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Hello Everyone,

How are you today??? My name is Ralph, and I am probably one of the older guys in CodeAcademy coming in at 48 years old. After losing my job do to the pandemic, I thought a change in career would be a chance to make a better life for my family. I have always had an interest in the IT field, but never could find the time to study. With the pandemic affecting my job in customer service, and little wok in my area for this field I find myself with a lot of time on my hands. So, here I am trying to take advantage of the off time given to start the learning process in the IT field.

I am not sure exactly how this will pan out, but I look forward to see where the future might take me.


HELLO to you too Ralph. Im a 37 year old secondary school teacher here in Zimbabwe. I am recently started like 30 days ago. Doing the HTML/CSS right now. Rooting for you no matter which language you start with. Stay blessed.

Happy coding


Hi everyone,

My name is Ibai. I am a Spanish jack-of-all-trades (and master of none) living in Ecuador for the last six years and a half. Nowadays, I make a living out of a small marketing company that I set up here in Quito a couple years ago.

I’ve been always way too interested in all sorts of techie stuff, which is why I’ve finally decided to wait no longer to start learning deeply about it. I am not only interested in the coding part of things but also very willing to learn about everything that can give me a more in-depth comprehension of how things work internet-wise.

Glad to be here, I’ve started going over the few things that I already knew some about (HTML/CSS) in order to move hopefully soon to some other things which I know pretty much nothing about… and hoping to make some good friends along the way as well.

Big hugs to y’all.



I replied previously but wanted to make a big thank you shout-out to the admins for starting this topic! Reading through all these intros have made me feel like I’m really part of a large community of people from everywhere and all different educational and work backgrounds who want to learn and better themselves. It’s massively hard to start learning new skills with minimal or no experience, and this type of forum is exactly the kind of thing that helps us know we’re not alone in the learning struggles! Happy coding :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m Exilius and 24 yrs old, currently living in the Federal Republic of Germany and prob later in Japan when my coding skills are high enough for my dream.

Currently I’m working for a dental company and mainly prepare national and international shipping around the globe for our customers. When I was a in elementary school I already noticed my love for codes and computing, due to unexpected events which changed a lot in my life I couldn’t work with it nor study it.
I took it upon myself to learn coding with a lot of self-teaching. I’m currently aiming to work for a company as programmer and they offered me a position when I call them back and can offer results and skill they’ll need in their company, despite being self-taught they give me the chance to join them.
That’s why I’ll use most of my time to study C and C++ so I can fulfill my dream and get hired by their company.
I’m planing to use my skills in the gaming industry and to expand my knowledge of coding furthermore after my first goal.

Let’s do it girls and guys, we can all achieve our dreams.


Howdy y’all! Gabriel Schneider, from Texas here! :v:

I’m a college-aged student looking to break into the Software Development industry. My interests include graphic design and programming with a heavy emphasis on interactivity. I have some prior experience with Python, Java and C++, and am looking to expand on that foundational knowledge with Codecademy.

Today I’m wrapping up Day 14 of my 30-Day Challenge. I’ve had a blast chewing through the first half of the Computer Science career path, reviewing the fundamentals of OOP and learning some new tricks in Python. I anticipate that in another couple of weeks, I’ll be moving on to Data Science for some practice with SQL. I’ve learned a lot so far - in particular, about the Git workflow and using GitHub to publish code - and plan on using these new skills to build a portfolio.

I’m very excited to meet other students and to have an opportunity to practice software development as part of a team, which I’ve never done before. Cheers!



  • Who are you?

I am just a Roggenbrot from Germany.

  • What is your industry and profession?

Being a piece of bread in the bakery industry…but I am flexible.

  • Where do you plan to use your new coding skills? Personally/professionally?

Mainly in my leisure time…cause coding is fun…somehow. :blush:


Fabien Laine living in the UK.

I am not working at the moment but I use to work as a webmaster 20 years ago (!) for a publishing company. After that I’ve been a professional photographer for around 12 years.

I plan to start learning (again/more) coding, first in web development as I know a bit but I want to be on top. If I am good at that and able to learn enough I certainly will be interested to learn more languages.

I plan to find a job as a programer, but that is far away from now.

Thanx for reading!


Hi all, I’m Devin. I’m from Alabama, in the US. I am a blind person, so very intertwined with accessibility stuff. I enjoy reading; mostly Brandon Sanderson, playing video games; mostly dissidia Final Fantasy (the original PSP version as its much easier to play for me), learning about technology; well besides Linux because accessibility sucks there, and relaxing. I’m a pretty laid back person, but am very pasionate about accessibility. I’m always battling cynicism, and working on seeing the best in people, rather than the worst.

What is your industry and profession?

I work at an institute for people with disabilities. I work in the Assistive Technology department as a Technical Assistant, basically teaching other blind people how to use technology, working on our courses (in Markdown and trying to keep what I have locally up-to-date with the version on Moodle because web interfaces and who would want to use a file system to manage courses anyways? I hate Moodle.). I also make new courses, and watch for any new tech, like VoiceOver’s new machine learning coolness coming in iOS 14, and Samsung dropping their own Voice Assistant screen reader in OneUI 3 beta in favor of plain ol’ TalkBack. So I have a pretty fun job.

Where do you plan to use your new coding skills? Personally/professionally?

I plan to automate some work stuff, and see if I can make a “text checker” that checks for uncapitalized sentances, two spaces after a word, stuff like that that my screen reader doesn’t catch. I’d also love to be able to contribute to my screen reader, NVDA, or any number of accessibility-focused Python stuff, or help make programs accessible. I’d also love to make a game or two. Blind people don’t have many games to play, compared with sighted people, so we’re always looking for more devs. Of course, developing isn’t all game development is, so there’s there.

I’m also on the lookout for ways to improve Codecademy’s accessibility, and have already seen a few improvements, like the switch to Monico! That really helps. For any new blind folks coming to Codecademy, press Alt + F1 when you get into the code editor. :slight_smile:
So, I’m glad to be a part of Codecademy, and have gone through the Foundations of coding path, and have started the Python 3 course, and am going to learn about Returns in functions today!


Hi guys! I am KingJboy

Hi everyone! I’m AcidHermit, I’m 33 years old and I’m from Córdoba, Argentina. I’ve decided to join CodeCademy to start studying programming as a long time goal that I had and now I can finally achieve. I’d like to apply my knowledge in future to develop different programs and games once I get the knowledge to do so!. So far i’m loving the site and how well thought everything seems. Keep up the good work! :+1:

Hi Everyone,

My name is Philip Beauford. Im a business owner self employed since 2010, with a business website Ive been running since 2013. Ive used HTML/CSS since 2013 on my own site but JavaScript/React are recent additions and Id like to be able to update my own site better, without paying other contractors. I will be working on fluency in those 4 languages along with Python and my own interests in Swift w/reality kit to develop something for Apple Glass whenever its out. I have no plans to add anymore than that for the next few years and plan to just master as much as possible using great websites like codecademy.
I believe this is the future of learning by doing with well written courses/quizzes and projects, any subject can be taught like this as long as the course content progresses thoughtfully. The older educational model needs updating (my girlfriend is a special ed teacher) and software like codecademy is popping up everywhere because its extremely effective when executed well. Thanks everyone for your help in advance, I hope I’ll be able to contribute back when needed.

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Hello everyone! I am a retail worker in the southeastern Virginia area. I have been coding on and off for the past few years or so, and recently decided to embark on the path of self-teaching myself programming skills in the hopes of becoming a UX/UI Designer. I am 22 years old, not currently enrolled in school but looking to finish and get a Bachelors in Graphic Design, which is another passion of mine. :slight_smile: I am looking forward to chatting with many of you here on Codecademy and working on projects together!

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Hi everyone. I am a student learning programming. I am learning programming to develop a personal skill. Moreover it is a very big business opportunity to learn programming.

Basically, I’m a student whose on a mission to prove that school is not everything. I want everybody to realise that school and graduation degrees can’t buy the life you need. I study in school but my goal is to be more successful than anyone who studied in school. I learn a lot of thing like programming and etc instead of revising my subjects to top the class.
And this pandemic has helped me a lot in that. I will never forget places like codecademy.com , Instagram, YouTube channels, and every place i am gaining knowledge from.

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