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Hi, I’m Anton. I’ve been coding since school, several decades ago, which is where I decided I would make this my career.

I then went on to make this my career (without attending University, just going on coding courses in my local town back then). So one thing that I want to say to others learning here and elsewhere online, is that it’s entirely possible to go and have yourself a really good career in programming / IT without obtaining a university degree.

And you don’t need to work at Facebook or Google to have a good career as a developer.

Something I have learned throughout my career, is that many employers - especially good ones - do not care about pieces of paper from some institution; most of all they want to know that you’ll just get on and do things off your own bat, that you are self-directed and that you love what you do.

They are the employees that they want. Well, since you’re here, learning programming off your own bat, in your own time, because you love it - that’s you.

Anyway I had just read a few of the posts above and they’re quite inspiring, so I thought I’d drop a little encouragement here.

For me, my career has taken a couple of changes of direction, and sometimes in recent years I haven’t coded too much professionally; I’m enjoying going back to coding and learning modern languages and techniques, and plan on pivoting my career back towards this, bit by bit.

Good luck to everyone else on your own journeys :+1:


Hi everyone. I am new to this forum.

  • Who are you?
    – My name is Patrick
  • What is your industry and profession?
    – Web Development / Business Analyst
  • Were do you plan to use your new coding skills? Personally/professionally?
    – Actively using newly acquired skills on a daily basis to help troubleshoot, QA, and write technical specifications for our back-end developers.
  • Why do you use Codecademy and what is your favorite thing about it?
    – I am using it as a guidepost to learning the appropriate methodology for web development in particular, with the hope of continuing to data science. So far my favorite part is the forums, honestly. The linked posts following most lessons are the exact question I was looking for an answer to.
  • What courses have you taken, or are planning to take?
    – I’ve finished the first round of HTML and am mostly through the first round of CSS.
  • Have you been to any of our meetups, or events?
    – Not yet, but looking forward to news for any near me.
  • Do you have any examples of work that you have done using the skills you learned at Codecademy?
    – Yesterday I was actually able to identify an issue whereby we had removed a couple of stylesheets from a group of pages that suddenly caused all manner of nastiness to occur on the page. Without even this slight training with CC I would not have been able to identify what the issue was.

Happy Coding, everyone!


Hello there!

I’m Laura, I’m 28 years old, and I’m currently in Argentina.
I’m currently pursuing the web development path while working full time as a QA Analyst. I’ve been working in IT for the past 5 years, and I’m also studying superior education related to it. I’m hoping I can find a job as a frontend developer later this year.

Nice to meet you all!



I’m Lauren. I’m learning more coding here to expand options for my career. I do data analytics and really want to be able to build the front end and elegant back end solutions the team of developers sitting next to me do. I taught myself to code from online sources in my first role and have simply continued to do that for the languages I work with. I figured it was about time to get some actual training considering I love programming rather than just let work needs guide it.

So i’ve started with the web development path and love (love) Javascript but am enjoying the difference from HTML to shell scripting. So i will continue to expand into the computer science path after.

Hope everyone is having half as much fun as I am!



Hello all, I’m Ashley, 25, living in the USA .

I just back to coding a few weeks ago, as I took a break, and happier then ever to get back to it! I have been coding since I was 21 and my current goal is to get better at javascript. Someday I want to change my career industry to get in tech, and do what I love doing, and give the world something great that involves code.

Finding Codecademy was like a blessing in disguise. I have been on the lookout for any coding communities that remained active, that would surround myself with others with not only similar interests, but similar experience and also those with greater knowledge! I am a self taught learner, and have used other websites in the past, but I feel that Codecademy will benefit me in the long run due to how close the community is with the learning aspect of the site as well.

See everyone around the forum!


I’m a friendly but introverted organic chemist. The rise in social media into a group of platforms which people use for profit, propaganda, dating/marriage, crime etc… has made it difficult to suppress the interest in networking (the digital kind) and web development that I’ve harbored ever since my father taught me how to use DOS in the late 80s. I have been offered paid promo/rep. gigs on social media and that, directly, is what brought me here. I’d love to be able to use the skills taught here to launch my own small business (motivation: professional–personal). I just paid for a year subscription today so take my opinions on Codeacademy (CA) with a grain of salt; I did take advantage of the limited trial offer and was impressed enough to fork over the asking price for membership. My favorite thing about CA, other than https://join.teamtreehouse.com/techdegree/ (wow) is the diversity of the instructional material (lectures, labs, quiz, etc). I am taking the web development course and the sql bootcamp.
I’ve not been to any meetups or events associated with CA but I’m interested in attending in the future. I do not have any examples of work I’ve done after joining CA but I will be putting up a website withing the near future and will share the url here when that time comes. Nice to meet you guys and may luck be with you.
warm regards


My name is Gideon, I’m 14 and fairly new at coding. I’ve taken basic courses on C# and Visual BASIC, and am currently learning Python. I use Codeacademy because it’s free, and it gets you to coding much quicker then other courses. I have no examples, but I hope to possibly remedy that with time (and lessons).
Good Luck with your Coding!


My name is Kevin. I am a junior web developer. I am still learning HTML and CSS. You can find my website here.


Hello, Hello, Hello. :slight_smile: I’m new coder, well sort of. Been trying to learn to code for a while and am hoping to learn more now that I’ve joined codecademy. :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m Alexa. I’ve been learning to code for about six months now, through online and live tutorials. My goal for this year is to level up my skills and get into a web development immersive bootcamp. Thanks for reading! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi! I"m Marat from Russia. I’m probably one of the oldest guys here but I’m not ashamed to tell you that I’m 47. Throughout my life I’ve changed multiple careers but they’ve never been technical. So, I’m thinking of changing the career again, and I thought why not try software development. This is a rewarding field for someone who loves learning new things as I do. And I’ve had to learn lots of new things in order to change careers. So I’m confident I’ll pull it off again.

I’ve been binging on the CA tutorials for the last two weeks. I understand, this is just the first step, which will help me learn the fundamentals. There’s a lot more to learn and practice after that. I’m not fool thinking that you can become a full-fledged software developper in three months. But the idea is to get through a total beginner phaze as quickly and efficently as possible, and I believe CA helps you acheive that. I’ve tried other resources, but CA worked for me the best. There’re different strategies to learn. Some people just perefer to figure everything out themselves, but I prefere a structured learning environment. This what CA provides. You can combine it with other resources or move to something more challenging later. But at the beginning, clarity and guiadance is important, at least for me. This is the time when you learn best practices which will help you later in the career.

I’m taking now HTML, CSS and Javasript. Once I get a firm grasp of it I’m going to move to Python. After that learn sql, git. Create a portfolio of personal projects. That’s my plan.