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Hey guys,
I’m a little rusty been off ‘the tools’ for a decade - I’m an avionic (electromechanical engineer) with very out of date and rusty software skills. I’m looking to get back up to speed with CLI/Bash and then jump into a little Python (who knows where it’s going to lead).

A big part of this is to help my autistic son who has a keen interest in app development, he is tinkering with Hopscotch at the moment but he’s soon going to want to really get stuck in and I want to be there to help :exploding_head:


Hello! I just completed my first coding course and want to go further. I am in movie production industry and hoping to use my coding skill to make my idea come true. I am still working on my python lessons and don’t have any activity like meetups or events yet. It is nice to join here finally. Thanks!!



My name’s Juny, I’m curious, and I love life.
No industry or profession yet.
Professionally, I plan to use my coding skills in the financial services industry/the banking sector/fintech.
Personally, I plan to use my coding skills to create apps to help people plan for their financial futures.
I use Codecademy to learn Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Git, and eventually SQL, Python and PHP.
My favorite thing about it is the interactivity of the modules. Being able to see the output of my code has been hugely motivating and encouraging.
Haven’t been to any Meetups or events.
I have some examples on Github @ [link in profile]

Looking forward to learning more!

Thanks for reading.


Hello Everybody

My Name is Juan Cabrera from PR. Looking forward to learn how to code. I currently just started reading about the subject. It seems pretty complicated. Glad we have this forum so we can discuss everything and help each other in this journey.

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Hello internet community, my name is Justin.

I’m 30 years old and looking to start a good career. I’m trying to make a big switch from customer service into something more meaningful and fulfilling to me. In my spare time i like to read, play video games, and travel. The funny thing is that I really enjoy the outdoors, so I’m looking into a laptop to take with me on a coding exploration.

I’ve decided to join codecademy to learn more about computers and eventually be able to design my own websites. I have a background in photography and a love of languages so naturally I’m headed towards front-end development.

So far i’m loving the in-depth lessons and the challenges that free-form projects present. I have taken the HTML course, short Bootstrap introduction, and have gone through most of the CSS design work.

I have never been to any events or meetups but it would be interesting to see what other types of people are doing something similar to me.

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