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Hello Everyone,
I am Philip, a 52 yr old disabled US Navy Veteran currently residing in Southwest Virginia, near Tennessee. I am married with 2 grown sons and I also have 1 four year old granddaughter. I have a technical background. I have an AAS with a major in Radiologic Technology and training in CT and MRI and also in computer and a BS in E-Business Management, which I have never really put to good use. I am here to re-learn much of what I first learned in college. I am looking to freelance and maybe even teach down the road, but for now, I am in learn mode. I am a born again follower of Jesus Christ, I am a semi-professional guitar player, I sculpt, I love spending time with my family and friends, and I enjoy my pet cats. I look forward to working with many of my fellow coders in training!


Hello everyone!
I’m a teacher of English from Honduras. I have a foreign languages degree but I’m also a law student. I’m planning to use these new skills personally but also professionally if possible and I’m using Codecademy because I’d like to learn how to code properly. I began studying programming just two days ago so I’ve only completed the HTML course but I’m planning to take all of them.
I’ve never been to any meetups or events but I’d love to.

I hope to learn a lot here and get to know new people in the process. Feel free to ask for help and I’ll be pleased to help you if I have the possibility to.

Have a nice day!



I’m Nicoleta - joined Codecademy a while ago, but I did not really have the time to study (or the right motivation). I’m building a site for my small business and in the process I thought I could use Codecademy to develop my skills.
I’m a legal geek - in training. I did the HTML and bits of CSS, looking forward to getting the basics on JavaScript and Python.



I am mechanical engineer by degree and day trader by passion .
Learning Python (my 1st programming language) to eliminate human intervention.

I am also a Music Producer and MESSI Fan !!

Happy learning !!


i dont know about java at all want i speak even netherlands bad in chat and in english same but can i get to work with this if am handicap with cogen symdrome thawork to sickness if cant not good reading and numbers to get and i am sorry that my english is not so good even if i learnit on anime i can not good reading so i need help to get work on java want i like to learn how to make minecraft mods if i can’t not learn to make mod what can i do if am bad to reading in both in netherlands and english i have skype and discord if better want to undersand me


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Althea A. Billins
Manager, Product Marketing | Legal Publishing
Plan to use my skills professionally/personally.
Newcomer to Codeacademy. Suggested by expert colleague.
I have not taken any courses. I am searching for courses at a community college.
I have not been to any meetups, or events
I do not have any examples of anything I have learned. This is my first log in.
No successes to share at this time.


My name is stanley
Am new to all this.the website,Coding as a whole,yh like 2days old…i started browsing about coding because am about to go to college to study Computer Science. i live in NIGERIA but after college am still looking to further my education in North America likely Canada because i have people there.but i need help because i actually dont know the best school to further my education that doesnt dig a big hole on my parents bank acc…anybody knows the right school?..it doesnt mattter where it is?.. HELP!


Hi, my name is Stuart. I am a qualified jeweller, looking to broaden my skillset. I am planning on setting up a design studio.
I appreciate Codecademy, and it’s availability. As yetI hadn’t been aware that Codecademy had meetups, however I think I would enjoy the experience. I am hoping to learn how to get examples of my effort up on the web, and I look forward to having a worthwhile tale to tell of my experience with my new endeavour.


Hey everyone!

I’m Dominika, 25 years old. I’m finance graduate currently working as a controlling specialist. I’d like to learn more about sql and phyton. I’m very excited to get some new coding skills.

Also wishing everybody a Happy New Year :slight_smile:


I’m Luckymmabanga,

Man of many missions (my take on “Jack of all trades”).

I started learning Web Development because it’s straight forward and practical versus C++ the first language I learnt or rather attempted (lack of practical understanding to create :’( ), then Python but same issue :confused: but BOOM here we are and HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap are in the bag! so now I’m learning JavaScript in order to build websites with more than just face value and to hopefully gain more understating so that I can get better at my other intended disciplines :slight_smile: #NeverGiveUp

I use CodeAcademy BECAUSE IT IS FREE and because it was a more comprehensive and practical learning tool than other resources available :slight_smile:

I have a martial coding belt in: HTML + CSS (Through freecodecamp BUT I will refresh my knowledge using CodeAcademy) and SQL (Because everybody wants their own server and database even if they don’t know what either is). I will take Python in future because developing software for hardware is apart of my current goals.

Nope, South Africa from where I hail is a technologically savvy country hence my presence here, but the social community in regard to coding is still developing in regard to marketing and reach, but I will once I have the skill backed confidence or start my own.

Do you have any examples of work that you have done using the skills you learned at Codecademy? Not yet :wink:

Focus, Persistence, an outlet (because smashing your computer because your code won’t work is not a solution), and a GOAL!

Woot WOOT! Git coding and git gud peeps :slight_smile:


Hello I’m Sylvia! I’ve just joined Codecademy and I’m looking forward to broadening my skills! Hope it helps me land a good internship. :grin:


Hi guys! I am amit from India and i want to brush my skills and learn new languages that’s why i am here. I think codeacademy will help me to get my skills high.


Who are you? I am Gul from Pakistan.
What is your industry and profession? I am working in Instec I.T.
Were do you plan to use your new coding skills? Personally/professionally? Yes. I have coded in HTML/CSS and Javascript.
Why do you use Codecademy and what is your favorite thing about it? It is very good for professionally learning any thing online .
Have you been to any of our meetups, or events? Yes,
Do you have any examples of work that you have done using the skills you learned at Codecademy? Yes . I had before.
Do you like to meet some on ? Yes , i like friendship to learning coding on Codeacademy.


My name is Mike and my code name is Mikejay. I have decided to make a career change that will provide me with a steady llvable income. I have been reading a lot about Coding, but really know little about how to get started and what are the possible career paths. i’d like to know where to start.


Kia ora

I’m Barbo from New Zealand. I started on this yesterday and so am a real newbie. I am interested in building a website and this was recommended. I’m in the third phase of my life I guess… got kids and back in the workforce after 10 years off. Always keen to learn more skills and maybe this will take me somewhere interesting. We’ll see.


Well, I Am a 14 year old Kid named Amadeus, Sadly at the moment I don’t have an industry or profession regarding coding, except a little HTML,CSS knowledge. Well Im just want to learn coding because I Really think coding seems amazing because I know if you know the right coding languages then you can do whatever your heart desires. Well I don’t anything else to compare it to but ill get back to myself about that. Well I want to perfect HTML and CSS but I want to Learn Python,Java,Java Script and may more but I don’t know if you have them on here. I want to learn C# but one step a a time. I have not been to any meet ups I just got into coding 4 hours ago. I do not have any examples of this at the moment but I’m hoping in the next couple days ill have something to show.


Hey everybody my name is Tracie and I’m new to the course. I’m trying to get through basic navigation but I’m definitely eager to learn and progress from here.


My name is Muhammad Zaim bin Azhar Ahmad.

I am a student, currently on my day off. I am a computer engineering student. I have been coding since my second upper form (14 years old) and the next year I made a code which got approved in a third-party coding community (AlliedModders). That is when I thought on getting more serious about coding and programming.
Even though I took computer engineering however the lecturers are bad in teaching coding and I can even recall when nearly the whole class are just messed up with coding and take the risk of cheating for both during projects and exams. Thank God, with my basic understanding of the coding concept and that save me the struggle part. I am able to score the subject with an A.
I am planning to use my knowledge for the community, I want to learn more and teach the youngster of my country (Malaysia) regarding coding and their importance in future industries. I want to make changes with what I am good at, I am planning to make a free web-development course when I have done making some websites on my own.
I chose Codeacademy because I want to get myself into coding communities, I want to share my knowledge and problem with a group of people. I love to have discussion about coding.
I took C and C++ courses back then during both semester 2 and 3 during my Diploma years. Currently, learning PHP, HTML, and CSS on my own with page and video tutorials.
No, I haven’t been on any meetup or event.
No, I haven’t start anything yet. I just registered for the past 15 minutes.
No, not yet. I will try to create one. :wink:



Hi I am Dr.Hariharan Ramamurthy, I am an Indian origin American naturalized citizen who is in the pre-retirement stage of being a surgeon, pediatric surgeon, Educator and a Board-certified Internist working in Big Sring Tx

I am getting fedup with the paperwork, computer EHR coded by Numbskulls and want to learn coding to show these Idiots how to build a useful EHR.
I do not know how much time it is going to take I know it will be a slow drudgery but I will keep grinding