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Myself Patrick wilson. I am glad as a part of this forum. I am interesting in Logistics services . so looking forward to gain more knowledge through this forum.
Thank you. Happy


Hello there ,

I am Ravi Solanki. I completed my Bachelor Engineering Degree(information technology) in June 2018. I want to learn programming (specially java) and want to know how it use and for what it use in companies. I have basic knowledge of java but don’t know that in which way companies use it. that’s why I join course of java in codeacademy because I think it will help me to understand the solution of things which I want to know and enhance my skill.



I have had my account for some time, but was always far too shy to make a post at codeacademy, getting on in age now plus I have never been the brightest, but even at my age, I would still love to know how to do basic coding.

I mostly want to learn PHP & thank you for reading my post.



I’ve had this codecademy account for a long time but I only used it a few years ago for a little bit of a Python course. Since then I’ve coded for just over a year in lua as I aspire to become a game developer. I’ve come back though because I am curious about ethical hacking so I’d like to learn how to make webpages.



My name is Kristen and I’m new to Codeacademy. I’m from Chicago, IL and I currently work within Finance. Through taking classes on Codeacademy I am looking to expand my career and skillset through learning to code.

I’m looking to learn more about Python and R to get a grasp on how to leverage data so that we better make assumptions and focus on analytics. I look forward to learning and connecting with all of you!



I’m Roberto from Italy. I’m full stack web developer and Wordpress theme author on ThemeForest.
I really like Codecademy method to learn and I would like to learn Python, because I think the best language: clear and lean.

I want to know Python because I’m trying to build a trade robot for cryptocurrencies markets


My name is Sixtus from Nigeria. I am currently an Udacity Nanodegree scholar on Google Scholarship for Front End Web Development.
Just beginning to Learn How to Code. And I am loving it.:heart_eyes:


Hey guys,

I am Maria Johnsonrose from London. I am an enthusiastic product marketing manager. I am responsible for both product planning and product marketing for last 8 years.


Hi, My name is William. I studied Web Design in highschool and haven’t used any of the knowledge since. I am looking to now expand my knowledge and pursue a career in Web Development as I have become very bored of my current life situation and need a change. I’m hoping Codecademy will be able to help me achieve that goal.



My name is Tim and I’m a CT Technologist working in a hospital, but I also have a BA in Information Systems Security. I have always wanted to learn to code and I took an HTML class for my BA degree but that was as close as I came. I have tried teaching myself C and Basic in the past but it pretty much bored me to tears and I lost interest pretty quickly back then. I have tried learning python on a couple of occasions but gave up trying to follow youtube videos and in general, feeling somewhat lost. Codecademy has changed that for the most part and I’m really enjoying it so far and I would love to really grow into a good developer in order to change my career track. It would be nice to be able to have a remote developer job.


Hello Coders!
I am Sam, a complete newb to coding. I currently work as the one and only DBA for a Christian NonProfit in the Chicagoland area. We use a program called “Raiser’s Edge” from the company, BlackBaud. I completed the highest level certification through them but was left wanting more. The software is so “user-friendly” for new users that it is frustratingly difficult to use as an advanced user and pull complex reports. This is where the Academy comes in, I’m pursuing the Data Scientist path to become more versed in writing and exporting my own queries to manipulate my data externally from Raiser’s Edge.

I enjoy Fitness, Photography, Tinkering, and pursuing Adrenaline feats. My most desired adrenaline trip is to bungee-jump from a hot air balloon and disconnect to skydive to the ground. Yep, that’s me. Thanks for reading!!


I’m Nick, Recent CIS graduate but I want to focus heavily on coding while looking for employment since my degree plan wasn’t heavy in coding. Actively seeking employment. I’m working on Python but I’ve gotten stuck and could use some help.


Hello guys! I’m Adina. I haven’t studied programming in school, but I found it intriguing and I wanted to know more. I’m a noob trying to reach the next level and someday to get to the boss battle. I find this platform very useful and it made me understand how things work.
Happy learning!


Hi.I am a new user and i dont know how to use this platform.
Thank you.


Hello everyone!!! I am Sidharath Khanna, you may call me Sid. I am system engineer at Infosys Hyderabad, India. I wanted to be a programmer before, but when I started with my company, they encouraged me to be a full stack web developer and it was just because of the good stuff on the platform codecademy provided that I have been a keen learner and was able to go hands on in less time. I have been learning JavaScript and and working on its most popular library, React. I am planning to work more on my skills both as a programmer and a developer. Also I am looking to attend some meet ups or events which codecademy provides and helps all the community members to grow together.
I have been uploading all my work on github. [Link in profile]. Hope we all keep growing together.


Hi Everyone!! My name is Sirapop and I’m currently a freshman in Computer Science at Chiang Mai University. Currently I’m studying with Python programming but expected to learn more program languages as I progresses in the college years. I hope that my passion for programming lies forever in the name of technological progress.

P.S. This information was as of 2018.


Hello everyone, I am a student from China and I am very happy to meet you!


Hi, Everyone! My name is Alexandra and i am from Moscow, Russia. I am a journalist and a political science student. I’ve always wondered how does IT works and moreover my boyfriend is a devops and his stories about it was pretty charming, so I finally decided to figure it out and start learning Computer science from Python. I hope it will be an interesting journey for me!


Hey, everybody! I’ve been using codecademy for a little over two months now, but this is my first time posting in the forums. I’m hoping to become a full-fledged JavaScript programmer by the end of the year, and have a robust portfolio of fully functional websites. Cheers!


Hi, everyone, I am a new graduate from college and want to polish my coding skills about the data science like python, R, SQL and etc.