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Hey there, I’m Kris and I’m currently working on completing an applied math degree at Memorial University in NL, Canada. I figured learning some coding along the way might be beneficial as I found I have enjoyed what I have done with it throughout my degree. I’m starting with python and will see where that takes me from there.


Hi, I’m Eduard, from Malaysia. Currently I’m working as a global support executive in an international bank, in a back-office function. I have always love programming and coding in general, but I never took it seriously until now. At the time of writing, I am learning Ruby and just enrolled myself in Build Websites from Scratch course (Pro Intensive).

I have some background in programming and computer science in general; I did two semesters of C++ when in my bachelor’s degree (but I forgot most of it now anyway). I’m hoping (and I wanted too!!!) to become a software engineer/programmer and a web developer one day.

Can’t wait to see what this site offers to me, and what I can contribute to it as well! Love to get to know my fellow classmates.



Hello, world!
My name is Darin. I’m currently a freshman in college. I’m not majoring in computer science, but I took a few classes in high school and I want to learn more. Wish me luck!


Hi Everyone!
I am Mehmet Sahin, an international student from Turkey who studies computer science at BMCC in NYC. My real name is actually Mixemer which is a Kurdish name. However, I use my Turkish name Mehmet because it is easier to pronounce. I am new to Codecademy which I have been using for two weeks. I like Codecademy because they provide lots of practice/exercise after each topic which makes it easier for me to learn and use the skill. Currently, I am taking a path called Data Science which is really interesting. After the Data Science Path, I will start doing Computer Science Path.


Hi all

Matt here, got introduced to codecademy on a forum I am on and thought I would run through a course and see if it’s something that I would enjoy. (I’m currently looking to move into IT and whilst i’m doing a comptia A+ course currently I want to keep my options open going forward).

My current industry and profession is as a draughtsman in the construction industry so unrelated.

I’m going to give the Python course a go first and see how I get on, so it’s primarily for personal use for now but you never know down the road.

Anyway’s my first post is partly down to having trouble with the course, is there a help page that I could read through? I’ve completed the first couple on the course and it’s ticked the box now acknowledging completion of the instructions however it’s not letting me move onto the next page / task. I have tried closing down the web browser and using the “get help” button which allows me to restart the task but I’ve had no luck. Sometimes I overlook the obvious so am I just being dopey? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Edit - It’s worked by copying and pasting the code that had been put in the learn section but using the code from the previous ‘welcome’ page it wouldn’t accept it.


Hi! I’m Rodney! I’m currently a student for Business Administration. I’ve been trading stock for about 3 years now, and I’ve gotten pretty good at it! The problem is, I come up with so many ideas that ace back testing, but don’t have the time to implement them! Which, leads me to the reason that I bought a pro account with Code Academy and started mastering Python! I love the hands-on experience of writing and testing code. At first, I’ll admit, I found it boring… But, as I’ve gotten into some of the more advanced lessons, I’m LOVING it! I’ve always wondered about the inner workings of a computer, and now I’m the one doing the coding! I don’t know exactly which learning path I’m going to follow… If anyone has any suggestions on which one would help me accelerate my learning and get me writing trading algos sooner, that would be great! Hopefully, I’ll have some cool stories and accomplishments soon! In the mean time, I make a pretty sweet calculator :stuck_out_tongue:


I just thought that coding will be an interesting thing just to dip my toes in. I have no idea what I want to do in the future, so I thought that just trying new things will be cool. I have absolutely no experience and just trying everything out for a start. Everything seems difficult, but I will wait and see. I’m excited to be here as this is actually only my second day on this website. Nice to be here!


My name is Colton, I am located in Victoria, BC , Canada. I recently finished the Build Websites from Scratch intensive and quickly realized toward the end of the program that I would definitely need a more gradual approach to learning JavaScript. I wanted to continue my membership to go through the Web Development tree so that I can further my understanding. I have a background in 2D graphics and have always wanted to pursue web development. I look forward to meeting some new people and discovering some new tips and tools to help me on my journey.



Hello everyone! My name is Abena but you can call me Abby for short. I just joined Codecademy and my reason is because i’m tired of sitting home with nothing to do so i decided to google online computer studies and voila! Codecademy popped up. I just want to improve my computer knowledge and kill my boredom.


Hello everyone,

My name is Frank. I work in the IT field doing desktop support. I’ve been doing this for some time now and I’m tired of the same old routines. So, I started dabbling into PowerShell to find ways to automate some processes at work and in home automation. While I search online for tutorials and learning materials, I came across Codecademy. Originally looking for PowerShell content, I fell into Python instead. I have no clue what I am doing or what Python was used for. I started the beginner course and noticed it was very similar to PowerShell. Since I’m not a programmer and much more mechanically inclined, computer language sometimes confuses me.

If I compare my body to a computer, I can think about things I can do. Such as, pick up objects, walk or eat something. But, there are things we do that we don’t think about, like breath, blink our eyes and the fact that our heart beats. In the computer world, we have to think about every aspect of the program. We have to tell it to breath or tell it that it has an arm. Things that I would normally take for granted and assume it is already there. This is what I have to get used to and figure out in my journey with coding. For me, its not easy.

I will probably ask 50 million questions and I want to thank you in advance.
With great appreciation!


hi im alli im an artist and designer whose being making websites figured i should actually learn to code

  • Who are you?

Hi , I am Reza , I have B.S in applied math and M.S in

  • What is your industry and profession?


  • Were do you plan to use your new coding skills? Personally/professionally?


  • Why do you use Codecademy and what is your favorite thing about it?

I like AI and appreciate the well organized , applied and straightforward courses provided here. I want to learn Data Science to apply it on Business ideas ( marketing analytics)
. Unlike other sites, here everything is packed for your goal . For example: ’ SQl , Python , … machin learning’

  • What courses have you taken, or are planning to take?

Data Science

  • Have you been to any of our meetups, or events?

Not yet

  • Do you have any examples of work that you have done using the skills you learned at Codecademy?

Not yet


I am Jeff!
I am in the computer science profession
I’d like to work for a major tech company and make a lot of very intelligent friends!
I use codecademy in order to get a feel of coding-not really sure as to how it works completely and what can i do but i look forward on learning
I look forward in taking Javascript, python and more!
No i have not been to any of the meetups but they sound interesting
i tend to stick to the cyber security aspect of coding.
I don;t have a real cool story but I am building some.


Hi Everyone

My name is Mohamed and I have
I have just started the Data Structure in Python course.

I live in London and am looking forward to completing the course on the way enjoy learning Python.

Just getting used to all the new things I am learning, appearing calm on the surface
but kicking furiously to keep afloat. :slight_smile:

Hope to meet as many people on this Forum as possible

Bye till then


Hi, i’m Denis! If i move to another country i probably will rename myself into Ive Wonder.

Currently i’m a student in journalism, but i find it’s not interesting for me. I actually changed 3 universities in search for my true specialty, now im on my 6th education year and surprisingly i found, that i want to learn and get into coding. I misunderstood what coding is back in school, but after watching some youtube videos, i find it not so scary and what really attracts me - it is creative profession.

I definitely want to become the professional and work in IT.
I came to the Codecademy because i really like the design of the website, the humour included in every lesson and that all material is well structured.
I started from computer science course to learn all from scratch since im new in IT.
I haven’t been on any meetups since im living “a bit” far away.


Hello, everyone!
I’m Jo’nathan. I’m not currently in any industries or professions, but I am learning the IT ins and outs (hardware/software) at TCAT Jackson. And this site is teaching me how to code, so I’ll be learning more than I bargained for. I’m native Tennessean, and I’m a geek to the core. I have a wide music taste, but I prefer EDM and lofi.
I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the coding information I’ll learn here. I may become a white/grey hat hacker, I may make my own site or application, maybe even making robots run different functions by messing with their source code. Possibilities are limitless with the information I could gain here. Possibly I could get a job by learning all of this.
I just started Codeacademy education because I was bored from the IT book I’m forced to go through. I do hands-on work because I literally took it into my own hands to learn this stuff. Coding is a side-education for me, but with the certifications and job choices I could get by learning this, it’ll open a lot of new avenues for me. My favorite thing here currently is the forums.
I’m planning to learn everything here so I can assure myself that I know everything I need to know to get out into the field and land myself a solid career.
I have yet to see any CodeAcademy meetings/events where I’m at. I’ll see if there are any some time soon.
I haven’t done any work involving anything I’ve learned here yet.


Hi people, I’m Moses613. I’m a student at Touro College in New York. I hope to learn Javascript and HTML on this site, for a class, and also to help me make a website one day! I’m just starting out on here, and I like it already!


Howdy all!

My name is Peter and I’m from Dallas, Texas. Currently a Data Center Engineer working on mostly infrastructure. I can see infrastructure is moving towards automation, so I decided it was time for me to learn to code a bit so I don’t get lost in the fold in the next 5-10 years.
So far I’ve been diving into basic computer science with Python as my language of choice. Learning to code is so hard! Codeacademy is helping because its keeping me motivated to get to the next lesson. It feels great when a small line of code you just wrote WORKS!
Anyway, hope to collaborate with many of you and keep my learning going.

Nice to meet yall!


Hey everyone! My name is Toby Klauder, I dabble in Python/Java Development and Ethical Hacking and currently work as a student at my local high school. Super excited to join this great community of creators


Hey there! I am Radhika from the UK! I’ve dabbled in coding- more specifically python. I hope to expand my coding and collaborate! Nice to meet you!