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Hi I am Michael, I am a Math Professor and now work as a ArcGIS coder so I am honing up on my skills here!


Hi, I’m Linds. I started learning HTML and CSS a few years ago to help me at a new job. It’s a large company, but in my department, we work on, and provide customer support for, the e-commerce websites that we host and maintain for our members.
I’m not required to know anything more than a few basic html tags, but being able to actually write my own HTML and CSS has made it so much easier for me to get my job done, complete requests from our customers and be helpful to my team mates. :grinning:


Hello, im Kent. I am currently planning and researching a mobile app idea. I need to hire a app developer and designer, which is really expensive as most people probably know. I thought i’d give it a shot myself and try to learn quickly and steadily. If i end up finding someone then ill just be happy to understand some code and possibly know how i want the app set up. I hope it turns out successful.


It’s nice to meet you all!
I’m a beginner and just know little things about programming! But i will learn much more in Codecademy!


Hi there, my name is Brett! I’m currently looking to switch professions and move into web development, to be happier and live an overall better life. I love that on Codecademy, you have a community to help you at all times, if you need help.

I haven’t been to any meetups or events (which I would love to do!) and as a beginner who is just learning how to code, does anyone have any advice for me? I love coding so far and I can’t wait to continue learning!

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Hello All,

My name is Ty and I am a complete newbie to coding. I currently work for a healthcare company in accounts payable. In the short term, I would like to use coding to build a blog but ultimately, I would like to work in the industry. I haven’t taken any courses yet but I am leaning toward javascript. I am not aware of any meetups in my area for but I would definitely attend if I found one. Anyway, I look forward to gaining new skills and interacting with like minded people.


Hi everyone!

My name is Tonnika, Toni for short.
I’m a CPhT. I really just want to learn more about coding and maybe one day take my new found skills to a different profession.
I use Codeacademy in my spare time and my favorite thing about it is how quickly and easily you can learn. Right now I’m programming with Python. I love it. I have not been to any meetings or events, YET!

Glad to be here and best of luck to you all! :smiley:


Hello everyone!

My name is Milan, and I’m looking forward to expanding my (basic) coding knowledge!
I’m a Chemical Engineer who’d like to use coding in both personal and professional aspects. My favorite thing about Codecadamy is that it’s very user friendly, and seems like a great place to start.

Currently I’m on the Python course, but I aim to learn HTML too. I haven’t been to any meetups but I’d love to attend.

Best of luck to everyone!


Hi! I’m Martin who took up Psychology. I didn’t have much of a plan when I graduated from college. I didn’t also have the motivation to get our licensure. But I needed a job like all of us, so a year ago, I entered a startup agency where I’ve been doing content and social media marketing. Then, I was assigned to lead the operations and handle B2B and B2C support.

Since we’re a lean startup, I need to grow along with my team. So, I thought that it’ll be very helpful for me to learn a new set of skill - coding. I’m actually excited because it’s like the unknown for me and I know that I can use this both personally and professionally. I’ll be taking up HTML, CSS, and Javascript because it’ll be essential towards my interest on UI & UX and front-end web development.

Wish me luck!


My name’s Josh McNattin, I’m from Champaign, IL
I run a store that supplies parts to students, faculty and staff at ECE Illinois (University of Illinois)
I’m interested in making a career change but I’m also interested in learning to make software tools
I’ve tried a few different MOOC’s, I really like how Codecademy gives you something to do, you do it and you see it, right now. You learn things very fast here. A big plus is no camera on a person yakking while I want to look at the code to figure it out.
I’ve taken some of the Command Line, some of the HTML, I’m now in the Intensive for Python and I’m planning on going all the way through. I wanted something with more structure, a schedule and the peer involvement may help too.
Not yet.
I don’t have any yet.
Not yet.


Who are you?
What is your industry and profession?
Were do you plan to use your new coding skills? Personally/professionally?
Why do you use Codecademy and what is your favorite thing about it?
What courses have you taken, or are planning to take?
Have you been to any of our meetups, or events?
Do you have any examples of work that you have done using the skills you learned at Codecademy?
Do you have a cool story to tell about how Codecademy helped you achieve your goals?

My name is Bruno, joining Codecademy forum from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I’m an IT addict (in a good way, of course. Well, sometimes). I’ve been working for the past 3, 4 years as Tech Support (right now doing Lvl.3 Support and front-end web development at the same time)

Everything I acheived so far is because of online courses (mainly at Treehouse, sorry about naming them :stuck_out_tongue: ), where I completed tracks about HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, and some basic stuff about SQL. I entered Codecademy to enroll on the Python Intensive (which i’m doing right now).

Whenever I complete this course, i’ll retake some SQL study, and start building more powerful data-driven sites.

My dream: a well-paid fullstack job, a wife, couple of kids, a golden retriever and the most overkill PC I can get (yes, I freaking love hardware)


Hello there, you lovely people! My name is Athaliah, I’ve been an avid artist ever since I could pick up a pencil (drawing, singing, poetry, writing, ect.). I’m working on an unamed project at the moment that I hope will eventually metamorphose into a beautiful video game. So far, I’ve only picked up Python and I’m slowly building my knowledge of C++ through my own means. Indeed, still very much a rookie in programming, yet I fantasize of eventually working in the indie game development industry professionally out of my admiration for the industry as well as IndieCade. Before I finish this message, I just want to say thank you in advance for any support I may get from you guys and I wish you the best of luck pursuing your dreams! Farewell~


Hi! Gustavo here. I’ve been around in CodeCademy site since around 1-2 years but never tried the forums. I use this site to keep my skills fresh and practice and learn new things as well.

I’m still a novice in coding but I love everything related with programming and web development. I believe that online courses it’s a good way to learn anything you wish for. You just need, dedication, discipline and love of what you are doing.

Wish everyone Happy learning! :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Ashleigh,

I’m currently living in London and work as a support worker for people with severe and multiple learning disabilities.

I do the night shift and sometimes it can get a bit dull if everyone is asleep, so I’ve decided to invest this time to learn to code. I’m a complete beginner, but would love to become fluent enough, so that one day I could change profession! I know I have a long way to go, but so far I’ve really enjoyed learning. Dusting off the cobwebbed corners of my brain that haven’t been used for 15 or so years has been interesting (I’m looking at you Pythagorean Theory)

Wish me luck! (even though learning code has nothing to do with luck)


Hey all,

My name is Stefan and I live in a quiet town in the southern part of the Netherlands.

I work as a functional Business Analyst and by following some Codecademy courses I hope to improve my knowledge of the technical side of the IT-business. This should help me in my job.

Furthermore, my girlfriend runs a small business and her website is really outdated so I would love to be able to practice my newly learned skills to make her a brand new one…someday :slight_smile:

I wish everyone happy coding and if you read this and you are starting the HTML/CSS courses like myself, feel free to send me a message so we could motivate each other and talk about our progress and issues.


I’m Phumi, a college dropout. I took an interest in coding to pass time. I use Codecademy because the lesson are easy to understand. I have taken a few courses (can’t remember this list at the top of my head), but I want to learn coding as a whole (fun hobby). I have not been to any meet ups or events. I don’t have examples of work yet. No cool story yet…


Hi! I’m Danielle and I’m preparing for a Data Analyst bootcamp. Id love to connect with people in the industry or in the same situation as me. Thanks!


Hey all, I just started the Codecademy Python course and I’m ecstatic to finally learn an actual coding language! I do a lot of data work in Google Sheets, but as fantastic as that program is, there are limits to what it can do. So I’m hoping Python will help me create some more robust data analysis projects and save me some time.


Hi everyone,
I’m Winston, and am new to coding but used to get deep into computer stuff when I was younger. Since school, and for the past 20 years, I’ve worked for government then international gov on climate change, renewable energy and sustainability issues. Had some time on the same in private sector too.
In short, I’ve gained enough experience in policy and technologies to warrant the judgment that we’re not going to save the Earth from total destruction without fully understanding and utilizing information technologies. The advent of learning machines and AI makes this even more urgent. So, I’m leaving my policy work life behind to integrate fluency in web dev, machine learning and data analytics, and go into business. There are so many things in the world - that developed and developing world - that just dont come together because it is an information collection, analysis, coordination and implementation issue - whether it be with drones, learning machines, or biotech as an information technology. Programming, and understanding programming, is at the forefront of the future. it’s both the practical, individual, and collective solution and without integrating its language and understanding into other multi-disciplinary expertise, I’m afraid any of our quests to change the world are going to fall desperately short in an increasingly intelligent, digital world.

That said, I want to use coding skills both personally and professionally, in business and policy.

Codecademy seems great, but I just started, and I’m really using the curriculum here as a primer before going through intense bootcamp. I’m already a Pro user. I’m finding a few glitches which, honestly, makes learning a bit frustrating, but with patience, the video walkthroughs tend to work.

I have not been to any meet ups or events. I was based in Beijing China for about 3 years and Washington DC and New York for most of my life before that. Now I’m going full digital nomad, and am exploring Southeast Asia. Oh, another reason to learn coding is to get work wherever I am - the world is mobile now, we must embrace it!!

I haven’t done any work with my budding code skills yet, so no stories about that.

Open to speaking with those interested in climate change, AI, learning machines, US-Chinese technologies, new energy application for computing, investments in game-changing technologies in developing countries (I’ve worked in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East on development issues and technologies.) Basically, exploring how coding and programming can be applied to web apps and programs to meet the needs of exponentially growing challenges in developing regions.