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Hi all,

I am an IT professional, running an IT business in Caracas, Venezuela. :smile:
I am here to do some refreshing and extend my knowledge about Web Development, Java and programming in general.



Hey Guys!
I’m an Accountant and Economic Student, but also love to learn all the things about computer, coding, Program Language etc. and i’m from INDONESIA!!! nice to meet you guys!.

and i hope i can learn something new from this site to improve my Computer Skill, and i need your help to improve mine.

Thank You so much!!!


I’m in manufacturing supply chain, lady in 20s and love to learn foreign languages.
I can get by in Japanese, Mandarin, French - working on Hindi, Korean, and Cantonese. It’s fascinating to me how languages develop and mature and evolve over time, especially as they come into contact with other languages and cultures.

Originally I wanted to see how my approach to learning the structure of spoken languages worked to pick up the logic of programming languages, and now after studying 1-2 years on CA I use these languages on side projects at work. I also discovered that i enjoy teaching others how to use Google Analytics.

This year I’d like to get involved volunteering with children to get them on board studying STEM. I myself was a poly sci student and I didn’t think to get into STEM until graduating uni and saw that’s where the jobs are. Growing up in certain rural/depressed areas and the mindset puts blinders on you and what you think is possible for the future (“Coding is only for really smart people/boys/people who can afford expensive degrees/insert stereotype here.”), so one of my New Year’s resolutions is to guide these kids to see past all that and give it a go. :slight_smile:


Hey there, I’m Mae!

I’m 25 and currently work in the Education field. I love it, but I find it so boring and wish I could do more. I would love to understand the inner workings of website building and design which is my passion. I hope that these guides help refresh what I already know about HTML and CSS and bring new light to Java! I haven’t don’t much besides play around in the beginning clases, but so far I really like how helpful it is!


Hi, Im an accounting an finance graduate about to go into coding so that I can learn C++, can any one tell me what path I should follow to learn C++ (Computer science, data science, web development)


My name is Jonathan. I want to learn how making a webpage works.


Hello guys,Lee is the name new to coding but not new new:smiley:have some basic backend and frontend knowledge.Need a mentor or help though in some javascript.Lastly feel good to be here.


Hey programmers!

I’m a very amateur coder who is learning game development.

Still in school, nothing special.

A mix of both. I want to make games for fun and when I can get a full time job I plan on getting a job involving C# or C++.

I use it to learn C languages (still waiting on C#) and my favorite thing is that it is so easy to learn with its mix of text and even visual representations.

I’ve taken CSS, HTML, part of Ruby, part of C++, Github command line, and part of Javascript I believe. If and when it comes out I would take C# for unity.


Sadly I think I deleted all of them, but if I still had my mini-websites I would share them!


Hello Everyone, I am Paul.

I am 38 years old. I was diagnosed with Autism 4 years ago. I profess to be disabled, full time.
I plan to use my new skills to start free lancing in the future.
I have chosen to use Codecademy because I find the teaching interactive, and I am able to put my new skills to the test with the projects.
I am currently following the web development path, I have completed html basics, but have had to start css and javascript modules again as I didn’t fully understand them the first time.
I have never been to any meetups or events.
I don’t have any examples of my work so far.

Kind Regards





To code, and the number of courses

Just HTML for now, more to come!

There is such thing as that?! Okay, so nope.

Hoping to have some soon.

Great! :slightly_smiling_face:



I’m Jon. I’m from the UK but have been living in Barcelona in Catalonia/Spain for just over 10 years now. I’ve had a varied professional life so far, from financial analyst specialising in pay and benefits, to spa receptionist, to English teacher. I originally studied German and Russian at university, and I’ve always been fascinated by languages and linguistics. I’m now fluent in Spanish, and my Catalan is getting stronger too.

I’ve recently developed a keen interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain, and would love to develop a career in this area in the future. That’s why I’m learning to code, and what’s brought me to Codecademy. I eventually intend to take some courses oriented towards the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries, ultimately specialising in blockchain and dapp (decentralised applications) programming. But, as I’m new to coding, I want to get a good solid grounding first, and Codecademy courses seem like a great way to do this and get this journey started. :smiley:

I’ve already completed the Code Foundations and Introduction to HTML courses, and I’m currently working my way through Learn CSS. Next up: JavaScript… followed by C++

At least that’s the plan… but I’m also going to leave myself open to other possibilities, as I explore, learn, and develop more.

Good luck to all of you on your journeys too! Looking forward to some of our paths crossing at some point! :smiley:



My name is Dijohnay. I am 16 and I recently started coding.
Thank you for the warm welcome, I think I will enjoy it here.



Hello, I am Chris, and I am interested in learning web app development along with web design for use in everyday life, along with healthcare and science. I am a physician, and I have some experience in programming using C, python, Java and Objective-C.i live in Minnesota, although I grew up in Michigan in Ann Arbor. My personal interests include bicycling, rowing, Tai Chi and skiing.


*** Who are you?**

Daniele, 35, Italian, living in Berlin
*** What is your industry and profession?**

I am a digital marketer specialized in Social media. I work as a freelancer. I can work in every fields.
*** Were do you plan to use your new coding skills? Personally/professionally?**

I want to grown my knowledge and eventually start to work the new projects as a programmer

*** Why do you use Codecademy and what is your favorite thing about it?**

Codeacademy seems to be the best platform around the world. I am glad to be part of it.

*** What courses have you taken, or are planning to take?**
I started with Javascript

*** Have you been to any of our meetups, or events?**

Not yet

*** Do you have any examples of work that you have done using the skills you learned at** Codecademy?
Not yet, I hope I will soon


Hi everyone!
My name is Flavio. I am a 29 y.o. Design student and freelance draftsman, I am quite new to codeuniverse and trying to get know it as much as I can to see how I can apply code skills to my profession. Since an early age I developed a passion and curiosity for IT technology and that is why I am still insisting with it. I am signing up to the community forum as I hope to find the right support to progress and improve my skills.


Hi Everyone,

My name is Stanlee. I am french speaker and living in Uk.
I work in a financial company as a french consumer affairs.
I plan to use my coding skills as soon as possible for professional purpose.
I heard it from a friend two days ago. I want to learn coding
I would like to learn SQL.
I am taking an ITIL course. After, I would to learn about the web code
This is my first in this forum.


I’m Gary K. and I’m retired. I trained to be an architect a long time ago, but did not go into the profession. Mainly I worked in low-level semi-janitorial jobs, as I didn’t have much self-confidence and, to boot, was also bedogged with having very (nearly non-existent) low self-esteem. With the ripening of years I found myself gaining more confidence, but along the way there were sprinkled setbacks of one sort and another that acted as a brake.
Five years into retirement, I feel freer and more confident and I would like to embark on something more ambitious than a simple (static) website.
I dabbled in Flash MX once, in my spare time. It’s a program that uses a coding language called ActionScript and is, supposedly, based on javascript. That was over ten years ago. It’s possible to get interactivity and animation with that program, and and it took me ages just to make a little interactive “movie” that involved pressing an on-screen button to see a wheel turning and pulling an object up or down on a length of rope (“movie” is a technical name in Flash for a certain type of Flash object, and doesn’t literally mean a cinematic movie) Only problem is that the end user has to download Flash in order to interface with a Flash movie, which means it’s not seamless with html.
So to sum up - I’d like to achieve the same as in Flash but using html5 (plus javascript) - both of which, with the help of code academy I hope I shall be able to learn to do.
And finally - for what purpose? I love the idea of explaining seemingly complex things in a simple and appealing manner (through interactivity) to the broader public, with the additional possibility of including a forum for feedback and discussion on website.


Hello everyone, my name is Khusiima Luke Masaba from Uganda and I love coding so much that my heart beats at each beautiful piece of work I create. I just wish you Knew how happy I feel when I code, I could even cry…
I am just a student going to senior six(our education system). I wish to get a job opportunity from my passion and I know eventually, things will come through.
I plan on using my new skills to make the world a match better with development of useful software. We are a team of Ugandan teenagers looking for extra support for our projects.
I love codecademy because of how easy it is to interact(thumbs up to the developers of this site from Uganda) the compiler, playground and tutorials are well placed for simplicity and wow, I get a lot from that awesomeness. By the way, I think some of you have heard of Andela-It supports us African young aspiring developers… beautiful organisation.
I have taken this html course and I personally did some study on C and C++. I am planning to pursue a course in software engineering in the future(2 years from now)
I have been to neither of your events or meet ups reason being am far.
My examples will come…just wait :slight_smile:



my name is Daniel, I’m an 18 year old high school senior living in Oregon! I currently know HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP and currently learning Swift. I been on Codecademy for a few years now, but never posted on the forums. Glad to be on here!


Hey all! I am Jannes Lohmeijer from Enschede, the Netherlands. About a year ago I graduated in Industrial Design Engineering (product design). My study in combination with a love for graphic design lead to me getting a job in User Interface and Experience Design. I know how to make things look good and user friendly but unfortunately I had no experience in front-end development. My boss encourages all employees to learn new things so I subscribed to codecademy to learn a trick or two in web development. So far I am enjoying the courses and I learn a lot ;). Keep on coding!