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Hello all!

My name is Michael. Originally from Oklahoma now living in London and trying to tighten up my HTML/CSS knowledge as well as learn JS and anything else that jumps out at me. I work as a videographer, graphic designer, and (sort of) web manager for my company and these are skills that I need to get a better hold on moving forward.

Thanks Codecademy!


Hello! My name is Sarah and I am currently in an engineering PhD program. I love coding as a hobby and I am using the Codecademy Java course to teach some homeschool kids programming (and robotics :). I look forward to learning more with Codecademy!

Sarah :smiley:

  1. male lol german / dutch

Hi, I’m Leon. I’m trying to teach myself something new and make myself remain relevant in today’s working environment. If that makes me sound old, well i guess i ain’t getting any younger!

Recently left my job to spend a year out thinking about what next to do. One thing of interest is data science; having done statistics as part of my degree i think this could be an ideal career (and very relevant!) path. My only issue is my coding skills are next to non-existent. So i’m learning Python. Hence Code Academy!


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Hello everyone,

My name is Micka, I am a french guy born in 1973 and living in Japan since 2001.
Most of my life has been dictated by passion for cycling and cooking good meals for great friends.

Sometimes in 2012 I stumbled on a great video of some famous guys preaching coding.
The message I got then was that you could build anything you imagine and the world could you use it.
That concept fascinated me and got me to register to Code Academy.
However, I soon found it hard than I thought and soon gave up on the JavaScript lesson…

Then in summer of 2014 I somehow gave a hard try at coding once more and little by little I got strongly hooked.
I now study hard to try to become a Front End Developer.

My background is mechanical engineering and also I am not that old, I am now learning something that didn’t exist when I was at school. What an Amazing era i live in!

Every day I am on Code Academy, Udacity and khan Academy to make sure I understand what I learn at each other site when needed.

Here I am learning Git, Command Line and Python. Next on my list will be HTML, SQL and JS.
So far so good, everyday I love it so much Code Academy for providing such a fantastic homepage and to everyone on the forum for providing great questions and comments.
It does help a lot to see things with different perspective.

I love coding !


new to coding, but my son works as a coder.


Hello everyone,
My name is David Carter, I also go by a few other alias’ such as my stage name of Danessa Jade (female Impersonation, Drag, etc) as well as my gamer tag of hdphantom2006. As I just mentioned I am a Drag Artist and performer who has been doing female illusion for the past 10 years professionally almost right out of High School performing in shows to raise money for charitable organizations, both local and nationally. My regular job is answering the phones and helping with store pick up at Best Buy as the Multi-Channel Sales Associate (MCSA). Now, thanks to Codecademy, I can add an amateur coder to my list of skills.
I decided to learn to code shortly after discovering Codecademy. It brought me back to a time when I was trying to learn in High School from students in College who were attempting to teach me HTML through a strange source of Cybertown.com…back when Chat-room style virtual reality was cool (think of it like Second life but in a more 2D aspect with very basic 3D capabilities). I plan on learning as much as I can for as long as I can and continuing to practice and hone my skills in hopes that when I do decide to go back to school, I can at least say I have this knowledge under my belt. Also, it doesn’t hurt to know coding since there is a relative demand for it.
My first reaction to Codecademy was “This is free?? Are you kidding me!?!?!” and couldn’t pass up the opportunity of a lifetime to finish what a few college kids started when they decided to teach a freshman (or younger) aged kid how to code HTML & CSS. I love the fact that, while, yes it is free, the possibilities are endless, and $19.99 a month for access to Quizzes and Projects to help build a portfolio and track your progress is really, and I mean REALLY, cheap considering that this in itself is College level material. (I actually have a co-worker who is currently in college learning Python, which is also featured on Codecademy).
I have recently completed HTML & CSS and that was a breeze, easy to understand and having the assignments to guide you and have you work on it is beyond amazing. I am currently working on Javascript…and this is proving quite the challenge for me especially switching languages so soon after completing the first one. My determination is high and my want to learn is unstoppable, so I have no doubt I will come out on top once I get my bearings.
I have not been to any meetups or events, however having a co-worker who has already taken HTML & CSS, as well as Java and Javascript is turning into a blessing in disguise. Especially now that I know i can talk coding with him and he knows exactly what I’m talking about. ha ha ha.
I don’t have any examples of my skills from taking Codecademy just yet, although being able to at least open up a notepad file in my browser and have it display in a different color with a few paragraphs, a table. a few links and a picture is quite an accomplishment from when I first started! (for me, at least).
RIght now, I don’t have any coding goals at the moment. Like I had mentioned, I am here to learn as much as I can and hone my skills. Eventually, when the timing feels right (or I’ve had enough practice and am confident to know what I’m doing) I may consider changing my career and doing more with coding. For right now, I’m okay with just jumping in feet first and enjoying the cool feelings of learning all that Codecademy has to offer to later determine how I want to utilize the new found skills I have developed.


Hello everyone!

My name is Aaron and I am 25. I live in South Carolina and I am just getting into coding. I recently got out of the Navy as a Nuclear Machinist Mate Fist Class. I like learning new things and I am interested in learning coding. I’m brand new to it and will probably be asking lots of questions as I go along as well as reading other peoples questions.


Hi I’m Audrey, I’m a 23 year old homemaker. I want to go back to school for computer science. I use to go to college but I didn’t really know what I wanted to study so I practiced different fields to see what I would feel comfortable with. I don’t know why the idea never struck me before because what else am I really doing with the skills of 40 wpm texting speed, wanting to be 1337 and also I kinda don’t like being around people.

One project I really would like to share is that I have been focused on a problem, there is no universal list of all points of interest when it comes to educational, recreational and historical places. It started with making a list of places I want to go to near my hometown, places that aren’t highly advertised, but are historic or just very beautiful and inspiring. It started as a sort of personal process to force yourself to be around others but while learning, so it feels like doing work. When I cross referenced it with my library’s free museum pass program and I realized that everything on the list is likely to be discounted for the locals. It’s now a list that is both locally entrenched and gives travelers information based on zip code and price, and not by popularity within the zip code.

There is one such database already in use, however it is so simplified that there’s no way for a user to enter price information without looking it up on their website, and then after all that you find out then figuring out if your still interested in going there.

Also, the list is almost impossible to load because it will only display the info on a map. The way I would set it up so that the user puts in their zip code or the zip code of the area they would like to go. Then, the list would pull up an interesting yet cheap and educational place in the area, rinse and repeat. This way theres not too much info on each page and every area seems to be populated even if theres 100 places in one city and one place in another city, it only pulls up one thing each draw. It’s easy to find good food, good accommodations and popular places to go like water parks, which are too expensive for many families who would like to have a day trip every weekend that is at the same time educational. Its also for nerd like me with nothing better to do.

There’s a whole other side to it, which consists of a forum and a few types of users. If cultural preservation groups, tourism boards and conservationists, will want to take part in this, the idea would be able to take float. It’s impossible to be a local expert in all the paces, so its going to have to be a very big project with much help.

My question is, is this a problem? Is this a problem worth solving? I’ll leave some links for projects that are similar to this, and an article that made me think this was a problem in the first place. I want to figure out a way to link the excel spreadsheet with a program that would convert it very simple to use app or website. I’m really not that good at building the community side of thing so I don’t know how far this would end up going even if it came together in code. But nonetheless this is my new project and hopefully I can figure out a way to actually link it up with the stuff I’m learning and it will look good, even if its just a bucket list.

Thanks for reading even though its way too long.
Much love for the forums, have helped me more than once in the python course. Happy coding.


hey saqib here i just want to know that how could i be a member of code academy and post on its page :slight_smile:


@msaqibik Hey Saqib :slight_smile:
Do you mean that you would like to have your story on Codecademy? You can post in here: #Codecademy-Community-Lounge:Stories to share your story so others will see it and Codecademy can consider using it :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

My name is Blaine. I currently work as a marketing analyst, but would love to transition into a role that is based more in coding, maybe front-end development/design? I’m decent with HTML, currently learning CSS, and want to tackle Javascript next.

Looking forward to advancing my skills!


Heeey! Woo-hoo! My name is Victor. I am an architecture student. I want to learn Python programming so that I can use it to leverage Revit in production of designs. I’ve just joined here so far so good. I like Codeacademy. I have not yet been to any meetups… Looking forward to being an amazing architect!


Hi my name is William I am thirteen years old and I have a keen interest is the coding language python. I love code academy. its so convenient! I hope to work for microsoft when I get older.


Hello to all of You :wink:

My name is Tomas, I am 32 yo. My profession is consulting. I want to learn to code in order to get new skills and understand technology better. Personally/professionally? - will see :wink:

Codecademy basicly because of its clarity, it’s working online and saves results online automatically what I found better that hard-disk based solutions. Moreover, it is a community - so I like it even more:)

Right now I am taking the Python course. In future, I want to learn Java and improve in web pages building skills.


Take care :wink:

Tomas - loker7


How are you all?
My username is Bepinecarburetor (which I created using a random name generator and my whole name)!
I came to Codecademy to learn some coding for less business and instead more information websites and pages that I wish to create!
A self-employed blue collar worker who works part-time, outside in a 4 season environment, I (who was born in the last year of the first half of the 20th century) spend too much of my indoor time on Facebook as a Poster, Commentator and group Builder/Owner/Administrator/moderator, have created many groups on eGroup/Yahoo!, and have worked as well as a weblog as information site builder on TypePad, Blogger and Wordpress and would like to create my own websites on my own domains and also later my own social media community!
Though I like to facilitate people to communicate with others in enviroments that I often create about interests that we all have in common, I also like to share with people things that I have learned about almost everything I’ve learned in life and also how to create and build blogs, groups, webpages, and many other things online and off!
Presently I have a few websites that I love looking at and using whose form I would like to emulate and hope I can find someone here who will show me what else I need to learn to accomplish those goals!
I just finished taking the “Make a Website” course (which, by the way, was excellent) and am seeking advice on what other course I need to take and lessons I need to learn to quickly get started on accomplishing my goals!
Thank you, very much.


Hi, Thomas here,

I am 30, work as aircraft dispatcher/load controller. Did an IT degree about 10 years ago but haven’t really touched IT since then. Want to get back in it professionally. Interested in ways I could improve my daily job with some programming. Taking the Python course now. Will probably take the Java one next.



Bonjour & Hallo,

I’m Robin – graphic design student @FH Potsdam, living in Berlin, but at the moment I’m doing an exchange program and live in south of France (institut supérieur des arts de Toulouse - département beaux-arts) where it’s great weather all the time :sunny:
Programming is on my list of skills I always which I had, like flying, playing the piano or enjoying doing the dishes …
So since I’m in France now and don’t have as much to do as in Berlin I just signed up on here and it’s been great yet.
Getting into web design now and than see where it takes me.

Liebe Grüße & au revoir,