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Hi Everyone my name is Koran Mott and I am a college student at Southeastern Louisiana University and I am a Communications major. I really want to learn programming as a way to make good money on the side during my studies and work . I’m sorry that my reasons aren’t exactly the noblest ,but if anyone could steer me towards information to help me learn as much as possible about programming and how to make money doing it I would greatly appreciate it.


Hi Im the prince
this will be a fun new experience.
i am new here


Hey there,

My name is Tyrone. I am a rookie entrepreneur. I used to be big into HTML and coding while I was in high school by developing their website from scratch and keeping it up to date with information. Seeing I was so enthralled with code, I decided that I would give it a go again and boost my skills. Eventually once things start to fall into place with my business venture, I want to take a web development course online through a university or college so I can have something under my belt for future use incase if entrepreneurship does not work.

Nice to meet you all,


Greetings from the southeast!

Maybe just refer to me by my initials, M.G.B? I’m currently an upcoming senior high school student who’ll take the STEM strand over here, and soon I want to tackle computer courses in college, so I went into codeacademy to learn the basics and begin to do this as a regular thing for advancement and just to widen my knowledge into computer science, since well, the industry is in-demand these days for tech experts and whatnot. I’ve been learning Python as my first programming language, and will continue to do so in the next few months. Hope to get to talk to you guys and reach out as well in this forum, so take care, have patience, and have fun creating fun stuff while coding! :smiley:


Hi everyone, Hope u guys are having a wonderful day


I am a total newbie but am very interested in learning more about coding.
Hopefully I will become good enough to get a job in the field. I took an online LaunchCode class and Codeacademy was suggested as a great next step. So here I am to learn more. So far I am liking the Python class I am taking.
Have a great day!


I join CodeCademy to learn and understand JavaScript. Hope to discuss and get help from Pro. Best wishes. Mujahid Bakht, New York.


Hii! :nerd_face:

My name is Simran and i’m 24 years old, I am currently employed within a finance role however it is not fulfilling for me, so I have joined Code Academy in hopes of finding my passion and maybe changing my career path.

I am a complete newbie and I will be coding in my spare time.

Life’s too short to be working in a job that you’re not happy with, so fingers crossed I will pick this up and love it. You never know, I may finally figure out what i’m good at :speak_no_evil:

Lovely to meet you all!


hello every one i’m Pramod new to codeacademy


I joined Code Cademy yesterday, very new to computer and/or computer language (Programming). Hope to get help from Tech Pro in near future.
Best wishes,. Mujahid Bakht, New York


Hello! My name is Sarah…31…mother of three…I love music…movies…and creating everything: paintings, photography, sketching. You name it.

I’m currently attending school for Multimedia design. I started school wanting to do graphic design. A few semesters ago, I was forced to take a class with mild coding. I went from a fear-driven “let’s just get this done and over with” to "hey I can do this, I like coding. " Now I am want to do web design and development. I want to create and build a site for my future career and a personal reason to.

Codecademy has made learning easy and fun. My classroom setting is very hands-off and more textbook and that just doesn’t allow me to learn in the way I need to. I am currently taking the full stack course.



My name is Evan, and I work for AT&T as an installation tech. I am taking my first course with codecademy to learn python on June 19th. I have two AWS certifications and am looking to increase my skills to become a developer with codecademy. I am very new to programming, and i’m extremely excited to begin reshaping my future career path!




My name is Jen. I currently live in small town New Mexico where I moved a year ago from small town Maine where I moved 14 years earlier from New Orleans. (Big difference, right?) I spent over 17 years working in Healthcare IT as a programmer analyst (3 years) and Systems Integration Specialist (14+) and before that I worked primarily in C, C++, and Visual C++ for 3 years. I love playing with scripting languages like Tcl.

I am currently unemployed but switching careers to Freelance Web Development – though if there’s a permanent remote Web Developer job out there, I’d totally be there. :wink: I’ve just finished two of the Pro Intensive courses – “Build a Website From Scratch” and “Build Website UI”. Now I’m teaching myself PHP & MySql from a manual (as Codecademy doesn’t offer PHP). I then plan to follow the Full Stack Path (Pro).

But I can’t wait until all that’s done. Food is important, so I’ve started looking for work already.

So, that’s me. Oh, and I have a pug named Loki (not after the Marvel character, but he has gone as Thor and Captain America for Halloween).



Hi, I’m Jenna… I took a Python course, and I am taking AP Java next year. I’m using codeAcademy to get used to the code, and I downloaded Eclipse, but I don’t really know how it works. what would be the best way to prepare myself for next year’s Java?


Quién eres tú?
Hola, mi nombre es Jose.
¿Cuál es su industria y profesión?
Actualmente trabajo de Asistente Administrativo en un hotel de 4 estrellas. Con planes de crear mi propio negocio.
¿Planea usar sus nuevas habilidades de codificación? Personalmente / profesionalmente?
Planeo usar mis nuevas habilidades de codificación para crear nuevos sitios interactivos, así como en un futuro, crear mi propio negocio y ayudar a muchos que esten empezando en este gran mundo de la codificación.
¿Por qué usas Codecademy y qué es lo que más te gusta de él?
Uso la academia de código porque aquí pude encontrar buenos cursos para aprender y desarrollar habilidades como programador.
¿Qué cursos ha tomado o planea tomar?
He tomado HTML y planeo tomar el java, JavaScript, css, entre otros.
¿Has estado en alguna de nuestras reuniones o eventos?
No he estado aunque me encantaria.
¿Tiene algún ejemplo de trabajo que haya realizado utilizando las habilidades que aprendió en Codecademy?
No en este momento.

Espero contribuir al foro y poder aprender cada día mas. Enséñame tus caminos.


Hi! My name is Ocean. I’m an incoming Grade 12 student with no experience in coding outside mandatory CS classes from Grade 7 to Grade 10 (trust me I’ve retained next to nothing). I’m currently taking a Python course with plans on learning C#, Ruby, or Swift after. I’m interested in data science and game and app development, but mostly I’m just learning in the name of self-improvement and to make my summer vacation a bit more productive and a bit less boring.


Hi, my name is Michelle.
I work in administration & social media for a local business.
Personally, at least at first. I’d like to make a blog for my past, and hopefully future, travels.
I’m new, but Codeacademy was recommended to me by several friends.
I’ve not taken any courses, and I’ll be starting from the beginning with HTML/CSS
No, never been to any meetups, or events.
Not yet!


I’m Gill, living in Wales, very new to coding, and enjoying what I am learning. Will no doubt sign up to the pro element.


Bula! (Fijian for “Hello”) from Fiji to all…

I am a 33 year old indigenous Fijian man. Family man, with 3 kids. No tertiary education.
My wife and I have been operating our small business for 8 years in business management and consulting. It is knowledge based and heaviliy reliant on marketing. I am here to learn and understand coding to understand the digital world and how it works. My goal is to improve my business and offer more value, I believe better understanding for coding is a big first step towards fulfilling this goal. I want to do a UX/UI and a Graphics design course from here. I have not attended any meetups or events, I am looking forward to one day doing so.

I’m very excited to learn and participating in this forum.


Who are you? A) Steven MacGregor
What is your industry and profession? A) Student of computer science
Were do you plan to use your new coding skills? Personally/professionally? A) Both
Why do you use Codecademy and what is your favorite thing about it? A) Leanr to code in Java, C++ and meet new friends
What courses have you taken, or are planning to take? Java, C++
Have you been to any of our meetups, or events? A) Are there any in Scotland?