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Hi, everyone! Im a geek, indie filmmaker, gamer, Star Wars fan who is learning HTML, CSS and JS. I ll launch my first website soon!

See you around1


Hello everyone!

My name is Daniel. Professionally I am in the health industry specifically pharmaceutics and alternative healthcare. I practice Ayurveda alongside working in a local pharmacy. I have always wanted to learn coding and am looking forward to being able to incorporate the skills I learn here to possibly have a side career to help my plans of having a low/no cost clinic for my local community.
I really like the interactive nature of Codecademy’s courses. So far I have taken the HTML and CSS classes and am working on the website building course and the Bootstrap course.
My plans are to take courses to widen my knowledge base and be a full stack developer so as to be able to do both freelance and possibly professional work.
Thank you to all of the contributors on here who are helping make this type of info more easily accessible and low cost so that everyone can reach it!

Take care,

  • Who are you?
    I’m Philip Denys
  • What is your industry and profession?
    I am a digital marketer at a jewel/watch company
  • Were do you plan to use your new coding skills? Personally/professionally?
    Professionally and in the personal environment
  • Why do you use Codecademy and what is your favorite thing about it?
    I use Codecademy to keep up to date with the latest programming languages like JS and PHP (looking into Python, but should I master the other ones first?)
  • What courses have you taken, or are planning to take?
    I’m refreshing up on JS (es6)
  • Have you been to any of our meetups, or events?
    nah, I don’t have the time because of the kids :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Do you have any examples of work that you have done using the skills you learned at Codecademy?
    Not yet, I don’t have any work worth sharing yet, but i’ll update this post when it happens :wink:


Hello Everyone:
I am a pharmacist and I would love to transition into something that would combine coding with health care…Perhaps develop programs or apps to use on computers, tablets and smart phones. I’m currently taking the Web Development path to achieve my goals. I just joined yesterday but I’m very excited to learn and develop new coding skills!


hey i am in 8th grade and some of the coding work is hard and i find myself just pushing solution every time how can i do better i am also 13 so yeah all good and i am about to turn 14:confounded::confounded::pensive:


Hi there, I’m Brian Petersen

I work at a hospital in the IT department - mainly as a project manager for now - rolling out Windows 10 to the 6000 computers we have. I also do troubleshooting and maintenance.

I have tried getting into coding for the fun of it the last year or so, but it seems I had the approach wrong. I started really big with creating a inventory management program using SQLite and C#. I have realized I need more basic skills for this to work.
I have grabbed Python instead, as it seems more straight forward. The book I got in C# is great, but very “american” - more pages, more money :slight_smile:

I found Codecademy in a weekly mail I subscribe to and thought it might be a nice place to get a structured look at coding. I am currently chewing my way through Python 3 intro courses and really like the way I get feedback pronto. :smiley:

I will drop it here, when I feel I have something share-worthy.

Ohh and I am 42 and from Denmark. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m a student looking for a new hobby! :smile: I’m learning Python right now (I’ll probably start on Java or Ruby when I finish, if I’m patient enough :upside_down_face:). Hopefully I’ll be sticking around for a while longer! Cheers! :wave:


Ssup! ~

i’m an 20y.o. it-student. i decided to start learning programming with html, css and javascript, then try something more complicated, cause i really want to work in game development.

hope you are all having a good day!


Sup, Im a 20 year-old bluesman that currently lives in assisted housing in germany who wants to see if coding is for me and maybe will do it professionally. Im creative and I love tech.


Who are you?
Benjamin Michael Johnson
What is your industry and profession?
Web development, contract worker
Where do you plan to use your new coding skills? Personally/professionally?
In a professional setting certainly, and personally as well I’m sure
Why do you use Codecademy and what is your favorite thing about it?
The graphic interface is great and the content is exceptional
What courses have you taken, or are planning to take?
Trying to finish JavaScript, then move along the web development path indicated for me
Have you been to any of our meetups, or events?
No I only discovered Codecademy recently


Hi , I am David and I do not work in IT but in financial services. I am just looking to learn some new skills and maybe one day would like to build my own website from scratch. So far Codecademy has been great I love the courses and the easy to follow instructions. I have taken a number of the intro courses so far but loving it and keen to learn more.