Welcome to our forums! Please Introduce Yourself

  • Who are you?
    a high school student very interested in programming

  • Were do you plan to use your new coding skills? Personally/professionally?
    I want to have a software engineer job

  • Why do you use Codecademy and what is your favorite thing about it?
    I use Codecademy for learning

  • What courses have you taken, or are planning to take?
    I’m taking the computer science career path

  • Have you been to any of our meetups, or events?
    no I haven’t
    keep going and coding you’ll

Hi, I’m Viky. I’m from Russia, Siberia. I am a content manager and a student in Baikal state University for now. Learning Spanish and English.

My reason to be here is my dream to became a fronted developer, find a job , i like codecademy for good explanation of the lessons.

I’ve already finished here the sass and one course about interactive sites with js. At this time created couple of small projects.i gonna to leanr react here as well, and maybe something more about fronted , js later

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Hello! I’m Mark, a designer from New York. I’m hoping to improve my design skills using Codecademy.

I have a quick question: How do I change my username and avatar image? I looked around in preferences but didn’t see anything.


Log in to the main site and go to your profile. You should be able to change your avatar there. Log out of discuss and log back in. The avatar should now appear over here.

Worked like a charm, thank you. :slight_smile:

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My name is Michael and, upon learning bus admin, discovered I’m very good at analyzing data with a strong affinity for Coding. I’m here to increase my skill set, adding to my extensive knowledge of business, and get the certs I need to propel me to the next level (and create some cool websites/apps along the way).

It is a pleasure and an honor to begin here. The people look incredible and wanting to work. I work at high level in everything I do . I have no excuse for starting programming this late as it is always on my mind. I have played with changing game programs 10 years ago. It was amazing to see the change in game.
I will be asking questions. I hope we believe the only stupid question , is the one not sked.
Thanks William Ricketts

Hi everybody,

My name is Maria, I’m 38 years old and from Sweden, Scandinavia. I’ve got a M.Ed. currently working as a language teacher teaching kids in the ages 12-16 German, English and Swedish as a second language. I’m interested in web design and would love to learn more about it and maybe even do it professionally one day. I plan to take a few university courses in the field of web design next spring and wanted to “warm up” a a little bit here at Codecademy. I signed up to learn HTLM and Javascript but got stuck in the Python-course and now I’m enjoying it too much to stop. I look forward to beeing a part of this community! :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone!
My name’s Paulina, I’m a test engineer for embedded systems but looking to learn and understand more about data manipulation (since I want to jump into product and UX research). Thus, I’m taking the Data Science course :slight_smile:
I’m excited to see that the course includes SQL, Python and data Visualization. Speaking of, one of my hobbies is to illustrate techie concepts so I have a couple of Linux Kernel comic strip panels related to that AND some videos describing security code vulnerabilities.

Heya, i’m KurbusMaximus. I have mostly coded in Extended Color BASIC, so this is the transition to real coding. I’m a local comedian as well, so…


I am a Ghanaian who learnt to code in Java and Python as part of an MSc in IT program in the UK. Although I successfully completed all my programming course-works and/or projects, I am yet to apply my coding skills to real word application developments. I plan on advancing my coding skills especially in Python on the Codeacademy platform so I can be able to contribute to existing machine learning projects as well as implement my own project ideas successfully.


Well hello everyone!

I’m the “encouraging coder”. I’m involved in the Arduino Forum as well.

My story began as I stood in a surplus store that almost looked like something out of Star Wars. I began to look around at the parts I didn’t know how to use, and it clicked. I’d had enough of looking and not knowing. I started learning.

I started with Arduino (circuit board that is programmable for real life circuits). I started diversifying my skills, went into Python, currently learning JS. So if you guys have any special hardware questions, hit me up. I have skills in circuits, python keystoke hacking, hardware skills (soldering, prototyping ).

The joy of learning is that it never has to stop. Keep enjoying this awesome time in your life!

God bless,


Hello all!

My name is Michael, I’m 35 years old and I’ve started learning coding a little while ago. I’m in the IT industry for about 15 years, but focused mainly on hardware. Now I want to learn something new so I’ve left the hardware part aside and want to start coding.

I am a very active learner so I might hit you with questions every day :slight_smile:

Hello Humans,

I’m Joe. I live in the Outer Banks. I am a father, a husband and a Boozefighter! Yup The open road and the sound of my motorcycles just does it for me. I own a heating and air conditioning company but used to work for a web developer. Kind of just fell out of during college and the languages have changed so much. I always wanted to have a job coding or developing. I like challenges and am going to relearn all of this. Who knows maybe the stresses of owning a business will go away and I will find a job working for someone else. I am always about learning. Oh I have the coolest plasma table and love creating things in CAD.

Hello everyone. I am new to this forum. My name is Max, I am from Detroit. I am learning JS. Nice to be here :hugs:


Hi, I am Brian and a newbie to coding. The coding school (academy) I plan on attending recommended I go through some of the courses here at codecademy ahead of time to be familiar with HTML, CSS and Python. This is something completely different than anything I have ever done, my background is in noninvasive cardiology (Telemetry Tech/cardiac monitoring). Besides the coursework here I hope to meet others in this field and create my network within this industry. I am looking forward to meeting everyone.


Hi everyone !
I’m a 36 yo french guy, about to step into the coding world and community. From office manager to head of production and building industry, my professional experience is not what we can call common. I like outdoor sports and i like challenging myself with setting new goals.
I guess learn to code is my new challenge, and i’m already very excited to what i’ve done and learnt so far. I can’t wait to see where it’ll take me.
Luckily i’ll have the help of the community. Be sure i’ll be active on the forums to ask for experiment people advices :slight_smile: and i’ll hopefully be able to help others later !

Hi! I’m sleepyjoshua and I live in Alaska. I completed quite a few courses on Codecademy quite a few years ago. I do fairly well in Html and CSS but I struggle a lot with Javascript. I’d like to understand Javascript better and so I started the Pro account on Codecademy over the weekend.

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  1. I am NaomiPinkFlower :white_flower:
  2. I don’t have an industry or profession since I am still in school. (P.S., I am homeschooled :wink:)
  3. I plan to use my new coding skills on personal websites (I have quite a few, but can’t share because they’re on my PC)
  4. I use Codecademy because it’s simple, direct, and is a bit motivating. My favorite thing about it is, if I’m stuck, it helps me fix my problem. When I use Notepad on my Windows 10 computer (if you have Apple, I would suggest looking it up) and I open the HTML file in my browser, things don’t work and I get frustrated because I don’t know what’s wrong with my code.
  5. The course I’m currently taking is HTML.
  6. I haven’t been to any of your meetups or events. :frowning_face:
  7. I have some examples of work that I have done using the skills I learned at Codecademy, however, I cannot show them to anyone unless they are using my computer, because I have them in a special folder on my PC only. :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you, everyone! :grin:

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Hello, I go by DLW.

I joined Code Academy because I’m interested in becoming a data analyst for elections and fun and profit. I was a prof and have been a tutor for economics, math, stats and writing and I expect to keep on tutoring and writing in the days ahead.

I am less busy right now so I plan on making the most of my time to show I can do SQL and Python and what-not…

I will add that I have what is called a global learner style that tends to learn by leaps, not degrees. This means I have to stick with something for a while until I finally get it, but then I tend to get it rather well, seeing multiple connections and implications. It also means I need to accept limits; in particular, the need to focus on getting what is needed for me to do my part in a team.