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Hi everyone,
My name is Jude. I joined the Codecademy forum last month and I started learning new stuffs…I’m currently learning CSS as I just concluded the HTML lessons

I’m from Nigeria and I’m planning to study Computer Software Engineering.


Hi Everyone

My name is Yves and I’m from Switzerland.

I began my career as a communications specialist once (PBX, ISDN and stuff like that). Soon after my graduation I specialized in VoIP/SIP, planed and implemented communication systems for companies. As this began to bore me I surprised everybody and joined the armed forces. After a few years abroad in deployments I came back to Switzerland, left the army and worked as ICT System Engineer. I managed the whole network for a huge company and was in charge for a full-scale network project. Unfortunately I lost my job recently.

I was always interested in coding and therefore I told myself to not feel bad about this job loss but instead to see this as an opportunity. Friends of mine started a Startup for Web and Mobile Development. I’d like to join them soon and my ultimate goal is to start my own company later on.

A friend of mine recommended me Codecademy. I started and became addicted immediately. I really like the way of interactive learning and mostly the modules are easy to understand. I like that it always starts with an explanation, followed by some examples and then letting you try and understand it.

At the moment I’m doing the Web Development Career Path (40% done so far). Of course it’s my goal to finish it, afterwards I’d like to start the Mobile Development Career Path.

I’m developing my first webpage (no CMS, all written by me) at the moment parallel to my lessons at Codecademy. It’s a webpage for a friend working in real estate… I’m still at the very beginning.
It’s just plain HTML and CSS. The page is made for mobile first and then responds to bigger screen sizes.
I’m facing some cross browser compatibility issues at the moment (scroll-padding-top won’t work on Safari browsers). Therefore I installed Docker in order to have Safari on a virtual MAC OS in a container on my Windows machine. I’ll see how that works :slight_smile:

I’m glad to be part of this community here! It’s great to have such support. I think in most business branches people do not help each other like IT people do. I’m proud to be part of this and to be part of the future :slight_smile:

Best Regards from Switzerland


Hi everyone,
i’m Timothy, a computer engineering student in Nigeria, i have been learning coding on codecademy for 5 months now and i have learned a lot since i started, i’m 40% into the web development path and hoping to finish in the next two months. I’m hoping i’d find a job afterwards that’s my dream.
I really want to appreciate codecademy for its support so far really brought me a long way, thank you.
I’m hoping to meet new devs and make friends here.


Hello Everyone,

Name: You can all call me Guillotine.

Education: I hold a B.S. in Biological Engineering from Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge (I initially wanted to create video games at an early age but was deterred by my parents because they didn’t think i would make money. Now I have a useless degree that no hiring manager even knows what it is even though it is ABET accredited.)

Career/job: I currently teach Agriscience at a Highschool

Goal: My goal here is to learn as much as I can about everything, starting with HTML,CSS, and Java…then python. I want to learn to learn to code and be able to couple that with my B.S. in Biological engineering in order to stand out above the crowd.
If anyone wants to give advice or guidance on what path to follow for my specific goals and ideologies I would greatly appreciate it. The sorting quiz game me 40ish% match on all 4 categories which did not give me much guidance. Thank you all and Ill see y’all around.


Hi everyone
I go by the name Ros on the web I am looking to become a web developer through codecademy I am currently planning on using coding to make many personal and public projects in the future including game design. I’m glad to be here and can’t wait to get started coding. :laughing:

Anyways its good to meet you all and I wish you all best of luck on your coding adventures.!


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Who are you?
Hi, I’m Franklin and I’m from Venezuela. I studied a Bachelor’s degree to teach computer science in my country.

What is your industry and profession?
Long time ago i work as a technical supporter in a medical unit, repairing computers and for now I would like to work as a freelance.

Were do you plan to use your new coding skills? Personally/professionally?
I plan to work as a web developer. Because the degree I study does not teach you how to create websites, I am using codecacademy to learn how to do it, I have some knowledge of programming and databases, so my plan is to learn html, css, js, and then some language like php for the backend and sql for the databases. In my country there is an economic crisis, the basic salary is approximately 2 dollars a month, so I think that web development is an excellent opportunity to learn new technologies, develop websites and be rewarded for it.

Why do you use Codecademy and what is your favorite thing about it?
What I like most about codecademy is that it is a very interactive platform with an excellent design that allows you to learn and practice almost at the same time.

What courses have you taken, or are planning to take?
For now I only have a free membership, so I have only taken the html course but I hope to learn css, js, php and sql.

Have you been to any of our meetups, or events?

Do you have any examples of work that you have done using the skills you learned at Codecademy?


Hey all, I am Rich from UK (currently furloughed).

I am putting the spare time I now have to code and add strings to my bow.

I started with HTML then CSS. They were pretty much fine (except for Grid I need to work at that a bit more).

I then went on to JavaScript (I found that difficult but got my head down and worked hard at it.

I am now learning C# with a view to coding with VS with Xamarin and make some hopefully useful apps.

Studying JavaScript has helped, if you can get your head around JavaScript I reckon you can apply a lot of the logic to most other languages on here.

Thank you v much Codecademy!!



Good day all - I’m Jonathan from South Africa, Cape Town.

I’ve been developing with Python for > than a year. Recently got my first tech focused job after a Decade of accounting. Our company Loves PHP and I’ve since started delving into it deeply!

Excited to be here.


Hi everyone!

My name is Dolma and I just started using Codecademy a week and a half ago. In the beginning of 2020, I quit my Nursing program because I wasn’t enjoying it and didn’t want to work as a Nurse not feeling any kind of empathy for patients. Once I quit, I felt very lost and I kept doing more career research (till May) about software engineering jobs. Back in high school, I would (as a hobby) do coding with HTML and I actually enjoyed the field of computer.

You might be wondering “then why did you go into the Nursing program”? I went into the Nursing program, so I could please my parents. After “pleasing” my parents for three straight years, I had enough.

So…all that leads to me being here introducing myself on this forum. I believe in myself that I did the right thing, but sometimes (not going to lie) I still feel a bit lost. I mean… it is normal to feel lost, right? Anyways, during my time on here, I’d like to learn some new languages. I am currently in the process of learning Java and I want to learn more languages, so I can work (in the future) as a Full Stack developer.

Quick question(to anyone who knows the answer): How often do companies hire people who don’t have a CS degree or any kind of degree, but are able to learn/develop fast? Just curious!


Hi everyone,
I’m Scot from the UK. I’m currently working as a designer in the oil & gas industry and have been working from home for the last 3 months and since I’ve been spending so much time at my home computer I’ve decided to learn a new skill.

I love working with computers and coding has always been something I’ve been curious about but I’ve never had a clue where to even start. I came across Codeacademy and am currently working through the HTML and CSS course with a view of moving on to Javascript.

I was nervous about coding at first and sort of felt I was out of my depth. I was working under the illusion that learning code was hugely complicated and difficult to learn but i’m actually finding it really enjoyable and satisfying creating content by writing lines of code.

I’m learning for personal reasons, hobby, personal website but who knows where my new skills could lead?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to meeting you all.



Hi everyone!

I’m Jay, from the UK
I can remember times where the internet was without the graphical interface, just lines of codes and letters with numbers.
Have some experience with coding but nothing solid and it is time for me to get hands dirty and to build a foundation for my future.

I’ll start from the beginning as everything was new to me. The main purpose is to change and to develop my new career for the future.




I’m Nery, originally from Panama, currently living in Belgium.

I am as new to code as it can get !

After all the recent changes of the world I found myself in the urge to change career path. A good friend of mine talked to me about his profession, explained a bit what’s it about and sparked my interest into it!

I am very exited, also confused by so many terms I don’t know yet , so many paths, but confident that as I take my first lessons it will start to become clearer and clearer.

That’s it for today,

Wish you all a great day!!


Hello everyone!

My name if Fe (pronounce as Fay) from SoCal, USA. My background is Business Administration and Nursing and currently employed at one of trauma centers in Los Angeles county. I am no longer a bedside nurse (been there, done that) but doing office work. While I enjoy what I am doing now, somehow, there is this “I know I can learn more” feeling. Yes, I debated whether to pursue Nurse Practitioner or take up programming/web-related class with the intent of getting the most ROI. And to improve my brain plasticity! Yes, it’s been 3 years learning stagnation.

Well, here I am - a neophyte. Just like when I was a freshman in nursing school. New terminology to learn and a “tech” world to explore. In all,
I am looking forward to this and hope to contribute meaningful and useful real-life applications. Who knows?

So, to all of us - let’s enjoy the journey of learning!

Good luck, everyone!


Hello All - I’m Kiki from the UK; I was a full time Process Engineer on engineering and construction projects in the energy sector and a part time doodler. I’m taking a break from current Data Science path to introduce myself.

The first time I typed instructions into a computer was “LOAD” and then pressing play on a tape player to boot up a C64 game. Back in the day, that was usually followed by a half hour lunch and checking back to see if the game loaded… or not.

Coding had always been in my peripheral view (see résumé), although I lacked the discipline and seriousness (again, see résumé) to reach beyond just enough to get by. However, In the past few years, I’ve been getting more interested in the idea of being able to automate repetitive tasks, wrangling data and using coding as an outlet to create something that others might find useful.

With some time on my hands, hoping I can take a few steps towards that idea and meet like minded people on the way for inspiration or even collaborate with.

Thank you to PRO_ contributors for giving others the opportunity to sign up during these uncertain times.

[Coding résumé/]

  • Mastered typing LOAD “*”,8,1 to load start games from 5.1/4" C64 floppies. Blazing fast tech … in 1988. :space_invader:

  • Spent a week using trial and error on the Sega MegaDrive and a Game Genie cart to find lines of code and toggle unlimited energy in Phantasy Star 2 :nerd_face:. However, despite being immortal, my characters weren’t strong enough to damage the last boss… :grimacing: thus, chipping away for eternity, unable to progress nor escape from a nightmare of my own doing… There’s a lesson in there somewhere. :smile:

  • Made a “Choose-your-own-Text-Adventure” game in BASIC at school. There were three different screens, at most, until you reached a death animation. Always. :smiling_imp: . Won no awards.

  • Between old Sierra games and The Typing of the Dead , I attained a typing speed of 66wpm at 91% accrucay. :muscle:

  • Created web pages using basic HTML and CSS before Web2.0 was a thing. Probably best those spinning logo gifs and other late 90s design choices remain lost to time.

  • MATLAB: Used at Uni for iterative numeric computation and resolving linear programming expressed as matrices. I remember passing, but retention and understanding of anything in that sentence is limited to "Used at Uni for " :no_mouth:

[/Coding résumé]

Seems I really needed a break from Data Science


Hello everyone! greeting from Japan.


Hey Codecademy peeps,

My name is Cory and I’m a recent college graduate who majored in Computer Science and Security. I have been coding for the better part of a decade now. I discovered this platform a long time ago but I never got around to signing up. I’m hoping to hone my programming skills and learn a new language or two, as well as meet other awesome engineers to learn from.

See you all around! :wink:


Hey fellow coders, my name is Rajeh (Call me Aproximated!). I like to code. I learned java, js, html,and css in recent years. i am now learning python at codecademy :slight_smile: I also like minecraft!


Hi Everyone,

I’m currently an unemployed web developer. Hoping to gain some more knowledge to help get me back on track.



Hey there!
My name is Joshua and I used to be a Banquet cook at a hotel before the pandemic hit. That was back in March and after sitting on my rump for a prolonged period thinking that my job was going to come back at some point (Hotel assured us of this). Now it’s July and about 2 weeks ago the hotel laid off 3/4 of it’s staff indefinitely. As opposed to seeking employment elsewhere in an industry heavily reliant on people going out and enjoying themselves it seems like a good time to shift over into something where i’m not really involved directly with the public and I’ve always kinda been interested in coding for a while.

So Here I am on codecademy not really sure of where to start so i’ve been doing the basic web development course since it seemed like a good starting place for someone with 0 literacy in the functions of web design or just tech in general. Hoping to kinda go down a rabbit hole and find myself clicking with something ala Marie kondo. Does this spark joy?

Been a while since i’ve studied so I find myself writing down a lot of the lessons in an effort for retention! Anyways cheers!