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My name is Chris, I’m 17 and live on the Isle of Man, a small island in the Irish Sea, between England and Ireland. I have been on codecademy since August 5th 2014. I like learning to code on CC and love helping others do so too and I’ve been a moderator since 31st Jan 2017.


> Hello Friends!

My name is vinayak kad ,i'm currently pursuing my graduation (Bachelor Of Computer Application ).I am really interested in setting up my career in web development field as i do believe it has infinite scope and one can reach out the extinct his/her abilities and hardwork can leadout to.
> Infact i would like to thanks Codeacademy for setting up such a great learning platform.This platform give proper learning channel with practical implementations which is the most best part..
> I have completed HTML AND CCS and now studying Java Script further i will go for J queries then Angular JS


hi am oye am a maketing student but i have a strong love for software and anything technology


Hello, My name is Wil. I was told about this website by my brother who has been learning here for a while now. I saw him developing a web page one day and asked where he learned how to do it. I am very interested in marketing/web design. While I have the marketing skills, everything in the marketing world is going digital and that is what I am lacking. So here I am, trying to figure it all out. I have completed the HTML section and now I'm on to Java. I will probably learn everything here by the time I'm done. I am so glad this site exists because with my current job I can't actually go to a class, so this is perfect! Thanks Code Academy!


Hey guys, it's cool to be able to talk to you guys finally instead of just checking code. All that seemed just a little too official and it's nice to be able to see who the real "you" is.

My name is Alex, and am currently serving in the armed forces at the age of 21. It's nice to be able to code again, but I started off on Visual Basic 6, and the C languages. (I can't wait to get to Java!). I joined codecademy when my programming teacher suggested it when I was back in high school, he actually changed my course for the school year to JavaScript back when it was still a little less refined. So I spent almost three months just learning JavaScript and gave him a report on the site, and what I thought of it in it's early stages.

For a brand new site, codecademy was an amazing concept that I had never seen before, I was excited and couldn't wait to work more on it. I dropped out from 2013-2015(about a month ago) It's so much different from the early days that I first saw available with only two or three languages at most. I can't wait to catch up and learn more from not only the site, but from all of you guys!


I JUST HIT MY 31 DAY STREAK! :smiley: so excited!


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I’m Jacob John, 16 years old. I am currently in grade 12 and started codecademy in 2013 as a part of a school course to learn python. So far, I’ve completed all six languages on codecademy, almost all APIs, and all web developer skills. So as you can tell I've finished all of Codecademy and yeah it took a while (2 years) xD

Furthermore, I also wish to study computer science as a major at university.

My favorite thing about codecademy is probably its forums as I’ve never seen a forum this active, helpful and friendly for any code based website so far.

I haven’t specifically done any code projects but wish to do so one day. This mainly because I’ve been extremely busy and such projects might end up taking hours of my time. But I do wish to do several of these in university and use the skills acquired to my advantage.

Thanks a lot, codecademy and its users for all the help so far!! :smiley:

P.S. If you wish to hit me up on skype, do so at MCjohn5on


Hello! I am Fynnthedestroyer :sunglasses:
I am trying to get started on my kano. So my mum has been trying to help me find what to do next after finishing the kano books provided in the box. So I am hoping to get some help on this forum :smiley: :+1:



Hi. I am chongjasmine from Singapore.
I plan to learn java script.
I am learning it to make rpg games.
I have a program rpg maker mv, which requires some knowledge of java script to make a game.


Hey guys!
I'm Stanley Sathler, also known as Sathler, brazilian and I'm 20.

I started to code when I was 13, but only started to take it seriously some years later. Today, I'm a Science Computer Student and an iOS Developer, working at 2x3 Inteligência Digital.

My big passion is teaching people. Planning to, maybe, be a teacher one day. Also, I'm fully engaged in Open Source concept.


My name is Ilene
I saw a program called 'A girl's gotta code.
I realized that I would like to learn to code.
I am a Senior Transportation Planner for a State Government, and monitor air quality conformity.
I don't know how to do Air Quality modeling, but I am working on it.
I started with HTML/CSS because I am a beginner. It is fun.
I haven't done any real coding yet, but I am planning to create a website and go from there.
Codecademy is a great place to learn. I have looked around other training options and like the format here the best.
I am in the pre pre retirement phase of my career, and think coding may be my next.


Hi, My name is Calvin. I'm a Customer Service Rep I started programming recently. I was wondering if maybe someone out there could be like a tutor for when I hit road blocks.


I go by Pogs, I currently work as a field tech many of the users mistake me for some high school kid waltzing in working on their machines not sure why. Profession wise I guess you can say I'm a life connoisseur I like learning about everything really, if it peaks my interest. But if specifics are needed I'm a tech by trade and a joker at heart.

I do like fixing things,cars,computers,house appliances, old clocks anything everything you name it I probably tried it out. I like the layout of Codcademy it's easy to use and the lessons are pretty good. I would like to use my amateur coding skills to develop a video game, perhaps a phone app as well.

Current courses I've taken are interactive website, make a website, command line, SQL, and Python. I took a rather long break but now I'm back trying to finish up where I left off at. Eventually I wanna take all the courses.

I have not been to any of Codeacdemy's meetups, but would love to if the opportunity arises, sounds like fun nerding out with other code heads. If anybody wants to nerd out or chill out feel free to hit me up like a toaster oven, I'm pretty open to things.

Happy coding~


hello to you all.Am Opeyemmy.Am a currently in my third year studying computer science .heard about codeacademy just yesterday.i joined to be able to code very well.have been looking for a place to code all this while and i think am in the right place provided U guys will be of support cos am still novice in coding


Good Morning Code Friends,

I am here to introduce myself and to get to know all of you. I am looking for a few study friends. I can't afford to go to college so this is as good as it gets for me at the moment. Needless to say "this is very good" and it's free!. I would like to see if we can establish a certain time and days to study online together. If anyone is interested please let me know. This is my first time trying this so I am open to any and all suggestions. Happy learning everyone. Hope to see you in the Academy, thanks Herman


Hey everyone n how are you doing all, I'm lucky
i am also studying programming here. it's my beginning here n i love to learn coding deeply. i always wonder to work for it section but my prior study is different from this, but now im trying hard to mould my study path to on it. Hope you all like learning here and would doing well in Code Academy. feeling proud to join with CA and you guys. Gud luck you all ahead.


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Hi Zach,

I am Maxon Alexis and I live in Margate,Florida,USA. It's been a few weeks since I am doing coding with CodeCademy...and I love it. Can you send me a letter saying that I am a student of CodeCademy ? I want to show this letter to anyone and everyone.

Best Regards,

Request for a Letter from Codecademy

Hi. I'm a dance student, but I know how scarce roles are in my chosen industry, so I chose a backup. I wanted something that pays well. I have wanted to learn to code for a while now; I got a Raspberry Pi two years ago but was kicked off of my brother's monitor to make room for his. I put off learning for ages; convincing myself that I couldn't. I finally found Codecadamy and cannot be more pleased. I will be the noob getting things wrong; please bear with my questions.
See you around the forum!


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