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Hey everyone!

My name is Aldo, i am a 30 year old Civil Engineer from Mexico City. I recently started the full-stack Engineer carrer path and i’ve really enjoyed it so far.
I hope i can keep improving my skills here and eventually find a new job!

Best wishes to everyone!!


Hi my name is Hacky and i am new here :grin: i am here in codeCademy to learn to code
I am for mexico so i am trying to learn code in English :upside_down_face:
The courses i am going to take are js, SQL and Python


Hi I’m Alex, from the UK
Right now I work as a design/mechanical engineer but I’ve always been interested in moving sectors over to software of some sort…I tried learning python back in April 2020 but got a bit distracted along the way - I’ve now got a close friend who is in software and wants me to take the plunge too - it always helps when you’ve got a friend to guide you! That’s why I thought I’d get involved in this forum, to make more software friendly contacts and hopefully get some courses done!
I’ll start with JS and see how I go from there - I’ve heard that I should join that up with HTML and CSS to make my knowledge more rounded?
Always open for advice!
Thanks, Alex


Big hello to the community!

I’m Kate, resident of Barcelona, Spain and British marketing professional. Super excited to start the 30-day challenge!

I have next to zero coding skills :sweat_smile: but the Code Academy website and brand is really attractive and intuitive to non-experts like myself that I’ve pledged to give this course a go. Let’s see what happens.



Hello Everyone

I’m Joseph, based in Barcelona. I work as a marketing manager focused on B2B sales and lead generation.

I’m interested in coding mostly to demystify the whole idea for myself, and easily collaborate in the future with developers as I upskill into UX and growth/digital marketing.

Nice to meet you all.****


Hello from Minneapolis!
It’s so good to be here. I haven’t taken coding classes since High School( HTML with an intro to CSS) so I’m a little rusty. My background is in writing/publishing/comm, I also do non-prof marketing and social media management. Fun fact I am also a singer/songwriter/pianist!
Anyways, I’m mostly here as a pastime to learn some new and fun skills that I can use as yet another creative medium.
Happy coding!
~ Tiff


Hi everyone!!!
my name is Esther I’m from Nigeria and I’m currently a college student in my first year
I joined Codecademy a long time ago but I lost interest for a while and I realized that I needed to go back to achieve my goal of being a full-time developer.
I’m so excited to meet everyone and share knowledge. Any help you can give would be sincerely appreciated
Nice to meet y’all.


Hello Everyone , I am Agnideep Sarkar from Bangalore , India. I have worked so far as a QA and in test automation using selenium in IT feild. I am on my path here to learn all about data science and AI and make a successful career transition. Really excited to experience this journey here along with my peers. Looking towards excellent learning opportunities ahead.Thank you .


Hey everyone, I’m Yas! I’m from northern California, literally just joined about an hour ago :smiley:
I taught myself how to do some coding when I was in high school but forgot about it as I got older, I always was interested in it; growing up distracted me however. I’m super rusty but I would love to buff up my skills and upgrade my gray matter. I love fiddling around with technology, programming, gaming all sorts of nerdy things and than I love spending the rest of my time outside fiddling around in the dirt, flowers, trees, bushes, hunting for mushrooms and rolling in the mud with my dog. Being outside is great! The pandemic has made it so that I actually can and should invest back into my old interests as I seem to have picked it up pretty easily when I was younger, who knows though, well see haha. I am hoping I can make something out of this as a career, I’m stoked! I’m excited to figure this out and meet new people :slight_smile:


hi guys
I’m Nsikan from Nigeria, I’m in the 9th grade.
I’ve always had a fascination for programs and how apps and games work and so I’ve decided to become a software developer and I hope that Codecademy can help me fulfil my dreams.

p.s; if there’s anyone in my grade here pls hit me up, lets share ideas and I would also like to make new friends, don’t be shy.

bye… :wink:


Hi guys,
I’m learning how to code and am getting better and better as I complete my coding journey. Codecademy is a great place to learn how to code and I would recommend it to anyone looking for apps to learn to code.


Hello my friends! My name is Theodore and i am from Greece!I have been learning code since 1 month now but i have finished HTML/CSS and everyone who started coding and have the passion to learn more things and build it can contact with me…Do it free! Send me a message here!


Greetings everyone!

My name is Marissa and I’ve been a software engineer for the past three years! I’ve mostly built cloud-based RESTful web applications with a microservice architecture. I find DevOps tools like Docker and Terraform amazing since they run or deploy applications anywhere without much hassle.

I’m here to improve my ability to solving coding problems in languages like Java (will learn more eventually) so my future web applications can perform complex functionalities. This includes mastering data structures. Also as a hobbyist artist, I aim to become a full-stack engineer one day, so I will tackle some frontend courses too!

Learning all these won’t be easy for me, so I’m here to learn alongside you all! I hope to open up more, but I’m glad I found this community already!


Hi all, I’m Ness. :wave:t4:

I’ve been in the hospitality sector for nearly 10 years managing bars here in the UK. Over the past few years I’ve been finding it thoroughly unfufilling and was lacking room to grow… pair that with a global pandemic bringing an ever-looming threat of job insecurity… I decided a drastic change was imperative. I’ve always loved the idea of career changing into the tech industry and I decided now was the perfect time.

My long term goal is to become a full-stack web developer, but I have a long way to go! So for now I’m focusing on more front end specific learning material and absoutely I’d love to pick anyone’s brain who has any advice for a newbie like myself :slight_smile: or anyone who has transitioned through various branches in tech themselves.

I’m here to learn, and I’m loving every minute of it thusfar. Glad to be a part of this community!


Good day all! I am James, and I am older than the majority of you and am retired. I live on the west coast, next door to the tech giants in the San Francisco Bay Area in Silicon Valley in America.
I have had an outside office my entire life, working in every aspect of trucking for 16 years except dispatching; and then another 28 years working on the roads and every aspect of public service involved with it, including heavy equipment, driver trainer, qualified line clearance tree trimmer, etc.

About 2 1/2 years ago I became involved with crypto on a blogging platform and use markdown code all the time and have been proficient in it, and also have used some HTML and for the most part a little bit of CSS which I learned in Khan Academy. I enjoyed it so much but found in the programming I had taken there that it was just JSLite, and I needed to learn more actual HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
So enter Codecademy. I was researching different aspects of the history of the United States and I accidentally came across Codecademy, and started checking it out and since I had decided to make a website, which I started and it’s sitting there until I get comfortable enough to start actually coding it.
I think I would like to either work on website development or full stack, not sure at this point. So I have basically started with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, and Python will be next along with Git and Github. I have both of the top editors, Atom and Visual Studio Code, and still have to learn how to connect the data from here to the editors that I have. so I can work out how all of this stuff goes together.

Thank you Codecademy for having a pretty awesome setup, and hope to be able to learn these courses well since I love to teach and be able to help others get the information that they need, and thanks to all of the students of Never Ending Study lol, since in coding everything changes very rapidly.



I’m Wiktor, 15. I just completed my first course about C++ and wanna learn more :smiley: also new at forums. I love logic and math and I think I can make some interesting games in the future. My dream is to become a professional programmer and put my ideas into practice.


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Heya everyone,

I’m Alyssa, 23, Singapore! Recently discovered the Product Management path and wanted to excel in it, so now I’m trying my best to upskill in preparation for the role. :slight_smile: Just finished my first course in SQL and am excited to learn so much more.

Happy to be a part of this community!!!


Im Beatrice, in the Uk from Sweden/France, Fitness instructor / Personal trainer - with a website.
For a couple of years now I have been using freelancers and my website is a total mess. I just did my accounts - end of year- and I was god-smacked on how much I had paid out for utterly useless help on my website- to make it run faster and plugins and back end stuff in the cPanel.
The stuff I paid to have fixed is still not fixed.
The plugins I paid for aren’t mine! but installed through someone’s else’s account so I can’t get support and Ocean Edit said they would check why Elementor died for me and removed my newly paid for plugins pro- as I didn’t have the key!
I could go on! :rofl: :woman_facepalming:
So, no more morons on my website doing FK but now I will learn this - slowly slowly and anyway- can’t be worse than the other plonkers did before me!
You might say- bad luck- yeahh.
But this made me wake up and realise I like it and so here I’m.
I just want to be able to sort my own website out and make it run smoothly.

Hi! I’m a lot younger than most of you guys at the age of 14. I started Codecademy hoping to learn more about my hopefully future profession. I’m currently learned HTML and JavaScript. Moving on to SQL next. I’m focused on development and security. I don’t have much to say right now, but hopefully life goes as planned and I have more to add. Thanks for taking your time to read this little auto bio. :grin: