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Hi :slight_smile: I’m an old aspie so i struggle with this sort of thing. What is interesting about me when there are so many neat tricks to learn?

Am i really old though? I’m nearly 50. It may take me a year or so to get there because i go a lot slower these days. Is 50 old? Not so much to me, at least not until i hear how young other people are. A better question might be “How young are you?”.

My relevant work has mostly been in Charity and other non-profits as User Support, Systems Administration, Web-Developer (html with only occasional css), Wiki Editing.

I’ve also been a painter and decorator, a doorman, a photographer, a cleaner, a house-mover (actually just the contents of the houses), an accounts clerk, a housing officer, a rent-collector, a translator (part of a team), a teacher, an examiner, a roadie for a couple of bands, a member of the board of directors for a few multi-million £ housing association, a carer for someone with complex ptsd, crew on a narrowboat and a sail-boat, a scuba-diver, a bookkeeper and accounts clerk, treasurer of a housing association and a milkman.

I’ve built a little robot from a cardboard box but it’s not remote control and does need to be able to think for itself. Not as AI but more a “Uh oh, there’s something in the way. Can i go around it?”.

I’d also like to build my own IoT to check i switched things off and maybe to switch them on ready for me. Not quite like this:

More just to switch on/off sockets to start-up/shutdown my desktops and check i locked the door.

I started with Python to be useful and slipped into doing Ruby for fun to wind-down. I’ve done a little Scratch with my robot and !gf. When i was a kid i used Spectrum Basic, a little Pascal, a tiny bit of BBC Basic and at college i soldered some logic-gates and learned a little machine code. So far Ruby seems a lot like Python without the fuss.

I really like the hands-on coding and “solve the puzzle” aspects to Codecademy. The badges and points are kinda nice too. I wish i could see a list of how i gained my points. The badges are perfect though.

I hope to try C, or C++, or C# but haven’t quite decided which yet. The React Native looks very interesting too. There are a few things i’d like to be able to do with my phone. Some apps get close so i’d like to add bits.

I’d also like to be able to help QA at LibreOffice because LibreOffice and OpenOffice are already fantastic. One advantage with LibreOffice is that it helps people take the next steps with Python.
Regards from a t0m :slight_smile:

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Hello, I’m new to all of this. I found Codecademy last week sometime and started with the free trial. I enjoyed learning about something I have never done. I worked for 15 years in the Arkansas Dept. Corrections and have been with the Army National Guard for 19 years. So, I’m looking forward to learning something new.


Hi, I’m Jessica. 30s, Suburban Hippie, Twin Cities Metro, MN

I identify as a Jill of Trades. I’ve got a complex background in design, computer science and operations. My current role is for a small non-profit, and I wear many hats from customer service, IT help desk, web support, B2B support, database management, project management, and more. I gave up my development goals 8 years ago to be a designer due to self doubt issues. I went on to be a project manager and later a business analyst, to now (whatever that role actually is). While I do have some dev experience and a dozen or so websites under my belt, my goal here at Codecademy is to build my confidence as a full stack developer. I’m also considering iOS development too.

I’m currently in the Web Dev Path and finishing up the React capstone. My Jammming app is here if you’d like to take a look: http://magenta-beef.surge.sh/ I’m pretty darn proud. With each project I complete, I feel my confidence growing. My issue now isn’t that I’m not getting the language, but that I do not trust my knowledge. So, this is my goal as I complete the path - trust in my knowledge and ability.

Anywho, nice to meet you all. I’ll leave you with one last item: Don’t be shy and fear being wrong, I promise it will save YEARS off your learning.

:v: & :two_hearts:


Hello everyone,

My name is Jeannette. I was born in England but live in Barbados. I am relatively new to coding. I did a small amount at university but I haven’t touched it since then. I am wanting to develop new skills and learn about developing websites. I am currently completing the CSS course. I too am interested in Data Science. Have a wonderful day!


Hi everyone,

My name is Roos, I’m from The Netherlands and I’m 19 years old. I’ve been interested in coding since my early teens but apart from some trial and error-ing on Tumblr I’d never really gotten into it. I just finished a year of med school and because I’m taking a gap year now, together with a lot of support from my boyfriend, I decided it would be cool to finally start. I am currently on the Data Science path, and it’s been really interesting so far! I’m really looking forward to learning more :slight_smile:

:heart: :kiss:


Hi guys. I’m a newbie at CodeCademy studying the career paths of Data Science, Computer Science and Web Development.
I’m a student at a Fine Arts Academy in Portugal and my objective is to one day use Machine Learning to create apps that others might find useful and work alongside people interested in understanding how the human brain works and how we can help it become better.

I’m from Portugal and I hope to one day be able to have discussions about many complicated issues that might plague me in the future. As for now, I’m mostly just enjoying learning programming so much! I hope everyone’s doing ok. :slight_smile:


Hi Everybody,

I am a 42 year old General Worker at a Highway Department in the U.S. and I am interested in learning something new that I could possibly use to add value to myself. Programming has my interest and I am looking forward to working hard and becoming a good programmer one day. I am starting this journey here from a suggestion. Wish me luck.


Hi all I’m an old guy so I’m not looking to make a living from coding just in it for the fun. I’m a bit over a week into the Python course and I am enjoying it. I’m a retired electrician and I like working with computers and am into building them for myself. My goal to start with is to make some small useful programs or some simple games and then develop from there. Anyway I’m not at a level where I can contribute much but I will pop in from time to time learn from you all Cheers.


Hello everybody,. Ma name is Fil and I am a developer. Just finished the Python Intense and looking into digging deeper into Python for Data Analysis. Right now searching the Forums for some advice and Best Practises for using MYSQL in Python in combination with Multiprocessing.


Si I’ve started using this forum so I guess I should introduce myself then, since there’s a thread for it here. :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m Lady Price!

I’m a young lady and a gamer with a very active steam account. I spend a decent portion of my free time gaming and I often perform an internal critique of sort on the games which I play. Thinking out how I might ad such and such feature/mechinc or modify such and such existing one to mkae the game more fun, interesting or just more playable in some aspect or another. I also consider in some cases the dev process which goes into making a game at large (as some unnamed studios have bad habits of one kind or another whihc seem to trip them up significantly on their development process (in the most extreme cases where it becomes a joke on basis of the expectation of as much).

I’ve put a fair deal of thought into the sorts of games I want to create - although that’s really just quite diverse, like seriously, as well as strategies of development to assure a certain standard of quality. I’ve sometimes gotten the impressions some studios like to rely on their name to speak for their product, where I’m of the belief that, just the opposite, the product should speak for the studio behind it. I think I’ve got what it takes to be an exceptional developer - and that which I don’t have yet, I will develop in time.

I’m currently a blue collar worker in a University kitchen doing dishes, it’s not dream job (and really I wish they let me do janitorial again, I perform that junk well). A couple months ago I spotted a position for “Associate Producer” at a game dev studio, I think they passed me over, but the fact of it represents I’m now familiar with a new path into the career which i want, though I may need to put forth a great deal of effort to get there. I’ve taken that rejection in a ‘glass-half-full’ outlook to renew my efforts towards my goals, albeit coupled with adjustments to some of them to be less flight of fancilful and more reasonable and doable in a shorter time frame. I think that all in all I have it in me to be an exception game dev and, if I’m lucky, maybe I’ll even get the opportunity to open my own stuio and be the misstress of my domain.

At large my goals are to create high quality games in a variety of genres and scope of concept. Gaming is a growing industry and is more and more rapidly becoming a core component of our society and it’s entertainment. I don’t intend solely to ride this wave while i can but also to contribute to shaping it for the better; my plan in the long run is to work towards creating an inclusive gaming culture which is welcoming to persons of all type, background and walks of life (and never to accept the sort of toxic behavior seen in some cases such as the likes of gamergate-movement as an endorsed normalized behavior).

For now I’m working on the Computer Science course here on Code Academy. I also plan to whaen I can afford it again to pursue college courses, as I have an education benefit from being the employee of a prominent university. I plan to try to learn everything I need in due time. Hopefully Codeacademy and these forums will provide all that I need to go as far as I can.

Lady Price


I am Jessica and I am 25 years old. Right now I work in information technology and I scan archives.
I plan to use my coding skills for a career in coding in the future.
I use Codecademy because I do not have to download a program and the instructions are very clear and otherwise the forum helps me out a lot.
I am currently on a Web Developer course so right now I am learning HTML but I am planning to take C# and Python in the future as well as other Computer Science courses.
I haven’t been to any of Codecademy’s meetups or events but certainly will check them out.


Hi, my name is Richie and I found out about coding two days ago. I was looking into a new career as I am fed up of going round in circles in an unrewarding and often revolving door industry (complaint handling) so I thought I would see if there was anything else out there for me and that’s when I found Python.

I wish I could go back to when I was 4 years old on my Amstrad 464 and understand what BASIC was and how much it could have changed my life, ah well.

I am not great at maths and that worries me a little but I can always improve and I will. In terms of what I love about coding, I love that it either works or it doesn’t. In these uncertain times when “that’s what I believe” can be added to any sentence and be accepted as a reasonable viewpoint - regardless of how stupid the premise - it’s great to work with something absolute. It either works, or you have to debug it. Great stuff.

As I say, I’m brand new to this but I was thinking Python was my best starting point and then, if I can learn to be proficient in that, it might be an idea to learn either C or Android from what I have reading as they seem to be good compliments.

I look forward to speaking with some of you in the future, possibly even at one of the meet ups and wish you all well on your coding journey.




Hi, I’m Kevin from Texas!
I’m inching up on 60 and looking to retire from my job in the defense industry in a few years. I’m interested in furthering my learning in Web design and application for myself and a non profit i volunteer for. I’ve skimmed through the html portion a few years ago to make the [link in profile] website for them. Now I went pro to really learn the course… I plan on taking all the courses to broaden by learning as I’ve only use via for the last 20 years.
Never been to a meetupbut will see if i can make one.
Glad to be here and happy coding!


Hi there, Antonio here! I’m a 25 years old mechatronic engineer. Right now I’m working as IT and got interested into coding, as I’m aiming to freelance in my spare time as for now.
I find Codecademy easy to use, as lessons are super clear and with the interface already settled down, I don’t need to configure anything, although I know how to use VS Code.
Right now I’m on Web Developer course, but planning to take Data Science afterwards.
And haven’t been to any meetups, but will check them out here in México.
Cheers and happy coding!

  • Who are you?
    My name is James, I am from Scotland.
  • What is your industry and profession?
    Business Intelligence
  • Where do you plan to use your new coding skills? Personally/professionally?
    Developing a video game from start to finish. :video_game:
  • Why do you use Codecademy and what is your favorite thing about it?
    Plenty of documentation/tutorials and an easy to navigate, responsive website.
  • What courses have you taken, or are planning to take?
    C#, Python, SQL, Golang
  • Have you been to any of our meetups, or events?
    Unfortunately not. :disappointed:
  • Do you have any examples of work that you have done using the skills you learned at Codecademy?
    Only this post and my badges so far!
  • Who are you?
    a high school student very interested in programming

  • Were do you plan to use your new coding skills? Personally/professionally?
    I want to have a software engineer job

  • Why do you use Codecademy and what is your favorite thing about it?
    I use Codecademy for learning

  • What courses have you taken, or are planning to take?
    I’m taking the computer science career path

  • Have you been to any of our meetups, or events?
    no I haven’t
    keep going and coding you’ll

Hi, I’m Viky. I’m from Russia, Siberia. I am a content manager and a student in Baikal state University for now. Learning Spanish and English.

My reason to be here is my dream to became a fronted developer, find a job , i like codecademy for good explanation of the lessons.

I’ve already finished here the sass and one course about interactive sites with js. At this time created couple of small projects.i gonna to leanr react here as well, and maybe something more about fronted , js later

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Hello! I’m Mark, a designer from New York. I’m hoping to improve my design skills using Codecademy.

I have a quick question: How do I change my username and avatar image? I looked around in preferences but didn’t see anything.


Log in to the main site and go to your profile. You should be able to change your avatar there. Log out of discuss and log back in. The avatar should now appear over here.

Worked like a charm, thank you. :slight_smile:

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