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Hi. I go by my middle name, Sylvann. For most of my adult life I have worked as a cook in restaurant kitchens. My most enjoyable employment was as a software instructor. I am an early adopter of new technologies and since my time as a teacher, I have been very interested in learning what makes software and websites tick. I don’t think I am a “natural”, but I am a motivated learner, one that wants more flexibility in how and where I make my living. I know a tiny bit of HTML and have been spending time with Python.


Hello all my name is Richie, I just got into coding after being PM for a long time. Was interested in coding most of my life. I going through the JS modules and noticed that recursive iteration was not there, or that I missed that. Will there be a recursive iteration model added if there isn’t one?

Thanks all for your time,.


Sallu tout monde
Je m’apelle Cristian je suis noueau ici,ravi de decouvrir des nouveaux chose:rofl::rofl::smiley:


Hello my name is Tini and I’m from Southern California!
I’m currently a senior due to graduate in the fall with a degree in Communications (Entertainment & Tourism). I’m also an intern for two non-profit organizations.
I’m VERY MUCH a novice and would love to use the skills I learn in a professional environment because it seems very fun and rewarding.
I’m using Code Academy to dip my feet into the world of coding. I love how easy it is to navigate!
I’m currently taking an HTML course.
I can’t wait to see where these skills will take me in life!

Woot Woot. Best Wishes to everyone :slight_smile:


Hello people
I’m Cristian and i want to become a learr\write coder:grinning::grinning::grinning:


Hello, everyone! My name is Brian and I am a graphic designer. I’m currently about to finish my first pro intensive course and I’m pretty excited about it. This is my capstone project if anyone wants to check it out.

I just came here to find some quick answers about JavaScript functions.


Hi there,

Name is Conrad and I am from WA- located near Seattle.
I am someone with free time and did a small amount of coding many years ago in high school but never really got deep into the topic. My aim is to learn a bit more about the new coding languages and whether or not it is something I can rap my head around. I am here now to obtain some training in that regard. Thanks for the opportunity.


Hi, I’m Heath, 47, I work in the mining exploration industry.

I have had a couple of basic attempts at learning python but think it’s actually time to concentrate on something to assist me with data analysis in our field. Given that we spend a lot of time in the field CodeAcademy is a great way to be able to move toward my learning objective regardless of where I end up for my job.

Here’s to moving (well) past print (“Hello World!”) and adding another useful tool to the consciousness



Hey everyone,

Hope your studying is going well! I’m sure its scary at first but soon becomes amazing after things start to make sense!

As for me, well I’ve lead a few big projects involving trading of in-game items for games such as fifa or csgo, I’ve managed to even make a living and buy a house on the back of it all but sadly after losing 40-50k in developer fees I cant continue to keep hiring the ‘wrong’ devs anymore and waste money and time, time is money as they say!

So given this industry is booming and I just keep hitting a brick wall, I’ve decided to down tools and become a developer, I don’t yet know what that statement means but If I can at least contribute to project work I will be very happy!

If I get into a position where I’m actually of use to employers then even better, I have a good income from something well paid potentially!

Now to take the plunge! See you on the other side (hopefully!)


Hi my name is Isaac. I professtional programer who does python, java, html and css.:smile: Plus, i like coding in my extra time. I am the owner for edgebiter corpertions. nice to meet everybody.


Hi, Bleank here.
I’m Nigerian, 28 years old and odd (…that’s probably not uncommon around here :slightly_smiling_face:).

I’m a fledgling medical doctor, only three years into the profession. I love medicine but it isn’t quite the creative outlet I need.
Always wanted to learn coding and I tried doing it during med. school -it didn’t go well. Now I’m just easing into it, starting with web development which seems like the easiest place to start.

If I’m as good at it as I hope to be then I’ll go for other languages. I hope I’ll be able to use my skills to save humanity (lol).
Codecademy is quite good, it has eased me into the system and in just one week I already feel like I’m one of the cool dudes who code (even though I’m miles away from any real competency).

So far I’ve built some basic pages applying html and what I know of css. I’m still worried about the unknown though; not sure if I’d be better off reading my medical textbooks instead of “wasting my time” (yes! my mind is my nemesis. always tries to scare me); not sure how long it’s supposed to take to learn these things so it’s a bit hard to celebrate my little conquests when they could actually be comparatively poor unimpressive achievements.

Ok! I need to stop before my dark mind completely takes over. I’ll just try to have fun. Did I say Hi to everyone?
Hi! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi I’m Steven Kristian, I live in Indonesia and nice to meet everyone here.


HI… I am Edward Brown, and I am very pleased to find a coding website like this! AND IT IS FREE! When I was little, I always wanted to code, and make videogames! Now, I am a teen, and I have not had ANY coding experience. So i started codecademy! I have looked at all the cool websites and projects other people had made. I really look up to them and I want to be JUST LIKE THEM!! Thank you to the codecademy team for making this wonderful website,… :slight_smile:


hi i am a student
i am looking to learn c language or paythn


Hola coders!

here to learn python, having joined the computer programming path. Hope to learn a lot from you guys, thanks!


Hi Forums. I’m a pharmacist working in the field of pharmacy/medical informatics. I’m hoping to learn some new skills that I can apply to my career. I’ve previously dabbled with HTML and mumps/cache (at my full time job) but lack formal training. I’m planning on starting with Python because I’ve read it’s a good intuitive first language to learn with many potential medical applications (web, big data, machine learning, etc).



My name is Tira! I am new to coding. My goal is to become a programmer. I am currently learning Ruby. After I will begin the Programmer Learning Path. I am excited to finally be on this journey. Currently I am a Jewelry Designer and Remote Product Support Rep. I have not been to any meetups or events yet.


Hola, Привет, Guten Tag, Bonjour, שלום !
My name is Rina, and I just joined yesterday, so I’m just learning how to use the forum. I’m coming to you from Israel, but am originally from the US. I moved to Israel eight years ago to be near my family.
I’m not new to IT. I actually have a master’s degree in IT, but I’ve been teaching for the past 13 years. I’m still teaching, but I want to work full time as a software engineer/fullstack developer. My problem is that I haven’t coded anything in years, and forgot a lot. I did learn C, Java, and VB in college and grad school, but I never used it. I do know HTML, CSS and am trying to pick up the JavaScript I forgot. So far I’m having fun. My goal is to become proficient enough to get a job by the end of the year. I hope my goal isn’t unrealistic. I have found that I really enjoy coding, but it will be nice to be able to ask questions when I’m not sure about something!


I am Abdul Manaf Idriss and I leave in Sierra leone , it been just a week now I have started doing coding with codecademy. I want to be able to more of coding in time to come


I am Dan. I currently work for an LA-based financial institution. My background is enterprise data & voice networks for the past 18 years but for the past 2 years I’ve been functioning as a network security and anomaly.

Transformation is the buzz word now adays and also means automation which is why I have enrolled in this class to learn how to program in python.

So far, I like the fact that there are quizzes and projects where others don’t. I also like the fact there are advisors if I ran into some questions.

I am just glad to be here and get started.