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Hi my name is Erick, I live in Riverview, Florida. I think I may be crazy thinking I can learn computer programing at age 58 and start a new career, but I thought I might give it a try. I have heard of others starting in computer programing as a second career and have found success. I am thinking that the Web Developer track would be best for me, as I think that the Computer Science track would be too challenging, and I do not have much interest in the Data Science track. I look forward to getting to know many of you and learn a lot.


Hi there I am a 25 year old absolute beginner from California. I plan on getting really good at coding because it is a great skill to know in our technology oriented society. I signed up 3 years ago but haven’t done a lick of coding because of sheer laziness. This post is a the official first day to mark the start of my self teaching. I hope to look back on this post in 10 years either in a great job, or with a profitable venture that I started.


I’m Mark Konlan.
A high shool student in St. Peter’s Boys School, Ghana
I’m 17.
I love to code on codecadamy


Greetings Fellow Coders! My name is Lance and I’m 40 yrs old soon. I am a business owner. I own a vapeshop and an e-juice line. Lots’ of downtime between customers and I’ve lately taken up coding. I have grown up being curious and wanting to take that next step but never had the support, knowledge, or time to give the industry.

I am utilizing a few different sites to soak up as much knowledge as I can. I have no real direction at this point. I have some projects I want to work on to include a mobile app, some storyboarding for game development, as well as marketing campaigns for my business.

Looking forward to coding with some of you all in the near future. Thanks for having me!


I’m known as akim. I was born in the u.s. and raised in Romania. Now, I’m researching MSc in Games at IT University Politehnica of Bucharest. I am enthusiastic about working out together with people, travel and studying the development of games in last two decades.
I’m at the same time a modern technology lover, including a hardcore PS 4 gamer.
I hear of you codliners from a friend and this is why i’m here. I have work for [link in profile] and i created some of their design, but now i want more and maybe some day to come of yours events.


G’day! it’s my first day here, so far so good. i love the idea of data science and it’s practical uses but have zero programming or IT knowledge. i have just installed Ubuntu today as well so i have that going for me which also means i don’t have Windows anymore because I deleted my hard drive to install Ubuntu so I’m actually stuck here until i learn my way out. Mistakes will continue to be made.


Hello there!

I’m a 20 y/o guy from Turkey. Programming has always been my main dream since childhood. While I’m yet to be a great programmer and learn a great deal of stuff, in the meantime I translate Japanese visual novels to Turkish. One of the main reasons I want to learn programming is to write my own tools for reverse engineering these visual novels and write my own game some time in the future.
I’m glad to be a part of this community and looking forward to help each other! :smile:


Hello! I am Mary from Chicago. Recently started a full stack development bootcamp and wanted a supplemental resource to practice certain concepts so started here at Codeacademy. I currently work in the science field in genetics and have always been a curious person, so hoping to continue that trend in technology. I am looking forward to what is to come and excited to expand my knowledge in programming.


Hi everyone, I’m Asma and I’m from Saudi Arabia. Iam a beginner in programming and I want to see if it suites me. I’m taking HTML course and I enjoy learning it. I’m from those persons who love producing things and programming gives you the chance to build and create things from scratch. I would be happy of course if it will be possible to have coding as a professional for me. All possibilities are open. And hope I can achieve something by the courses provided here. So let’s start this journey :partying_face:


Hello, my name is Lexi (I derived it from the word lexicon, makes a nice name!), and I’m 15 years old. I’ve always had a passion for making things, a career that specializes in creating software sounded really interesting to me! I’ve waited around a bit, waiting for an opportunity to learn coding languages, or to even get started. I’ve seen others self teach themselves; I immediately thought,“Oh I can’t do that… I’m not smart enough.” Websites like this gave me hope I could just…do it. So here I am, doing it, I love it! I really really like the timer implication within the lessons. It helps, because I get distracted super easily, and the timer countdown just gives a hint of anxiety like “YOU HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING FOR (whatever time is missing)”. I will hope to get the basics down with the courses listed here, and maybe it’ll stick to my glue brain!

  • Who are you?

Hi :wave: I’m Jacob!

Excited to start something entirely new to me :smile:

  • What is your industry and profession?

I used to be a corporate lawyer :face_vomiting: now a business role for a FinTech start-up with lots of super talented engineers :computer:

  • Were do you plan to use your new coding skills? Personally/professionally?

I want to use my coding skills to earn a living, eventually :slight_smile:

  • Why do you use Codecademy and what is your favorite thing about it?

Initially because it is an excellent free platform but the Pro path for Web Development looks like an excellent, guided, place to start.

  • What courses have you taken, or are planning to take?

Enrolled on the Web Development path but I’d like to get stuck in to React & React Native to build mobile applications, seeing as we are all glued to these things :iphone:

  • Have you been to any of our meetups, or events?

Not any of Codeacademys but I’ve attended a General Assembly meet-up.

  • Do you have any examples of work that you have done using the skills you learned at Codecademy?

Not yet but I’m going to start building my portfolio over the next three months or so :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m Miles and I’m from Los Angeles. Just trying to learn coding to further advance in my career. :grin::computer:


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Hello everyone!

My name is Daniel, I’m an eighteen years old physical engineering student here in Mexico.

I’ve been through physics and math olympiads since my early fourteens and I have spent most of my time studying and preparing myself for such competences, something that has made me much of a self-taught person. So, now that I’m a college student I would like to focus in the academic formation, so I believe that learning to code and apply it later on my career would be something really cool!

And this is how I found out that Python was a good option for both a beginner language and a programming language that had some scientific applications.

So here I am! A truly beginner programmer, but having a lot of fun trough this platform! :slight_smile:


Hello, I’m Ron.

I’m an older guy living in Toronto. I had a business career mostly in accounting until I started a marketing business. Now I am excited to start a new career combining my experience and my new passion. I’m just starting so I’ve begun with the web developer course which is great so far.



I am Varun , I am studying data science with ultimate goal of studying Artificial Intelligence.I pursuing a PhD in theoretical Physics with aim of applying AI to solve theoretical physics problems



I am @codingperson51867872 currently.

I am planning to take Python and C++ having already learnt html/css/js.


Hey hey!
I am Sofia from Ukraine :slight_smile:
I am new in coding so I hope to find here new useful information that could help me to understand some things better.


Hello. I’m a person who has already learned HTML, CSS, and JS. I’m here to learn C++.


Yo I’m just gonna casually re-introduce myself after 3 years from my last post… mostly cause my post was super short and didn’t say anything about me. But lets get started

So hello everyone, my name is Steven Copeland and I love programming. I’ve doing it sense 2012 and loved ev- well actually not every minute of it, but a lot of it. 'specially not that time I spent trying to figure out easy bugs :roll_eyes:. I love music like rap(especially NF), pop, and uhm… uhh… yeah that’s it. I love codecademy as a platform and have earned over 473 badges, 4195 points, and finished over 20 courses. I was so cool and hip I even got sent a power user t-shirt :stuck_out_tongue:. So yeah! Been working on programming for awhile and I’m looking forward to doing more of it in the future.

Signing off for now,
Pound it
See ya!