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I'm Steve and I'm new to coding and to Codecademy. I'm really enjoying the lessons and hope to utilize the skills I learn professionally. Currently, I'm learning HTML and CSS, but my intention is to learn as much as I can at Codecademy so that I can one day create apps and maybe even create and develop systems like them and others.


Hey my name is Nyla's just here to code


Hello, I'm Mark.

I am a radio talk show host and I thought I'd learn JAVA to write some apps ideas I had. That's about it.


Hello im Gage, I want to introduce myself because the website told me to.


Hi everyone,
I am a student at school who has to complete the JavaScript and HTML course and there will probably be more. I am not sure where to go after school however I do like coding and may go down that line.


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Hi everyone,

My name is Luke, I'm a 24 year old nationally certified EMT that is interested in Full Stack Web Development. Used to be a CS major but switched over to Math and Natural Sciences because my instructor made it sound like I needed to take a year of math to ever write a program. Currently have a good understanding of HTML & CSS, teaching myself JavaScript now.


Hello, I am Robert. I am 21 and hope to become a front-end web developer. :slight_smile:


Hallo everyone, :slight_smile:

My name is Patrick Obermueller and i'm studying Multimediatechnolgy at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg, AT.

Currently i have experience in c#, html, css, js, php, ... . I'm supposed to have a full-stack-developer education at my university, which i really do! Lucky me! We have fancy subjects like workflow productions, human-computer interaction and the usual frontend aswell as backend development. Besides the Major studies i am having Game Design and Development as my minor studies.

Were do you plan to use your new coding skills? - Well, web development is love, web development is life AND it is still free, just like the sea in earlier days. We are the sailors of our 'modern' world. I really enjoy the possibilities of coding, there are > no limits.

I really enjoy Codecademy so far, as it has great beginner tutorials**strong text** to get fastly into the subject of matter. Thanks to Codecademy and my studies, i have been able to create a fancy full responsive web-games with Phaser all by myself, incl. a backend to save scores for each user-account. Another project, a friend and i are working, are games for twitch.tv where people in the chat are able to control/play the game (web-source-overlay)!

Looking into the future, i see myself working as a motivated and lucky person in a web and/or game company with focus (for my part) on frontend development. I love working with artists and technicians (people tend to call me 'the hybrid').

So, yes .. That's me. Writing so much about myself, than never before. Seems like, i really love what i am doing.

Thanks, Codecademy Team!

Patrick the hybrid

P.S. :cat2::cat::smile_cat::dog2: those emoticons, EPIC


Hi there, I am Mahmoud Ramdan Elnazer , I am 20 years old,and I have studied civil engineering
Programming is a passion that feeds my soul. I make sure to keep learning and trying bleeding edge technologies,I am so happy to be member of code academy :smiley:


Hi All,

I am Kiza and have great passion for programming, however, I was offered my first employment in the IT industry to be a server admin and this led to other appointments that came in the line of hardware proficiency. But now I want to fulfill my passion; I need to break away and do what makes me happy. Luckily, I was introduced to codecademy by a search engine and it has not been the same for me in learning open source programming. In days to come I desire to be in the main stream of the software/programming community and I know from what I have seen so far that my passion will find expression here in codecademy


hi i m pritam sitaula and i have done diploma in engineering in computer science but unfortunaly in have forget all the java lesson due to a long gaps i i want to learn java there in this process i want to know how to print a single whole number in java


"Hello World !"

I am coding on here when I can-
Always learning..

                > crazy enough to have scrolled down here
proud to have stumbled here on my journey

and being the 858th intro post
- :heart:


Hi my name is Ethan. I have been coding off and on for about 3 years now. My favorite language is html/css. :smile:


Who are you? Wayne
What is your industry and profession? I am a post grad student at Macquarie University in Sydney Australia
Were do you plan to use your new coding skills? Personally/professionally? Python is part of a compulsory subject before I start my research. I will need Python to extract data for my Master thesis then my PhD. I am looking at Empathic Virtual Agents in Health.
Why do you use Codecademy and what is your favorite thing about it? I only started today.
What courses have you taken, or are planning to take? I need Python for Data Science so this could be the one.
Have you been to any of our meetups, or events? Not yet, if you have a Sydney group I am keen.


Hi! :slight_smile: My name is Calvin Cook. I am 20 years old. I'm male, obviously.
I do not have a job currently. However, this summer I did work at my old high school reimaging computers. I am going to be a junior at Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls, IA. I am a Liberal Arts Major with an interest in computers. Outside of computers, I also love to listen to music, play the guitar, piano, tuba (for band), and sing. My main instrument is the guitar, though.

Previously, I knew HTML and CSS pretty well from a web programming class I took my first semester of college. Other than that, I had little coding experience. I believe I started Codecademy on either News Years Day or Eve of 2016. My cousin introduced me to Codecademy around New Years, since he knew I liked coding. I've been learning from it ever since. :gift:

I am using my computer skills for recreation, but I also want to become a web developer and maybe also create mobile apps. I have always been fascinated with computers, ever since I was a kid. :computer:

I like Codecademy, because when you're stuck on an exercise, you can get the code, or ask around on the forum.
The Codecademy courses I have finished are: HTML & CSS, Make a Website, SQL: Table Transformation, SQL: Analyzing Business Metrics, and Java.
I am also working on Javascript and other languages like Python, Ruby, PHP, etc.

I have not been to any meetups or events on Codecademy.
I did create a website that I am still working on completing.
I do not have a story to tell of my success.


Hello everyone! I'm Rena 22 years old, i'm a recent graduates from R&HVAC engineering. I joined Codeacademy because i want to tried to have a career as a full-stack web developer. Currently, i'm taking JavaScript course and planning to takes all the courses that CodeAcademy had. Wish me luck! :smiley:


Hi all you future JavaScript ninjas! My name is Cindy and I am doing all the work here to solidify the knowledge that I gleaned from my first in a series of three JS courses I will be taking in my pursuit of an AS in Web developing. In the spring of 2015 I earned my AS in database technology and felt unprepared because of the struggle I have with PL/SQL. I am not going to make that mistake again. So here I am.
I find that when things work and/or compile I love programming. But, when they don't I get really frustrated and a little freaked out because I don't understand. So, far I am loving these exercises and feel like they are really helping me.
Good luck to everyone and I'll see you in the forums!


Hi Everyone,

I'm reviewing mid-career options and am using Codeacademy to see if I have the chops for a life in coding. My goal is to complete courses here in HTML/CSS and then Java. If I can swing it, I will migrate to formal coursework and, hopefully, enjoy a career as a developer of cool things!


I am Amugongo Paulus a marketing management graduate, i am a beginner in coding, so i am spending much of my free time, efforts in learning how to code. I willing to learn how to code and one day develop a website thats gonna benefit business and individuals. i use code academy to solve maths and executing languages that the computer can understand. i am planning to study java. i did not go to any meet ups yet or event. i am a beginner still have a long way to go. i don't have a story to share yet till i have become a pro on how to solve and execute different languages.