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Hello! Fellow Coder’s! My name is Wendy. I have been playing with HTML and CSS off and on for a couple of years but then step away from it. How does the saying go? “Jack of all trades but master of none”? So I have decided to settle down and learn both front and back end developing. I currenlty work with a few programmers and sometimes find myself banging my head on my keyboard. As the only female on the team I need to step up my game!

So here I am. I am looking forward to going through all the courses on the Path’s offered by the Pro account.
Eventually I may catch up with my team mates.? Back to the courses I go!:metal:


Hi, I’m César Acosta,
I am from México, started as QA intern when I was 17, now I’m a Senior QA Engineer but I only focused doing Manual testing through all these years.
My main goal is to enforce my coding skills to start working with QA Automation with tools like Selenium, and to have more chances to get a better job in a big IT company.
I started with web development path and now I’m learning Python.
Really love Codecademy workflow, Nice to meet you all!


Hi everyone! I’m Stéphane from France.
I’m here to learn code and get a happier and more interesting job. Fortunately for me, i like coding. It’s kind of a revelation for me! :smile: For now, i’m following the web development and java courses. I have to figure out which way i’m gonna take.
Codecademy is the easiest way i found to learn to code. So here i am.


hello everyone, I’m Rashmirathi and currently I’m pursuing my MBA in Mumbai. I’m learning python for my data science course



I would like to start off by saying that codecademy has been amazing. I’ve learned quite a bit. What started off as just dinking around with Python because of a friend who is in the industry for data science referred me to this site. I decided that learning web design would be fun, and would probably be a good step forward into trying to get into the industry. I have been learning through this site for a year, and recently upgraded to pro so I got more of a structured layout of how I should pursue it as a career and what I needed to learn in more of a segmented format. I have worked hard-labor all of my life, and I’ve always had a passion for computers. It seems that the tech industry has far surpassed my knowledge and I would like to pursue it as a career, not only for web design. But for overall tech knowledge. Data science, web development, administration, you name it. However, web development does seem like a good step. I am looking for someone who has a bit more experience than I, and I don’t know how to go about looking for a mentor to critique my code and offer pointers. I have been doing Html5 and CSS3 for about a year, and started tapping into javascript. Any future references would be greatly appreciated, and thank you codecademy for being you and elevating individuals into doing something that helps people that are passionate and for the community that seems very open to helping out others!

I am happy to be a part of the community!


Hi I am Brad from Winnipeg, Canada. I am wanting to develop my own apps for underground mining and some games for profit. any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, I do sponsorships to Canada from other countries for residency here in Canada if anyone is interested.


Hello all!

Currently, I’m a Network Manager with 14 years of desktop and networking experience working at the local community college where I help ensure constant network connectivity. It is pretty stressful and I’ve grown to the conclusion in life that I need to pursue other avenues that will lead to creativity, a pursuit of fulfillment, and a chance at building things to help myself and others .

I plan on using what I learn from Codecademy for both personal and professional pursuits. Personally to have fun opening the window of creativity as I play around and build things. Professionally for also opening the window of creativity with the possibilities of starting my own company, working remotely, setting my own hours, or doing something that is meaningful. In my current career, I’ll use the python course to build apps and scripts to automate tasks and gather information on the network quickly and efficiently to help my team and the security team understand how the network flows.

I chose Codecademy, because it looks structured for an easier path approach to complex learning subjects and I’m hoping to learn a lot from the curriculum and everyone here in the community.

I have gone through a little bit of the python program and am really enjoying it so far and am seeing the usability and the creativity with how my mind starts thinking of so many ways to create.

I’m happy to be here and learn from all of you and Codecademy in the exciting future adventures of creative possibilities!

Happy creating!


My main goal is to learn CS by way of python and eventually other languages to get me a career in something like web development. but I enjoy learning about deep learning and the like, game Development: print(“of coarse!”) and I like to play around in blender.
I hope to progress soon and I look forward to getting to know and working together with fellow programmers on the forum.


Hi all, I’m William Wallace Friedrich, and no… I’m not that William Wallace. The first question that I will take is how I got started, thank you for asking that excellent question sir. When I was just a lad of the extremely young age of 11, then I discovered a site called Khan Academy. It seems like eons ago that I started on Khan Academy. Khan Academy is a site similar to Codecademy; it is a non-profit site that teaches people how to do things. Now, back on topic. At first then I only did math and science on Khan Academy, but soon discovered that they had a programming section. It sounded interesting so I decided to go check it out.

Not long after then I was making programs left and right, I really enjoyed it. I then looked for more and more resources for programming. Soon after then one of my siblings said that they had heard of a site called Codecademy, so I decided to go ahead and take a look. There were lots of courses on Codecademy that I could learn. I decided to start with html & css and Java Script because I was pretty familiar with them.

However, after about 6 months of coding then one of my brothers by the name of Joseph, discovered that I had been using his email for my account (I don’t and won’t have an email until 14). Showing me all the brotherly love that brothers usually except towards one another… he deleted my account.

After the meeting of my account, then I remained inactive on Codecademy for a while. I was extremely busy with school and couldn’t find the time to even surf the internet very much. However, after about a year (because I do school over the Summer as well) then I discovered some of my dads program ing books (him being a programmer himself). I started to look through them, and knew in that moment that I wanted to do coding again. I started another Codecademy account that day using my dads email, and I started off once again. I have been coding since early January now and have completed four courses, many more on their way to completion.

One last paragraph then I will have to say farewell for the moment. Lately then I have become very interested in Apples language Swift. I have been finding as many resources as I possibly can including Stanford courses (which require moderate understanding of programming moderate to understand), courses from theNewBoston (which requires pretty much no understanding of programming, probably because he’s so good :slight_smile: ), and many others. I have lately been learning sprite kit and core animation, and want to make a side scroller game soon as I learn more and more about the amazing work of animation.

So far I have completed six courses on codecademy, and hope to complete many more in the future to expand my knowledge of programming. I hope that you enjoy codecademy as much as I do, thank you for reading, and I hope that no matter what you do then you have a bright and happy future :slight_smile:



Im Ondrej. 32. Working in non-technical field. Hoping to learn coding in few years and maybe getting a job in the industry.


My name is Rain. I am from Indonesia.
I am author for blog [link in profile] and which is about blogging tutorial, Javacript, CSS, and HTML. That’s why I need Codeacademy to improve my coding skill so I can give the best tutorial for my loyal readers.



Hi everyone,
I’m Ghita…a new member… And I don’t know how can I use codecademy to learn about coding language by the way I’m 18years old…


My name is Joanne, currently live in Far North Queensland. I’m long term unemployed and I joined about a couple years or so ago and started learning basic HTML. I stopped because I felt I looked stupid for not knowing this stuff at my age and stopped for a while. I now have a new computer and incentive but no real goal or specific task but open to suggestions of what would be good codes to focus on.



Hello, my name is Rhiannon Sofia Camille and I am new to coding and I really love it. I want to become a front-end web designer. I became interested in coding about a year ago and have been at every since.


Hello! I love coding just like you guys!
I when I get a real job, I will want to do something relating to coding like a computer teacher or even work at codecademy!


Hi, friends! Not sure if people will read this far down on the forum, but I’ll go ahead and respond to @alex_bowen’s questions …

  • I’m Zach! I live in San Francisco and like to explore the city, do hackathons/Codecademy, and run in my free time. The city’s best burrito is El Farolito in the Mission!
  • I work on an analytics/data science team at Salesforce. As of this year we are the largest private employer in SF! We create software for businesses to manage their data and automate processes.
  • I’m doing the “Building Front End Apps from Scratch” Immersive, which won’t help me at work, but I’m really enjoying learning web development!
  • I use Codecademy since they provide some of the highest quality coding instructional material out there. Happy to pay for it as well!


Hi, my name is Trent. I’m from Arizona, in the USA

I work in customer service, although I have taken IT classes and worked in IT before. I’m studying Python because I want to do a relatively simple project in Python related to the Traveler Role-Playing Game. Codeacademy was recommended as a good place to get an introduction to Python, and you can work at your own pace. I have not been to any Codeacademy meetups or events. I didn’t even know they existed until just now.

I am working on computer science basics in Python. I’m not sure what I will take next.


Hey there!
I am in the 1st year B.tech CSE.
I like coding its like a whole new world for me
I’ve done some HTML, CSS, JavaScript basically some of the web-development courses.

Well this isn’t my main interest I’ve done this to help me brand myself and yeah i really enoyed learning this stuff

I know C C++ python. (planing to learn SQL , R and working of different MI AI algorithms )

I would like to become a data scientist i really like MI, AI and all .
I really look forward to doing well in this field i have full faith that codecademy will be the best decision in ever made ,

cheers !
happy coding!


Hey guys!
I am Mudassir. 26 with an engineering degree and doing my MS as of now.
It’s amazing to see so many people here. So I am a Materials Engineer who happens to not get a decent job for 4 years so I started doing my MS in Project management. Currently, I am in my last semester and I came across Forecasting and advance statistics in the last semester. I like the subject very much and then I came to know about the data science. So I decided to take up the courses here. My first is the Python so I am on it now. Its just a week for me. So far it’s going well. I hope I can meet good people here who share the same thought.
Oh, and btw I love Real Madrid <3


Hi there, this is Sid.

  • Working as a software developer for more than a decade, but mostly onto server-side applications (i.e. non-web).
  • Here to learn (to implement) web development skills and build projects of my own (stretch goal: to get a new job in a start-up, working on web-based products/services)
  • By chance I landed on the Codecademy’s Javascript and really enjoyed the hands-on approach these guys follow; so decided to continue my journey of learning web development here :slight_smile:
  • Javascript am about to finish, then my plan is to brush up on HTML and CSS. After that will decide the next course of action/preparation.
  • I haven’t yet been to any meet-up or events of this community yet. But would love to join.
  • No actual projects I have done yet with my learnings from here but will post once I do.

Whew! So thats all about me. I am pretty excited to find some interesting and like minded people here. Hopefully to learn from you all and share some of my experience where needed. :raising_hand_man: