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I am a 3rd year Economics student taking a CS minor. I am currently on a co-op term as a front-end developer. I don't really plan to go into any tech profession (I'm more interested in finance :P) but I do enjoy coding as a hobby. Some languages I know are Python, Scheme(Racket), MIPS Assembly, HTML and CSS (responsive pages and e-mails). I'm learning JavaScript and will learn more languages on Codecademy.


Hi! You can call me Sai and I'm a female high school student. I'm currently taking the Codecademy Javascript course and I finished the HTML/CSS one. I plan to use my coding skills after these courses in a job as a computer programmer. I use Codecademy because it's a good (albeit getting more complicated) way to learn the essentials of computer languages. I unfortunately haven't been to any of your meetups or events. I'm generally better with variables and functions and "for" loops, but I hate "while" loops. I haven't done much work using these skills, but I hope to by college!


Hi everyone! I'm Dylan, I am 14 years old, and live in the UK! I started on Codecademy as a recommendation by my computing teacher, and hope to code games when I am older! I will also be very happy when I get back to school to be ahead of my class when we start coding on Python!


Hello, My name is Erica and I'm a Manhattan nanny in my 30's, so probably not your typical Codecademy user. Most of my social network consists of programmers and they're always doing things like "taking sick days" and "going on vacation" and "earning good salaries", so I figured it was time to give programming another shot. (I had been studying UX in grad school when I got divorced and couldn't afford to finish, and there weren't a lot of jobs available in my previous location at the time anyways, so...)

I just completed the first JavaScript lesson and wanted to share the news, but I can't tell most of my friends that I'm going to try to learn to code because my social network is extremely intertwined with my bosses' and I don't want them to know that I might be quitting in a year or two! (Nannies are often expected to stay on for long periods of time, and I've only been with them for two years so far.)

I've always had weird and nifty hobbies. Most recently I've been focusing on recreating Finnish and Baltic Iron Age clothing, including skills like spinning wool on a drop spindle, tablet weaving, brass wire coil work, and lots more.


Hello, I'm Alex I came here to kick start my desire to learning programming to a further extent as I have a basic familiarity with C++. My main goal though is to supplement my skills in networks/security in a DevOps sense I suppose.

I have a long way to go but I've learned a lot so far. From Codecademy and my own personal projects.


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Hi, I'm Guille!
I'm just a fan of coding, so I'm always interested in learning more about ways and languages.
I'm currently on my first year of college, just taking it slow and enjoying the benefits of hard work throughout passion for the things i love.



Salut tout le monde!
Je m'appelle Othniel. Je suis un jeune geek passionné de technologie et de développement.
J'adore apprendre de nouvelles choses et trouver les solutions aux problèmes posés sur ce forum.

Hello everyone!
My is name Othniel. I am a young geek passionate about technology and development.
I love learning new things and find the solutions to the problems on this forum.


Hello, everyone. I am a 17 years old boy, or a man you could say. :stuck_out_tongue: I am a home-based singer, rapper & producer. But there's something else I love to do; coding. I love coding because I think that it is fun. It has also helped me a lot in changing and shaping my life when I needed some sort of distraction. So a biiiiig thanks to the Codecademy team for making this wonderful website!
And here you'll find the link to my most recent song in my profile.


Hi, I'm Lisa, a release engineer who is adding to my professional skills so that I can move into a Jr. DevOps position. I am just finishing the Ruby final project, and I will be taking most of the full stack program.

I'm using Codecadamy Pro because it offers quizzes and exercises, and because I can ask for help from real teachers who can point out the place(s) where I'm going astray. I like being able to pick it up and put it down as necessary.

I hope to meet some of you in the discussion forums!


Hey err1 :smile_cat:

Been teaching myself code for just over a year now..

You can find a link to my personal site in my profile.

Just become active with this community as I feel I can help those who have just started on their journey :smiley:

Looking for work as a Jnr Front End Developer in London but alas I'mma keep studying till I get it..

Good luck everyone and keep at it :muscle:🏻:ok_hand:🏻:punch:🏼


Hello, all.

My name is Steve. I teach computing and have been using CodeCademy for a while now. I'm hoping to get some new insights to help me with my classes.


i am xenon6378 computer technicien i play around with differents software curious about the coding they use and which one hello every one


Hello , I'm Jess. I'm 13 . I have just started code academy. I've been introduced here by khan academy computer programming. Um....I'm starting to learn jQuery here. Only do this for fun. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smiley:


My name is Meghanne, and I have a Program position in an Engineering department where I don't feel "techy" enough. I don't know yet what I'll use my training for, but at the very least I'll be happy to better understand conversations we have around code. Currently I'm reviewing my HTML skills, but I'm looking forward to moving onto JavaScript.


Hello, I am 18 years old and will be attending my freshman year of college this fall and will be pursuing some type of math career (unsure of what specifically as of yet) and I wanted to see if computer science would be something that I am interested in. After doing a few web searches, I found that Ruby is one of the easiest languages to pick up on for a beginner so I've spent a lot of time on here the past week learning Ruby, and am happy to save I love coding so far. Getting stuck on a problem, but then being able to solve it either on my own or with help from all the people here is just so incredibly satisfying.


Hi There, I'm Steve and i'm very new to this. I've always wanted to be a programmer but dropped out of college for financial reasons (and don't qualify for financial aid since i'm not American). This hasn't stopped me from trying to achieve my dream. I'm glad to have found CodeAcademy. The help forum that comes with it is phenomenal too. I'm still in the junior stages of learning how to code and i'm ambitious i'll leave here with what i came for.


My name is Maria. i am from Pakistan. a computer science student :slight_smile:. i have signed up yesterday on codecademy , have taken java, will learn JavaScript too. no i have never been to any events.



I'm Steve and I'm new to coding and to Codecademy. I'm really enjoying the lessons and hope to utilize the skills I learn professionally. Currently, I'm learning HTML and CSS, but my intention is to learn as much as I can at Codecademy so that I can one day create apps and maybe even create and develop systems like them and others.


Hey my name is Nyla's just here to code