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My name is Paul and I am from the UK with a university background in both Law (hated) and Mathematics (loved) and a working background in Teaching and Data Reporting. My computing experience is limited to VBA and SQL. I have signed up to all three of the offered paths, but have started with the Computer Science path, which I have nearly completed. My primary aim was to learn C#, which sadly is not offered by Codecademy, so that I can assist with the development of the website that the team I work with use to process our data and manage our processes. However, learning some programming basics in Python should make the transition to C# very much easier.
With any luck, and plenty of hard work, I will develop the skills that will enable me to move into an more interesting - and remunerative - job.


Hi, my name is James and I am “kind of” new to coding.

I am a User Experience Designer (XD), Specialist and currently work in the insurance industry. I’ve been interested and active in design for over 20+ years and am looking to expand my knowledge to better my passion.

As a XD proffesional, I’m often concerned that my solutions aren’t going to be developed to the expectations of my client, the end-user or to my standards. I continuously have to defend my design decisions through overly documented static mock-ups that often produce sub-par results. I often believe if I was able to design the solution in code the outcome would be different.

This is a portion of why I’m here. I’m also happy to be a part of this community and am looking forward to learning something new.


Hey there,

I’m Mike and im here to become a master of web development… Everything I know so far has been self taught but I reached a point where I realized I needed some help rounding out my skills.

Who wants to be friends?? Haha… but seriously.


Hi Everyone,
I’m a Technical Talent Sourcer in the Chicago suburbs. I’m learning code to better understand and communicate with UX developers that I recruit to work for our brand. I just finished the HTML course and I’m excited about learning more. I can already tell I’m going to need a lot of consistent practice.



I’m Prasanthi, joined in the community to participate in the discussions to learn something new and improve my skills in technology tools. Any suggestions regarding discussions is highly appreciable.

Thanks in advance.


Hi everyone:grinning:


Hello! I’m fairly new to here! I’m using Codecademy because of school, and coding is a hobby.


Hello my friends, my name is Jorge I’m from Peru. I expect to learn, have fun and make friends.


Hi, my name is Mark. I honestly love to code. Ever since I was little, I would just go to the computer and write lines and lines of code.

I am also a gamer, but I try to limit myself from playing too much.

I usually code for fun, and I like to share my experience with others.

The most admiring languages I like to code with are HTML, and JavaScript.

I hope I can be a good forum user of Codecademy, and I feel happy that this site exists. I would not be where I am today without it <3

Anyways, hello everyone )/


Hey all I’m Brad, too lazy to think of my own questions at this time of the morning so will just use the above ones.

I decided to start coding just under a week ago as it’s always interested me. I plan to go into web designing currently but who knows what will happen once I start getting more into coding so I will just take it as it comes, I also love the thought of using it personally to just see what I can do with it.

I live in Australia and have spent the most part of my adult life in the music industry doing sound engineering and playing in bands, because of this I never developed any skills to start a career with.

I use Codecademy as I would rather go into a course with knowledge before hand of what I’m doing rather than no idea what so ever, it helps me advance my studys so I can focus on the harder parts of the course which I start early next year. I love that I can get online whenever and learn more also which is a huge thing for me as I get bored fast when I have nothing to do.

I don’t really have any friends who are on this side of the computing world so will try make any meet ups if there are any in my state or even country (depending where I am at the time)

I wont bore you with much else as I am extremely tired and need to get to bed feel free to ask me any questions and I will respond when I can.

ps: Sorry for any spelling problems its 3:13am and I just finished learning a heap of HTML.


Everyone, im dsonn and im here to learn how to code and take it to the next level, a starter starting with Python. Ready to learn from all and take accurate counsel.


hello everyone my real name is Louay im 19 years old and im
from tunisia i do speak arabic and french and english,
guys is there are a way to make host for discord bots
i really need to make a my bots online 24/24
without using c9 or heroku
if you have anny suggestion peply on this topic or contact me on discord

thank you gentelman


Hi everyone. My name is Antonis. Landed here to lead my self to the Data Analyst path in order to open my self to new opportunities and knowledge. I come from a computer engineering background and codeacademy has a nice way of bringing one’s self up to the latest technologies. Looking forward to the connecting with some great persons here.


Hi! My name is David and I am looking to change careers, I am currently working in the private security sector and I wanted to expand my knowledge of programming/coding for my future career! The reason is mainly for mobile/desktop applications and computer/console gaming. I love the idea of being able to create the next best app or game and it excites me just daydreaming about it! I am completely new to coding so I hope you all have some great advice…

As a beginner I have found python easy to learn due to its simplicity when writing code, I am around 30% of the way through the course and I am loving every minute of it, apart from when I get a wave of syntax errors! Haha! Any advice on what step to take next???

I hope I get to speak to all of you along my journey to my dream job!!



Hey guys, my name is Tyler J and I’ve been interested in coding for a while but haven’t taken the plunge because I considered myself to be more of a “business development” mind but honestly, coders and developers that have the ability to communicate to a broad audience are better than anyone that can just speak well (or think they can haha).

I’m really big into cryptocurrency, bitcoin, blockchain projects. That passion led me to become and Ambassador for MIT’s Enigma Project which is creating a Privacy-Preserving “Secret Smart Contract” infrastructure using Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) and Secure Multi-Party Computations (sMPC) that will decentralize privacy across this nascent infrastructure.

In order to help develop myself in the space and fully nerd out amongst my peers, I’ve elected to learn coding and build programs once I’ve honed my skills.

Would love to talk to anyone that is just starting out as I definitely am.

Good luck guys!


Hello peeps, learning code because it seems like a fun thing to know :slight_smile:


Hello! My name is Naomi, I recently started a new job in DC working as a UX designer at Booz Allen. A little background - I went to undergrad for Graphic Design, then went on to do my master’s for User Experience design after realizing I only had a BFA (nothing wrong with that, but it personally scared me to death post-grad), Since starting my job this past June, I feel like having more HTML/CSS knowledge would really boost my resume, help me grow in my current position, and also allow me to move to a new company when the time comes. I just started the Web Development path about a week ago, and recently learned about the online forum! So far I’m really enjoying the guided instruction in the Paths, but also the breakaway projects that helps test your knowledge of a single skill after each section to really ensure your understanding of the topic. Now that I am aware of the forum, I’m going to make an effort to utilize it and try and learn more from other users. I have not been to any events yet, nor have any work to show as I’ve just begun, but I’m excited to keep learning and will hopefully gain some really useful skills in the next few months :smiley:



Hallo, I am new to coding and hoping to learn some great things in code academy.


Hello everyone! I’m new here and I can see I’m not the only one who would like to change his career path. I’m an EFL teacher and I’m curious if my knowledge of foreign languages (English is not the only one I know) will help me in any way in learning how to code!

I’ve decided to follow the Web Development path, since I knew a bit of HTML in the past, so I thought that brushing up on it and learning the intricacies of creating a good website might be a great first step for me. Who knows what skills I will choose next? Anyway, as you can see I am pretty excited :wink:

Looking forward to meeting new people, too.



Hi, I’m industrial at first and now pretty interested in IT product design, so let’s start learning more that CSS :slight_smile: