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Hi, I’m industrial at first and now pretty interested in IT product design, so let’s start learning more that CSS :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone!
My name is Javae and I have experience with coding and I want to expand my knowledge and experience by learning other programming languages. I look forward improving my skills and sharing with others that want to do the same :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! Just started Codecademy and am new to coding anything outside of HTML and CSS. And actually I’ll need to brush up on those two as well, its been a minute. I am a graphic designer/production artist by trade currently… but going back to school for IT too. Not exactly sure where I’m trying to head yet with coding but I know I need and want to learn it. I’m starting with Java because I have a class in Java starting in January so I want to get a foundation built before that starts.

Anyway, I am happy to be here and hope to be a contributing member now but more so after I get better at coding… might be a while, I’ve got a long way to go!



Howdy from Texas!
My name is Jay. I am a girl that loves to code! I’ve built several websites and I’m currently working on a cross platform mobile application. I love to talk about code, share what I’ve learned and learn from others. So don’t hesitate to start a conversation!


Heyy everybody! I’m Barath, and I’m passionate about science and technology. Ever since I was a kid, science has fascinated me. I’m currently in college, studying Engineering. I love coding and testing out new gadgets. Apart from that, I’ve done some basic Pentesting on Kali Linux, love building PCs, and playing video games


Good afternoon all. My name is Ruth and I am probably one of the older people here. I am 52 verging on 53 and while I have had a great career in healthcare IT , none of it involves actual programming languages.

So while and maybe tech savvy, I am clueless about programming.

What I want to do is to make websites, so that is why I am here . I need a way of generating an income, but from home as I need to be here to caretake my husband who has PMP – appendix cancer.

Has anybody else had success in there second, third, fourth career, doing this?


Hi folks,

My name is Ramiz. I currently work as a customer insight analyst and used to run my own business doing data analysis for businesses.

I’m most interested in learning programming to take my analyst career to the next level and open new opportunities. I’m currently completing the data science learning path.

I’ve not been part of the community for long (like 10mins) so I’m hoping to learn a lot from others who have gone through what I’m embarking on.

Thanks all,



Hi guys, I am Damien.
I’m currently learning Python because I wanna enroll in the computer science university in 3 years, I also wanna learn Ruby and something about Web Developing.


hey I am Chantelle and I am doing coding as a hobby. I am currently going to University where I am doing a degree in BBA. I am willing to make new friends and learn new things so feel free to say hi.


Oh hey there. Im a christian and i want to end up making some kind of survivor game online (multiplayer! :heart_eyes:) I you need any help on the scratch website i can help…

(P.S.) there are a lot of replies on this thread. How many are there, a bajillion?


Hi All,

I’m Sven, from Croatia.
A mechanical engineer by profession, but a programmer by passion :slight_smile:
I fell in love with programming during my studies (doing some calculations in Matlab) and since then I’ve always wanted to learn programming and turn my app ideas into reality.
Recently I’ve started with python, but I plan to move on to Java or C# when I learn the basics.
I’m mostly interested in developing mobile and desktop apps, but machine learning looks very tempting too :slight_smile: I still don’t know where this adventure will take me, but I’m sure it will be interesting and fun!



Hey everyone. My name is Tim. I have been messing around with python for a good 2-3 years i have created some scripts, functions and 1-2 classes. Classes in python had always confused me until i found a free beginner video tutorial course on youtube. it helped to explain inheritance and importing other programs into a class so i could use them. I am studying the computer science course on this website for python, as python is my preferred programming language of choice. Do work full time but i want to have my own business where i do nothing but coding. Programming is one of my passions and as such i took up python because i heard that it was easy to understand and it was. I believe that learning new things is good for your mind and your sense of accomplishment.


Good Afternoon,
I am a sports research director who is currently trying to learn Python 2. I have extensive experience working with SQL but looking to expand my skills for either my current position or future opportunities. I hope to get through to Python 3 and sharpening my SQL skills on Code Academy over the winter.


Hello! I am new to this site, but not new to coding. After learning some coding on a site, and not entirely happy I came here. Currently I am happier with this site than the last one! I am happy to be here!


Hello everyone

My name is Antonice I am very excited about learning website development. I come from an insurance background and am currently looking to add this learning experience to my skill set.



Hello everyone!

Coding, tinkering, and making stuff are passions of mine. Since my time in school I always was in contact with coding. I had some introduction courses about Visual Basic in school, another C course at university but I never was able to master a programming language. Anyhow, I never had to because my profession is settled in the automotive industry (mechanical engineer / project management).
One day I woke up and had the feeling that I am currently missing to learn something that might be important in my future days: To get more confidence and experience in programming. To understand what is going on in the “new” technology where everything is getting hooked up with the internet, is generating and sharing data.

And here I am. :grinning: My name is René and I am looking forward to have some interesting discussions here in the community!


I am just starting here, and am going to try C++ here because a friend told me about this place. I have already learned HTML, Python, and parts of CSS and JS. I’m glad to be here!


Hello my name is Justin Grider


codecademy is so AWESOME…

I m webdeveloper since 2015

I am doing the React course… the pro subscription is awesome … so easy to start learning new libraries … fast and fun… i ll code till late night

I want to learn React in one week
then build my new app with react_on_rails

have fun learning !


Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

I’m a 45 years old housewife who decided that learning to build websites could be very, very interesting!
I started to learn coding just a few months ago. I have absolutely no experience. I started out with a course that taught me how to build a website from scratch. It was good, but I realized that I needed a more comprehensive approach! So here I am. :slight_smile:
I chose the web development path. I’m building my very first website right now. I’d like to learn enough to start a side hustle. Fingers crossed!!! :star_struck: