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Hi all,

I’m Ranee.

I joined Codecademy a few years ago while still working on my degree, but then let the account sit idle for some time once I started working full time. Now, I’m back to refresh some skills and hopefully give my career a boost.


Hi Guys, I’m Adasa all the way from Trinidad and I’m coming with grate enthusiasm to gain insightful knowledge into a sector that I’ve been wanting to join for awhile. Hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying their programs!


Hello everyone!! I am new to coding. Last time I used HTML was back in 1995 with Ver 1.2… I have been an Aircraft mechanic for 25yrs and always wanted to be a Web Developer. I never had the time or money. Now that I am fired and Covid19 killed my visa’s to fly with my 747 all over the world I am home and learning a new career. Hahaha

Any advise or help would be awesome as I am new and need to learn A LOT.



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I’m a 25 year old linguist who wants to change her career path. I found Codecademy 3 years ago. Thanks to this place I know few things about HTML, CSS. I still have so much to learn and it is sometimes frustrating. I’m trying to have a grasp of Python now. Good luck to everyone and stay safe guys. :slight_smile:

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Hello, my name is Brandy. I’m 31, so by looking at others I’m a rather later bloomer when it comes to coding. Right now I’m doing this more as a hobby, versus for professional interests. I want to have fun with it and just spent the past 7 hours on the site learning. I think I’m going to like it here. I’m currently starting my journey learning JS.


Hi, my name is Robert, but I go by my middle name, Chris. I’ve been coding off and on for fun for several years, but I’ve decided to get serious about it and start an actual career as opposed to the random jobs I’ve had all my life. I just recently graduated with a Bachelors of Computer Science, were I certainly learned some coding, but not much web development, so that’s my main reason for being here. I’ll be taking the full-stack developer path on Codecademy. Looking for to it and looking forward to interacting with some of you on here!

Hi, my name is Sabrina, and like Brandy just said I feel like a late bloomer at 30 and starting to code. however seeing as I celebrated my 30th in during lockdown and haven’t had a chance to celebrate with my family I consider myself to remain 29 until i can. i think this is only fair. wanted to learn a new skill and give the current climate I find i have some extra time on my hands.
also new to this forum thing so i hope to speak to some of you in some capacity.

stay safe!

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Hi everyone, I am older and more than ready to learn code. I learned HTML and CSS back in the 90’s early 20’s. I am looking at the certificates offered and computer science.

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