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Hello Coding People
I am am a 16 year old High schooler and currently live in Florida, I’ve been using codecademy since I was 15 but never been serious about it till now, I’ve done some coding I guess basically jumping from language to language (Scratch,Python,Html,C# and CSS)
I havent really figured out what I want to do with my life (I just know I want to do something with computer science) so Im just learning what might be necessary later on as of the moment I’m learning java
I have not been to any of your meetups or events because:I never knew about them till now .-. (But now im afraid I’ll be in one and hundreds of people will be talking about stuff i know nothing of)
I know for certain I’ll be getting codecademy pro soon
and no sadly I dont have any cool stories to tell or examples of work I have done using codecademy


Hello everyone!

My name is Juan Daniel, I’m a translation student, from Colombia.

I’ve always been interested in learning how to code but never made some space to actually learn it. Now the time has come and I’m very excited!

I think this will be extremely helpful when attempting to translate (localize) anything software or computer-related.


Hello world, my name is Adrian, I am 15 years old, and I am from Romania. I started coding because I need it for computer science at school, and… for me. I know, it’s a stupid reason. But, I really love computing. This is one of my best hobbies.


Sakay Emmanuel Giah
Age 27, I am a civil engineering at home (Liberia). I heard about the codeacademy through ilab, Liberia by research. I am ready interested in WEB design. But I am still going through difficulty.


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Hello Everyone!

I’m Cameron. I’m currently in the process of becoming a State Trooper and am going to use my coding to help further advance the departments cyber security teams. I’ve been using codecademy over the other websites, mostly because the help is based off the community, instead of just being only courses. Plus look how friendly the users are. I have currently only been practicing HTML, Javascript, and JQuery, but plan on learning to integrate these with other languages as well.


Hello my name is miguel and I want to learn all different kinds of code and learn how to hack


Hi everyone,

My name is Christine and I’m a data specialist with a background in finance. I love learning to code and I’m especially interested in web development and web design. For now, coding is just a hobby… though I’m open to switching careers someday if the right opportunity comes along!

I joined Codecademy about a year and a half ago and completed their “Make a Website” and “HTML & CSS” courses. I just signed up for Codecademy Pro to go through the learning path on full stack development. What I love about Codecademy is that their courses are divided up into bite-sized lessons so you can learn as much or as little as you want. And I feel immediate satisfaction when I’m able to type in a little code and see a preview of what that code may look like in a browser.

I recently signed up for Meetups too, so I hope to make it to a meetup or event this year.

Hopefully, I can share a cool story or project one day and be able to say that it all started with Codecademy :wink:

Happy coding!


New to this forum, new to Java, new to doing any kind of programming at all. Sucked in to this by my oldest child who thinks I need to keep my “little grey cells” working and because he wants to learn Java so needs someone to learn with him. So far he hasn’t been around to answer my basement basic questions so decided to hit the forum.


Who are you? My name is Kenneth, a retired fossil from mid 20th century with no formal programming background.
What is your industry and profession? retired family doc
Were do you plan to use your new coding skills? Personally/professionally? Personally, if at all.
In the past week I developed a fantasy to create a simple app I thought might run on my android phone. 25 years ago using spreadsheet macros, I created something sort of comparable (but more complicated) to do payroll with a few mouse clicks). In the past week I started prototyping an Excel spreadsheet, wondering if it could run as a Google Doc Sheet (stupid as that probably sounds to users here). When I had written a few subroutines I uploaded to Google Drive and quickly discovered I was dreaming.
Why do you use Codecademy? Google Docs help referred me here saying that JavaScript might be what I want to know.
What courses have you taken, or are planning to take? Started JS, but suspect it’s the wrong place to apply my ignorance. I haven’t a clue where I should start. First I really want to know whether this is a place to start. Can I learn how to create what I consider a simple scorekeeping app to run on my phone? I play a domino game game with friends called “42” or “Texas 42.” (I have an Android app for the game and it is excellent. So that is NOT what I want.) I want to keep scores and statistics on multiple players over months of games. I want visual devices to assist the senile who can’t keep straight whose turn it is to shuffle and bid. I have most of the flow laid out in my head but I doubt that Google Sheet is where I need to work. I don’t know where to start. I should probably get out of the way here, but I got an email suggesting I ask for help. PS: Anything that can cut me loose from MicroSoft and Excel is probably a move in the right direction.


Hello, everyone. I’m Aaron and I’m using Code academy along with FreeCodeCamp. I really am hoping to make a career out of this. I’m tired of working crap jobs for crap pay. The more I code the more I want to code. I think I finally found my niche!! I would make this longer but I really want to get back to learning more. Just thought I would introduce myself and say Hi!!


Hi! My Name is Zakiya.
I’m a student in Sepuluh Nopember University and i take an informatics engineering. now, i’m in a second semester.
hmm, i try to learn my coding skill in this website because i have a project. my project need a skill in some programming language but my skill still low. so, i choose this website to help me to learn any programming language.
codecademy is a very useful website for a new learner. because there are more practice in every courses.
i take a python language first. because i’m very need to understand this language to solve my project. sometimes, this language help me in data mining subject.


Heyyyy there everyone im brianda nice to meet all of youuu , please hlep me out when i dont seem to understand something i would really appreciate a lot thank youu and im here if anyone needs help .:calling:


Hi, my name is D, and very new coding !! I love it and I hope I can grow in knowledge with this web and your help !!


Hello everyone!

I’m a high school student who is interested in building my coding skills and getting to my final destination in learning C++ because I was to become a video game programmer. I’m going to soon be starting my first year in college and major in computer science. Currently, I learned HTML, CSS, and I’ve learned most of python (without Codecademy). I will be learning Java soon so that C++ would be easier to learn. However, before I start trying to make games, I am trying to do some kind of project to improve my skills.


Aloha! My name is Alex and i’m a spanish guy trying to intruduce myselft into the language of the future!. I’ll start next year a carrer on computing engeneering, so I love this webpage to get some computing knowledge that i will need so much!. Thanks a lot guys and keep performing this!


Dear Code Academy forum,

Hi, I’m just introducing myself. I hope that I’m posting this in the right place. My name is Gora. I’ve just begun using Code Academy today. I used Matlab many years ago, but I’ve never done any other coding, so I’m starting from scratch.

I’m self employed in various jobs, including furniture assembly and moving help, but nothing in IT.

I’m learning coding as I wish to start a career in IT. I would also like to develop websites about things that I’m passionate about such as ecological restoration and sustainable living.

My friend, who is an IT expert, pointed me towards Code Academy. I’ve started to use it as I find it a very user-friendly site, I like the ethics of the creators, and its free to use.

I’m also doing an online course in software testing.

I wasn’t aware that there are meet up events. I would be interested in meeting fellow coders.

I look forward to conversing with you.

Warm regards, Gora


Hi! Asti, from Indonesia


Hi !

Who are you?
My name is Thibault, I’m 20 years old, I’m french.

What is your industry and profession?
I’m a student in computer science.

Where do you plan to use your new coding skills? Personally/professionally?
I want to develop websites for myself and for some relatives.

Why do you use Codecademy and what is your favorite thing about it?
I’ve found Codecademy 6 months ago but i’ve started doing courses since 1 week, my favorite thing is the way of learning on this website, it’s really intuitive, we don’t not to install things on our computers to be able to code.

What courses have you taken, or are planning to take?
I’ve taken AngularJS but i’m plnning to take all the courses.

Have you been to any of our meetups, or events?
No, unfortunately.

Do you have any examples of work that you have done using the skills you learned at Codecademy?

Do you have a cool story to tell about how Codecademy helped you achieve your goals?
Soon too !

See you :wink: