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Hey guys,
I’m a little rusty been off ‘the tools’ for a decade - I’m an avionic (electromechanical engineer) with very out of date and rusty software skills. I’m looking to get back up to speed with CLI/Bash and then jump into a little Python (who knows where it’s going to lead).

A big part of this is to help my autistic son who has a keen interest in app development, he is tinkering with Hopscotch at the moment but he’s soon going to want to really get stuck in and I want to be there to help :exploding_head:


Hello! I just completed my first coding course and want to go further. I am in movie production industry and hoping to use my coding skill to make my idea come true. I am still working on my python lessons and don’t have any activity like meetups or events yet. It is nice to join here finally. Thanks!!



My name’s Juny, I’m curious, and I love life.
No industry or profession yet.
Professionally, I plan to use my coding skills in the financial services industry/the banking sector/fintech.
Personally, I plan to use my coding skills to create apps to help people plan for their financial futures.
I use Codecademy to learn Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Git, and eventually SQL, Python and PHP.
My favorite thing about it is the interactivity of the modules. Being able to see the output of my code has been hugely motivating and encouraging.
Haven’t been to any Meetups or events.
I have some examples on Github @ [link in profile]

Looking forward to learning more!

Thanks for reading.


Hello Everybody

My Name is Juan Cabrera from PR. Looking forward to learn how to code. I currently just started reading about the subject. It seems pretty complicated. Glad we have this forum so we can discuss everything and help each other in this journey.


Hello internet community, my name is Justin.

I’m 30 years old and looking to start a good career. I’m trying to make a big switch from customer service into something more meaningful and fulfilling to me. In my spare time i like to read, play video games, and travel. The funny thing is that I really enjoy the outdoors, so I’m looking into a laptop to take with me on a coding exploration.

I’ve decided to join codecademy to learn more about computers and eventually be able to design my own websites. I have a background in photography and a love of languages so naturally I’m headed towards front-end development.

So far i’m loving the in-depth lessons and the challenges that free-form projects present. I have taken the HTML course, short Bootstrap introduction, and have gone through most of the CSS design work.

I have never been to any events or meetups but it would be interesting to see what other types of people are doing something similar to me.


hello greetings from egypt


Hi everyone!

My name is Miguel from Spain, I’m 43 and I would like to become a programmer. Every body says that it’s never too late, included myself.
I’m currently working as a Sales Manager but I would like to learn to code because it’s something that I always wanted to do, so now it’s my time.
I’d like to be able to work as a programmer for my own, working from home and at my own pace, this life is too short and I need a flexible schedule to enjoy my family, friends and hobbies.
To be honest, I’ve been testing other online academies but in the end I think this is the one which is gonna help me to start learning. I don’t know if it’ll be enough but a good starting for sure.
I’m currently joining Python 3 and afterwards I will join Computer Science too. If someone wants/can suggest me the steps to follow to achieve my goal I will be eternally grateful, all help is welcome.

Looking forward to seeing you all here!! :smiley:

  • Who are you?

I may have put my name down in certain places, but generally I just go by my handle online, killjoy131.

  • What is your industry and profession?

I’m currently working as an intern, but hopefully will be able to hold a decent-paying job when my skills improve and I have more experience under my belt.

  • Where do you plan to use your new coding skills? Personally/professionally?

Ideally, both! I am using a lot of the skills I’ve learned at work, but am on a constant lookout for fun or interesting things to chart or work on as a personal project.

  • Why do you use Codecademy and what is your favorite thing about it?

It caught my eye a few years ago, because it was a good and smooth way to get started on really basic topics. My favourite thing would be the support infrastructure; reaching out to them was a pleasant experience whenever I had feedback or anything else to bring up.

  • What courses have you taken, or are planning to take?

Some data science-related ones, and some python courses. I started coding with C++ and Java when I was in school, but have come to prefer Python due to its sheer simplicity in writing.

  • Have you been to any of our meetups, or events?

There are none in my country, so no. Haha

  • Do you have any examples of work that you have done using the skills you learned at Codecademy?

Not yet. I have done some stuff for my company, but I can’t share that. Would certainly share a personal project if I thought it would be interesting, though!


bonjour , actuellement en recherche d’emploi et je souhaite intégrer le monde de développement web


Hi all, I’m Tom. I work full time in admin (office, not sys) while studying part-time for a maths and stats degree. I joined Codecademy mainly to learn Python (but also R, SQL, command line, and anything else useful for maths/data analysis). I’m not totally new to programming as I’ve used VBA/SQL at work over many years, but I’m enjoying learning a new language systematically from the ground up.


Hi :slight_smile: My Name is Andrew and I am brand new to CodeCademy and to coding itself. I am currently unemployed but worked as a visual merchandiser for a retail company for 5 years in Louisvilel, Ky but have been living in Chicago, IL the past 3 years.

I don’t know where I plan on using my new coding skills exactly but I know I want to earn the skills and use the skills. I have always had an interest in computers and IT kind of stuff but never took the time to discover what drew my interest in this kind of stuff. Since being unemployed I have had a lot of time spent by myself and the coding concept kind of just fell into my lap. I tried to get into the Lambda School to learn coding and become a web developer but I wasn’t prepared and they wanted someone that had more of a history of wanting to learn web development. So I decided to do some learning on my own, hence my joining to CodeCademy in efforts to learn the basics and see if web developing is a good choice for me before trying to get into the next Lambda school session available or General Assembly etc.

I have taken no courses , been to no meetups or events nd have no examples of ant work done, BUT, I hope to change that very soon and really commit and dive deep into this new world of coding and web development I am discovering.

I am very excited to start learning these skills and even more excited to start mastering and using them professionally.

Thanks for reading about me!


Hello I am Shishir, I use to work in IT and now want to pursue a more developer heavy career. Looking forward to getting more into Python and data science.


Hello :slight_smile:

I’m Alice. I’ve been learning with CodeCademy for 6 months now but realised I hadn’t “introduced myself” in the forums. So hi :wave:

I’m hoping to be a front-end developer and/or maybe even full stack.

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Hi Everyone
I’m Keshav Gupta. I’m a Student.
Personally, I plan t use my coding skills to create software to improve peoples life.
I love the most hand on practice in codecademy.
I use codecademy to learn Git, javascript and React.
Haven’t been to any Meetups or events.

Looking forward to learning more!
Thanks for reading

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Hey, I guess I’m a new peep to coding.
I’m a general student at primary school, just wanting to get to grips with coding.


Hi everyone!

I’m Anna, 24 yo, a junior italian copywriter at Comunicazionet https://www.comunicazio.net/ , communication agency.

I’m always interested in learning new things - even the hardest one for me! (i’m not exactly a nerd). Finger crossed!


Hi Cherri here. I love technology but I am not good at programming. I love design – I want to see how I can incorporate design better in coding practices! :grinning:


Hello! I am Victor. I am currently in High school just looking to learn coding to hopefully pursue a career in it someday. I enjoy making small projects on my own time, but use Codecademy to learn new things, languages or skills. I am currently taking Learn how to Build Websites to try and make my own.


Hello, My name is Nicholas. I am in eighth grade, and like coding because it’s fun, engaging, and useful. I like to work on small projects, and Codecademy helps me learn the languages for them, such as HTML, CSS, and Python. It’s nice to know there are so many fellow coders out there!

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Hello, My name is Tolu. I am in ninth grade and i love coding. It my favorite thing to do after a long and tiring week. I am working on small projects and learning new things from codecademy.:smiley:

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