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A few years ago I made a drag/drop website - but I just didn't feel like I had
enough control over what my site could do. And so it was the I came to codecademy.com
to learn the basics. Eventually I made a site on chess, then later another one :slight_smile: (You can find the
links in my profile). both made with HTML & CSS with a little JS. Of course I'm still learning,
but I like to help out around on the Q & A section, and play chess :slight_smile: .
Perhaps in another century I'll be good enough to get a job coding.
Codecademy.com is definitely the best site for learning the basics, and more :slight_smile: .


Hi Ilene and Cindy,

Well, I wasn't sure where to jump in and introduce myself. Should I start a new thread or topic all about "Hi this is ME"? lol don't even know quite how. I saw other folks jumping in to say hi via reply, which seems a lil under the radar, but hey. Suits my style.
Plus, I saw "a girl's gotta code" and i thought, "well amen to THAT sister!"

And there's my opening. ^_^. I'm Brooke in California.

i like the personal stories you two shared, thanks. maybe I will share more of mine later.

Really enjoying Codecademy! what a cool opportunity.



Hi everyone,

My name is Ben and I'm a recent computer science graduate in Arizona.

I'm currently using Codecademy to review and keep current with the latest web and programming technologies.

Looking forward to meeting you all! :slight_smile:


Hello I'm me? haha I'm from SEA. One of it. As for now I'm still a student, currently in Accounting Information System. Here to polish my knowledge in coding, the ones I have learnt in class is very limited to accounting area. We aren't CS students. I want it for personal use, but who knows if I really started to have passion or deep one, I will reboot my thoughts. I like this site, never know its exist before, very useful. I usually use a few popular that just give you the code and you gotta manipulate it yourself.
I hope that this place will aid me on coding cuz its very useful and helpful.


Hello everybody!:innocent:
So my name is Margo, I'm a student in Lviv Institute of Management (Ukraine).
I'm front-end developer. I started learn web 2 years ago, it was hard start and I can't imagine, that now I will work in IT. I started with "Hello World!" in html document and I like that what I create, I understand, that when I sit and start writing code I feel like I'm over the moon. My skills grove and I started google interesting posts about code. And I fount Codeacademy. It gave me good base, I passed SASS, SQL and JavaScript here.
At work I create different sites (most of them is landing page).


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Hello everyone.

[So, I have to do this having been here for a while. :smile: ]

My interest in coding started with a simple visual basic application -- after some struggles :wink: My interest in coding is to be able to build solutions with local relevance in my country and eventually, globally.

I started learning to code here, really. Currently, I am embracing the MEAN stack framework.

I hope to get better everyday. :wink:

Thank you codecademy for this platform.


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Hi everyone,
My name is Andrew Kai but you can call me Mawinch, I am from Kenya and I am 21 years old. I am completely new to programming. Well Camy about Code Academy in my long quest of seeking coding knowledge. At first i downloaded lots of pdf on how to code but all of them I hit the wall due to poor explanation, and then I came across C.A. I really thank God I'm here, just started HTML so far so good and for the first time there's light at the end of my coding tunnel..Thats me!


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Hey, I'm Kaylee Johnson from Co. Denver.
I plan to use my coding skills professionally.
I use code academy cause a friend recommended it to me, my favorite thing about it is the layout.
I have not been to any meet ups or events.
Code academy has helped me better understand what coding is, and how to do it so that I can actually have a conversation with my friends because I'm a huge nerd and socially awkward person.


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Learning how to code so I can better optimize my WordPress site.
Not much experience with coding but anxious to learn.


Hello,everyone ! My English is not well! I'm Jing.l come from china. My major is mechanial and eletrical integration.My C++ is not well.So,I need some friends to improving my programing skills! Can you help me?


Hi, I'm awesome, young, and looking towards the future. 'nough said :slight_smile:.



I'm a Service Manger by day, programmer at heart by night, In the early 90s I completed a compsci degree but it's time to update my skills to build the site my wife needs for her business.

Kicking off with Angular and Ruby!

Good to be here.


I have any experiences on the code. I don't know who would help me improve my code.I have learned the C++ for three months on the school.But,my programming ability is not well.So,I need some friends to improve my abitity ! I can teach you chinese ! Will you like to help me! this is my way of communicating ! mailbox:1256015196@qq.com



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Hey hi hallo! My name is Andrew, 22 years old and I have wanted to learn coding for basically my entire life! I have a love affair with letters, numbers, codes, and lists! And chess but that's unrelated. My current undustry and profession is job seeker seeking a job. That's also partially why I'm taking codecademy courses. I'm going to keep up with learning what I need to learn with a group called code fellows in their introduction to javascript starting may 22nd to the 27th. I hope to use my future coding skills for BOTH personally and professionally reasons! I'm thinking about a future course, 401 fullstack javascript development or whatever that title is. I was also considering the python class which I think might be easier for me since I read some reviews on it. I use codecademy because it is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than learning coding on khan academy. I have taken an intro website design class back in middle school learning just the very basics of web design and not even that much so it was really a waste of time. Recently I took code 101 from code fellows and that was a lot more fun and since I'm more into it now, it was easy to follow along and the staff members were really great help! :slight_smile: Well, I kinda already mentioned some courses I was going to take but next up will be most likely code 102, intro to JS, code 201, more to do with JS, code 301, intermediate software development, and code 401, which i already mentioned. I have not been to any meetups just yet as this week has been keeping my nights very busy. Although I am considering going to a JS meetup. Maybe, to get some assistance on something. First I'll be asking my question here tho cause this is the official codecademy forums! Thank you all and to all a good night!


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