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Hi, I’m D (30). I’m a business analyst, and had used Code Academy when I first started my job to get a foundation in SQL. I’m back at Code Academy since my job is covering the costs, and hope to learn a few more languages to further my career: mainly Java, JavaScript and Python. Also, I’ve got a lot more free time with the whole Pandemic that’s happening, so y’know why not use my time constructively. :octopus: :snake: :turtle:


Hello everyone my name is Nathan, nice to be here :slight_smile:

Currently working in support in IT and want to move into the programming industry.

not sure exactly what i want to do yet. so just working on the basics, but thinking of going down the Data Science path as its already big and seems to be growing faster and faster.

currently doing into to python 2,

Any help and advice you can give me with both my coding and my career path would be Amazing!

thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone,

I’m Thea and I’m starting a graduate job as a lawyer, and in a quarter life crisis have decided to learn to code! I’ve wanted to learn for a couple of years but am just now finally getting around to it. I have some experience working at a software startup and a charity, working in project management, web design, UX, and some rudimentary coding, and it inspired me to learn coding myself.

I really enjoy web design and so I’m focussing on this path at the moment (HTML and CSS), but I also plan to return to the Python and explore data science, to brush up on some rusty maths skills.

I’d be interested to know if there are others from unrelated industries like me who are also pursuing coding, and what they’d like to do with their coding skills. I’d love to one day be able to facilitate pro-bono or subsidised web design for organisations which need to increase their reach/visibility but don’t have the budget. It’s a bit of a pipe dream but it’s a problem I’ve witnessed in my previous work experience and it’s nice to have a goal to apply these skills to :slight_smile:



Hello everyone!

It is my pleasure to introduce myself to the growing community, and go by the username LocStylz. My profession prior was working the family business for the past fifteen years off and on, however, due to the circumstances of the pandemic I thought it wise to try out codecademy as it was a direct reference from a respected family member. He is knowledgeable of multiple programs as well as his primary study in Applied Mathematics Thus my interests and curiosities have been more than peaked by codecademy’s structured learning content, community forums, Projects with structured goals and times, etcetera.

Skill level:

The Beginner” best suits my skill level, as I have an interest in Python3 and JavaScript programs. Learning a new computer language would be an exciting career change as I did work for a subcontracted company Volt Tech Resources that partnered with Microsoft to work on a few game titles, and had always wanted to give a language a try so as fate would have it here I am!

Pro Member Scholarship Plans:

I would love to learn enough to seek employment on a professional level as well as using coding for personal interests, and upon applying for the membership didn’t think much of it until recently logging in to start coding some JavaScript in one of the tutorials. I highly recommend that anyone who qualifies for the Pro Member Scholarship to submit an application. It’s very generous of codecademy and if I may be so humble as to show my gratitude by thanking codecademy for the opportunity to use the Pro Member features, it’s making things very exciting for my ambitions.

Many Thanks!

Thank you all very much for taking the time to read my introduction, please reply if you have any questions or comments! If you enjoyed my synopsis please feel free to leave a like! Happy coding! :nerd_face:


hey guys!
i’m a 13 years old guy from Itay. I have always wanted to learn coding because it’s very interesting. I’m trying my best to improve and learn everithing! I hope this can be helpful for me. Good Luck to everyone, bye!


Hi Everybody !
I’m François from Paris, after spending many years as an optician, a cook and a photographer I’m just at the beginning of a new coding life :slight_smile:
I find Codacademy and think thats it’s so nice. I’m looking for a back end path also.
I hope to find also some colleagues in coding here !
French speakers you’re welcolme ahah
See you soon !


Hello one and all!

I am Matt from Bristol, UK. I love video games, comics, science and technology. I am 28 years old and have been in full time employment since the age of 16.

I completed an Apprenticeship straight out of school, and became a successful CNC machinist. Setting, operating, programming machines to produce components to tight quality requirements. I progressed into quality control and assurance and have since moved on into education. I have lectured on a variety of mechanical engineering topics from L2 - L5, and support Engineering apprentices in their development.

I started my coding journey proper earlier this year (February?), I started using my RaspberryPi to code instead of just emulating retro consoles. I learned a lot of Python and have a varied catalogue of projects. August this year I decided this was what I wanted to do as a career, I have committed to a traineeship program whilst still working full time. In the hope that I am put into a work placement post-graduation that will help me to learn and develop my skills as a Full-stack developer.

Currently working through the Web Development track and really enjoying the course content. I hope one day to get paid for doing what I enjoy, and have the freedom to learn new things and apply them in my work practice. It has been a lifetime dream of mine to create a video game, this is slowly becoming a reality as I develop the knowledge and skills that will help me to do so.

I look forward to engaging with the Codecademy community and hearing about your journey, goals, and aspirations.
Thanks for reading! Reply or like to connect :slight_smile:!
Happy coding y’all!


Hey everyone my name is Ethan and I am from Arizona of the United States.

I am currently in 11th grade and I started my coding journey in 7th grade when I took a basic computer class. In that class I learned html and that is when I realized I love coding. Since then I have learned C#(To make Terraria mods) and Ruby so I can make custom Pokemon games. I am currently in a programming class learning python 3. I want to go to college and get a cyber security degree and become a penetration tester (“AKA ethical hacker”). If you have any questions go ahead and replay. I would love to chat with like minded people.


Hi everyone my name is Michael and I live in Salt Lake City. I have just started a Chapter here and I am very excited about this. I am a math professor and have coded all my life, over 30 years. I am single and have my Saint Bernard Ben. I am willing to help another so let meet :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey :slight_smile: My name is Tim :slight_smile: i´m 23 y old and living in Germany
I found to codecademy because i´m interested in learning the future


Hi y’all!
My name is Jessica, I’m currently learning SQL, getting ready to move on to Tableau. I was looking for more resources to keep learning!
happy coding!


Hello there,

Im crazymuddyfunster and I literally love programming with different programming languages. At the moment, Im learning one of the Python courses just to expand my knowledge of Python a bit more. I joined Codecademy because I wanted to learn to code and to become a computer programmer. My main goal is to build a website and publish it so then I know what I`ve learnt and what I need to work on in future.

If youre learning Python and youre stuck, take a look at my topic “The Python Topic” which I made. There you can post questions on what you`re stuck with so we can help each other out.

I wish you all the best on your coding journey!


Hello! My name is Cassandra and I am a stay-at-home dog mom who loves to learn programming in some of my spare time. Nice to meet everyone and I hope you have a great day.


What’s up my peoples,

My name is Camilo, I’m extremely excited to start this new coding journey and making new friends.

Happy coding!

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My name is Cris. I have recently started the Full Stack Developer course.
I am currently a School Business Manager but am hoping to dust off my IT skills and get back into software development, which I were I originally started many years ago.
I am thoroughly enjoying coding again and am looking forward to getting stuck-in.
Looking forward to chatting to some of you guys along the way.



Hi! My name is Faith Hawk And I am a Sophomore in college. I am trying to decide between being a freelancer or working for a company, but currently, I am just learning what coding scores I can. I’m 19 years old, I’ll be 20 in January.


I am Georgy Anoop and I am a student I am from india

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Hello, am George from Thessaloniki, Greece. Am 24 years old and currently studying Computer Engineering in the International Hellenic University. Joined Codecademy to broaden my knowledge in Computer Science and tackle some of the very interesting projects that exist through out the courses of the Academy. Am looking forward on meeting people with the same interests and build some projects together! Feel free to contact me to get to know each other!

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