 50hrs of lectures about coding and test you on the knowledge. It was excruciatingly boring. So 7 month later I have completed it and was about to give up when the Codecademy part of the course came up. I’m starting from the basics, HTML, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT. If anyone wants to talk about what they have done bounce some ideas around, feel free to message. Let’s do this!!


Hi guys,

I’m Greg, living in Spain and I’ve started the front end developer path. I’ve been interested with the aspects of coding for years but was taken in some other life stuff and never took the time to do so. Thanks to the pandemic, I’m finally starting. Read ou soon!


Hello Everyone my name is Maddy. I was in a cohort and had to loop while waiting for the other cohort to start i’m here happy to be part of a community and continue learning. Im from NYC and looking forward to this journey.l


Hi Everybody,

I’m Jeff, living in California. I’m an older guy, recently retired. I’ve been learning Front-End development for over a year. I’m pretty competent in vanilla JavaScript but have not learned a JS framework yet. I have developed a couple of simple JS apps and deployed them on Netlify. I now want to continue on and learn full-stack development. Trying to decide between the full-stack and back-end career pathways at the moment.


Hi, My name is Ethan Tackett.

What I like about coding:

  • It’s very versatile and can be used in lots of different situations
  • There are many different ways to learn it, my favorite one being Codecademy
  • It’s very easy to learn

My backstory:

I come from Western NY, USA and I love coding. I’m only 10 yet all of this is very fun and easy to learn when you use Codecademy!

What I think about coding:

Sometimes I get stressed with all of my school assignments piled on top of Codecademy, but this barely feels like an assignment. It’s just something I like to do. I have loved learning about Go (Golang) and I’m starting work on the Great Trio. That is my name for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as they are all compatible with each other.

- Ethan


Hi! My name is Casey, 24, I really haven’t had much experience on computer science other than the 2 semesters I went through in High school. I’m coming from a retail job where I’ve been doing manual labor for the last 6 years, completely different from what I’m about to start. I just want to see if I’m capable of making this a career as this is something that really excites and interests me. I just want people that don’t have much experience on this to know that you’re not alone and sometimes other people’s qualifications are intimidating but if you’re willing to put the hard work, I believe we can get there as well.


Hi, I’m Sabra, 29, I’m new to coding. Looking forward to learning lots of new things!


Hello there fellow learners! How are you doing today? Wishing you all the best.
My name is Rob and I have taken on the task of learning more about programming.
Looking forward to all the exercises and discussions to learn from.

My current profession is graphic design, and I want to be able to build some of the systems that I usually just design.
It does not have to be perfect, but I would love to understand the development side more to deliver better results for developers.

If things really take off for me here, I’d love to try and create some simple video games in the future.


Hey everyone, my name is Frances (they/them) - I’m from Alberta, Canada.

I’m here to work on front-end web development, but I’ve really found a passion for coding so I likely won’t stop there! The dream is to find a career in dev work, especially if I could work for a queer software company or development firm.

I’m into performance art and working on growing that passion, too. I’m interested in bringing code into my art and how I might be able to use it. I have a lot of hobbies (read: too many hobbies), so I’m sometimes playing music things or designing things or painting things or snowboarding down things.