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Hi! I’m Amber !

A little about me… I’m 21 female… a complete nerd, I recently found out I have Asperger’s syndrome…

I’m looking to learn coding to improve my my skill set, cause let’s be honest that’s the only reason I’m gonna get hired, I’m currently in a 5-6 month class that focuses on business skills. Mostly that means a lot of basic computer skills. Well, I know all Microsoft office 2010, so I’ll be on here while everyone else is learning how to format a word document. However, I will be the one that has to have the manner class and “how to not cry in front of your boss” and “how to not to go into too much detail in your first post.”


Hey everyone!

I’m Joah. I’m 18 years old, and I’m a native Texan. I work as a Software Engineer at AmeriCommerce. For my job, I basically do JS-fu wherever it’s needed. I’ve been a part of the Codecademy community for ~3 years, and a forums moderator for ~2.5. I am fluent in HTML5, CSS3, Sass, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Python, Ruby, Perl, Bash, and Zsh.


I’m Zeke Y, age 15, and homeschooled. I’ve been an enthusiastic user of Codecademy for a while now, ever since late 2013 I think :slight_smile:
I like working with Rails, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript, but I’m hoping to learn Python Django and ReactJS someday. My current main projects are school and Codecademy Redesigned, a Chrome/Firefox extension that redesigns the Q&A forums on Codecademy and adds several new features into or back into Codecademy.


Hey, I’m Tony, probably the oldest guy in town so I will not tell you my age. The platform is looking good and I’m also anxious to see it live.


Hi Everyone,

I spend my days providing IT support to a wide variety of people at a Canadian university. I’m happy to be here at Codecademy, helping new coders get over the bumps and on their way to their coding adventures!

Interested in a creative challenge?



Roy, here. I won’t tell you my age, either, but only admit to having four grand children. My energy here has been focused upon helping new learners get over the hurdles. Even though I have no formal training, personal projects and helping others has given me a fairly good understanding of core concepts. My biggest weakness is verbosity. Answers tend to be tl dr, though it follows my desire to give some take away.


At least you kept your good looks!


Hi my name is chris.
January 2014, I retired from the Army after 20 years of service. My job in the army was a communications chief. I was responsible for planning, setting up and maintaining all of the radio, wire and automation for the unit. I have been working on computers, networks and servers for over 20 years. My first few jobs after the Army were a system administrator job for Healthcare.gov, backup engineer position for the US Air Force and most recently a senior training specialist for the US Army. We recently moved to Middleton, ID where I am working as a systems analyst which involves modifying and writing SQL scripts for various SQL DB servers as well as other Sys Admin functions.

I joined Codeacademy a few years ago but I have not taken full advantage of what is offered here. Recently I started the Java lesson to refresh myself on syntax and the like in preparation for a Android programming class I took. And now I am starting the SQL class to get myself some of the basics.



Helluw !

I’ll introduce myself to you… :slight_smile: . My name is Lars Carré, I’m a 16 year old student who lives Belgium.
I don’t have a job, but I will soon enough after College :smiley: . I’m really interested in Programming and therefore I’m trying to finish courses on Code Academy. I’m still learning everyday, which explains my profile picture, as I am still a work in progress… I hope to become a good programmer one day… I really can’t wait to learn more and more! As I’m currently working with Python and soon start Java for school.
I haven’t been able to use it yet. Luckily I know some basics of CSS and HTML in which I’ve supported a lot of friends by making websites and my Grandma’s website for charity: Vale Viver.

I’d like to share with you that I love the community and I’d like to say: Keep up the good work!
Thanks for these awe-inspired courses :wink:

Keep coding!
Cheers, Lars.


My name is Chris, I’m 19 as I update this post and live in the British Isles. I have been around on Codecademy since August 5th 2014 and I was a Moderator from 31st Jan 2017 to 31st July 2020.


> Hello Friends!

My name is vinayak kad ,i’m currently pursuing my graduation (Bachelor Of Computer Application ).I am really interested in setting up my career in web development field as i do believe it has infinite scope and one can reach out the extinct his/her abilities and hardwork can leadout to.
> Infact i would like to thanks Codeacademy for setting up such a great learning platform.This platform give proper learning channel with practical implementations which is the most best part…
> I have completed HTML AND CCS and now studying Java Script further i will go for J queries then Angular JS


hi am oye am a maketing student but i have a strong love for software and anything technology


Hello, My name is Wil. I was told about this website by my brother who has been learning here for a while now. I saw him developing a web page one day and asked where he learned how to do it. I am very interested in marketing/web design. While I have the marketing skills, everything in the marketing world is going digital and that is what I am lacking. So here I am, trying to figure it all out. I have completed the HTML section and now I’m on to Java. I will probably learn everything here by the time I’m done. I am so glad this site exists because with my current job I can’t actually go to a class, so this is perfect! Thanks Code Academy!


Hey guys, it’s cool to be able to talk to you guys finally instead of just checking code. All that seemed just a little too official and it’s nice to be able to see who the real “you” is.

My name is Alex, and am currently serving in the armed forces at the age of 21. It’s nice to be able to code again, but I started off on Visual Basic 6, and the C languages. (I can’t wait to get to Java!). I joined codecademy when my programming teacher suggested it when I was back in high school, he actually changed my course for the school year to JavaScript back when it was still a little less refined. So I spent almost three months just learning JavaScript and gave him a report on the site, and what I thought of it in it’s early stages.

For a brand new site, codecademy was an amazing concept that I had never seen before, I was excited and couldn’t wait to work more on it. I dropped out from 2013-2015(about a month ago) It’s so much different from the early days that I first saw available with only two or three languages at most. I can’t wait to catch up and learn more from not only the site, but from all of you guys!


I JUST HIT MY 31 DAY STREAK! :smiley: so excited!


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Hello! I am Fynnthedestroyer :sunglasses:
I am trying to get started on my kano. So my mum has been trying to help me find what to do next after finishing the kano books provided in the box. So I am hoping to get some help on this forum :smiley: :+1:



Hi. I am chongjasmine from Singapore.
I plan to learn java script.
I am learning it to make rpg games.
I have a program rpg maker mv, which requires some knowledge of java script to make a game.


Hey guys!
I’m Stanley Sathler, also known as Sathler, brazilian and I’m 20.

I started to code when I was 13, but only started to take it seriously some years later. Today, I’m a Science Computer Student and an iOS Developer, working at 2x3 Inteligência Digital.

My big passion is teaching people. Planning to, maybe, be a teacher one day. Also, I’m fully engaged in Open Source concept.


My name is Ilene
I saw a program called 'A girl’s gotta code.
I realized that I would like to learn to code.
I am a Senior Transportation Planner for a State Government, and monitor air quality conformity.
I don’t know how to do Air Quality modeling, but I am working on it.
I started with HTML/CSS because I am a beginner. It is fun.
I haven’t done any real coding yet, but I am planning to create a website and go from there.
Codecademy is a great place to learn. I have looked around other training options and like the format here the best.
I am in the pre pre retirement phase of my career, and think coding may be my next.


Hi, My name is Calvin. I’m a Customer Service Rep I started programming recently. I was wondering if maybe someone out there could be like a tutor for when I hit road blocks.