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Hi. I'm a dance student, but I know how scarce roles are in my chosen industry, so I chose a backup. I wanted something that pays well. I have wanted to learn to code for a while now; I got a Raspberry Pi two years ago but was kicked off of my brother's monitor to make room for his. I put off learning for ages; convincing myself that I couldn't. I finally found Codecadamy and cannot be more pleased. I will be the noob getting things wrong; please bear with my questions.
See you around the forum!


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I'm Max and I'm 21 years old. Programming is pretty fun and a decent skill to have. Dunno if I'll ever make a career out of it.


Hey everyone.Glad to be here.


Who are you? I am Arlen
What is your industry and profession? I work for an International Retailer in their Enterprise Service Desk
Were do you plan to use your new coding skills? I plan on using the skills from coding for both personal and professional growth. This is to further engage my skills Iearned with my BS in networking and Telecommunications. Personally/professionally?
Why do you use Codecademy and what is your favorite thing about it? I use it to learn and practice skills for job growth.
What courses have you taken, or are planning to take? Today I finished everything that is not locked under Codecademy Pro. All Language skills and the Web Developer track.
Have you been to any of our meetups, or events? No
Do you have any examples of work that you have done using the skills you learned at Codecademy. Not at this time.


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Hello, I am Deepa M. I am a home maker and new to coding.


Heeey peeps :smile:

Im Dustin, About 2 days i will be 19 years old. i still on school. and got a internship at DuPont.
I like to learn more coding languages. im already learning Java for my Project (a Lineage 2 server)
I am fluent in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, C# and more
My teacher told me this is a great site to learn more Java coding, so I was wondering and took a look.


I'm an architect, would like to learn some coding to get into some software I use. I really enjoy discovering your website. Thanks a lot, it's been really helpful for a bigginer like me.



I run CPAP.com and am myself a hobby coder. I'm looking to personally learn more javascript and front end stuff. I'm hoping that codeacademy support a "codeacademy for teams" thing as codeschool does.




Hello to everyone,

My name is Dave. I use the handle dubsnstuff. I am 51. I work in radio. I recently lost my full time radio gig and decided to explore web design and coding. I'm hoping to use the coding skills to land a better gig in broadcasting.
Codecademy was recommended by nephew, who is a computer engineer.
I've taken HTML, CSS and am still learning JavaScript. I also want to learn Python, Rails and other coding systems.


Sup peeps,

Don't expect all the languages of the world or a clever quote that'll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I'm just me, refer to my nick. I've just started codecademy and studying python (I don't really think C or the other old languages suit me) I think that learning code will help me to find a good Job in the future (You will understand my age now) In this rapidly changing world, technology holds the key to success and future wealth...

I sound like a professor. Better end there then.


Hi everyone!
I'm a stubborn girl who wants to be a Software Engineer, or the like. I just came over here from Scratch(I'm Jewel427, but I'm not on as much anymore!) I wanted to get a bit more grown-up, so i came here! I'm going to start with Javascript and go from there! Anyway...I want to make some friends here, become super-duper at coding, and just have fun! :grinning:


Hello ello,
I'm a teacher based in Tokyo. Looking to add programming skills to evolve my career and hopefully create tools that educators around the world can use for free.


Hello, I live in Denver, CO. Am interested in learning JavaScript to improve my skill set, mabe even use it for a new automation project at work. I am a QA Tester for a company that builds software for insurance industry. Looking forward to learning this language and using it in my job or maybe a new job. :wink:


Hey Guys! My Name is Naqqash and i am 22 years old. i am completing my Masters degree in Computer Science and i love to Code.


Hi there, I am Joseph Myalla, from Tanzania, 46 years old, I am a systems administrator, I do some application development, mainly on lamp stack, I like cademy, I learnt js, i am refreshing on angularjs though i am stuck on 92% for long time, hope to do ruby also


Hi! Am Amartya. Am 21. Am completing my Bachelors Degree in computer science. I love to learn code of different language . I use to work as a web developer. now i would like to learn JavaScript, Python, PHP to boost up my career ..


Hi Friends and Colleagues!

I'm Rodion, 33 - occupied as Java developer.

I'm the author of CodeAbbey - the site where beginners can practice programming by solving problems - from the easiest to more advanced, in any language (and even win a free Certificate for 125 solutions).

Today I've noticed someone mentioned my site at this forum. So I have come here to see in what manner my site could be helpful to those finishing Python / JavaScript / Ruby etc courses here. I believe I'll be able to improve my site to match the needs of newcomers in programming better - so I just started Python course here - 18% in about half an hour... But there are still 82% more... :smile: