Welcome to our forums! Please Introduce Yourself


Welcome to the forums!:relaxed:

I am not the mentor you want, because I have only been on for a couple of weeks. But I am glad to see you are eager to join the coders!

Feel free to introduce yourself on my welcome topic. It is called:

Hi! Let’s get to know each other!


Hi! This is Jaber from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am a student of Computer Science and Engineering. I have been a Tech Blogger for long time. However, soon I realized that I should learn Web Programming. So I was looking for better sources. When I came across Codeacademy, I am amazed to see how personalized and easy way they teach programming. Currently I am learning PHP.


Yo! I’m Ibra. Just learning to code here, not much about me.


Hi, I’m a web design/computer programming student, although I want to eventually get a degree in Physics and Computer Science and eventually work for NASA. I use Codecademy because our teacher is having us use it to learn Python. This is my first formal programming course, although I’ve completed a few Hour of Code courses along with the entire Khan Academy one for HTML. I plan to take more courses in college.


Hello Python community! My name is John, and I’ve decided to start down the path of computer programming and Python is the first language that I have decided to learn. I’m looking forward to mastering the language and I’d like to say thanks in advance for all of the help that you guys will give me on my journey! No problems yet, but I’ve only just begun (On Printing Variables atm)… Hope to get to know all of you. Have a great day everyone!


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Hello my name is Daniela.

I am 20 years old and I attend the University of Santa Cruz, California. Before I found Code Academy I did not have a major picked out or the slights idea of what I was going to do after college. Now I am a declared Computer Science Major and I’m only just stating the prerequisites for C.S. Next quarter I am going to take JavaScript and I am so nervous I might fail since I have no coding background.

I have started the Java Script lessons here and so far so good, but I really hope it is as easy in class as it is here.


I am Linda Noss. I teach at a large high school north of atlanta. I have been teaching Computer Science for many years and enjoy using code academy with my students. I have a degree in Mathematics Education but have been a CS teacher for my whole career.

I am fairly fluent in programming and web page design. I teach everything from Robotics to AP Computer Science.

I am excited because I will be attending the AP CSP training this summer and will teach that in the fall.

  • Linda Noss


Hi… I like to be PsySc0rpi0n over the internet! I’m from Portugal and I like programming… I’m new to python but I have learned a little bit about C over the last year or so!

Hope this academy helps me to develop my programming skills, namely python…

Cheers to all and have a good programming day!


Hi how are you guys?

I am 23 years old male resident of NYC, USA. Very business minded guy, like learning new things, like innovation and improvement. Right now looking for friends fellow programmers. Would be cool to meet few and group maybe make skype group or something. I am right now learning german and actively learning programming languages, trying to make my YouTube Channel and work to create website for my 16 domains. Anyway anybody who would like to talk message me.

Going wait for you guys :slight_smile:


Hello Codeacademicians,

I am Aaron and I have been a programmer for a long time, mostly personally. I plan to use my new coding skills professionally that I have acquired from Codeacademy. I want to add more programming languages to my skill set as I currently know HTML, CSS, PHP, and now Python due to Codeacademy’s awesome course on Python.

Well, I’ve said enough about myself for now so folks, get back to coding!


HI all:

My name is Chrystal. I’ve just started to learn coding, currently making my way through Ruby, I’ve start to learn code since I’m looking towards a new career possibly, and after taking a local workshop on HMTL and CSS, which I want to continue here, thought I’d look at other coding as well. No much more to say really I live with my husband and two cats.


Hello, my name is Vanessa. I am currently looking to get into Programming to format web pages or apps, and whatever else I can get into. Codeacademy seems like a great place to get learn this skill since it’s usually pretty straight forward and user friendly. I am taking Python at the moment and it’s going well. I want to take Java and Unix if it’s available. I just want to learn as many languages as possible. So, hopefully all goes well!


Hi everyone,
I am here for a few weeks now, but want to introduce myself too. So far I learned most of the Python course and that was my primal goal when looking for a site like Codecademy. I wouldn’t have expected few months ago that I start programming again and this site helped me a lot, reminding the basics and sharing my small knowledge on the forum (which I like doing a lot). I used to play with low level languages when I was a teenager but stopped before I learned Pascal - somehow it was intimidating for me at that time. Now I am going to grasp my first OOL - Python and then go on further discoveries, webdevs and maybe more. I am on that journey again. Thanks that I can learn and share my time on this website and I keep my thumbs crossed for everyone how wants to learn coding, it’s just worth it. Cheers!


Hello, I finally got to the point of needing to learn HTML in order to finish a proper homepage through these “free website building pages”…which are already pre programmed and not at all how I want it to look like. A lot has happened on the HTML scene the past 10 years and it seems easier than ever. Just need to take the time to do the lessons and practice. Which led me directly to “Codeacademy”. Even I get to HTML and I get it :slight_smile: (I´m a little proud of myself, thought HTML was reserved for only smart geeky computer people).

I’m learning this for my own use to build my homepage and then help my friends with hobbies build their webpages. I find it a really great way to express my creative side with both thoughts, layout, and content.
I really like how easy the Code Academy is. It is pedagogical and even if I get stuck i get hints. So it is not like being in grade school and getting wrong because I simply don’t remember the formulas. Just want to say hello from Stockholm, Sweden. Never been to the Meetups but will check to see if they are here in Stockholm. Cheers Christina


Hello, my name is Diego, and I’m 13 years old.

I decided to start coding as it was a interesting topic since I was a child. Right now, I do not have any profession right now, I am just a student.

I plan using my coding skills both personally and professionally, as it will be good to show people my ideas.

I use Codecademy to start learning all the languages I’m interested, and the favorite thing I like about it is the dynamic editor, which makes my life easier.

Until now, I still hadn’t took any course, but I plan to take some about scripts (Java, Javascript, C++, etc.)

I hadn’t been on any meetup, most of those events do not take place on the country I live currently.

Until now, I am creating a project including all I the skills I learned on Codecademy, and a small use of other websites.

See ya.


Hello, my name is Harinder. I 'm currently looking to shift my career to programming. I am currently working as tech support for my family business. please message me if you like to know more. glad to be on the forums! :slight_smile:


41 years Student

Hi I’ve just been doing a front end web developer course with some graphic design.
I’m keeping up with the javascript and working towards Php and Angular to name a few.
Zurb looks like it well worth learning.


Hi all!
I’m Elisa, 34y and I try to learn more about CSS, SQL, Php, etc just for fun and personal growth.



Hi there ! I’m a novice GIS software developer from Nantes, France.
For now, I’m looking for a web mission linked to GIS that would confirm my new skills and interests for IT serving the geographic and spatial management issues.
I hope getting stronger in logical constructions and concept manipulations through the courses proposed by the online Codecademy development platform ; as well as discussing with you all !
I enjoy the way the lessons are made, step-by-step, the motivating “earned badges” and the so useful developers forum helping when the path becomes too tricky !
Learning the Python’s basics, I should continuing with the HTML/CSS courses in this wide coding adventure !
Best regards,
Loïc :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

My name Haryanto, i am from Indonesia (Asia), i am 25 y.o this year. I do like to get advice and learn many things. I do breakdance and cook. I like to see nature and Indonesia has the best landscape amazing panorama, i recommend. :slight_smile:

I graduated my Bachelor of Computer Science on December 2014, i chose Networking streaming and do not know a lot about programming. But until now, i have been working in two companies, one is e-commerce using PHP and another one is job-content-provider using Ruby on Rails. Currently, i am learning intensively and preparing for the next place i am gonna work in.

I like codecademy and really help me shape my ruby and rails basic. I would like to take it to expert level, i really welcome with advice. If anyone get info how to be great both front-end and back-end, i will be really appreciate that, or perhaps programming growth what the career going to be like.

I plan to learn full Backend and integrate them to mobile but i have not decided what is the product, to be exact idk how to get there. Hopefully codecademy communities has advice for me :slight_smile:

Cheers and peace everyone. :tada: