Welcome exercise

Hi guys,
I am a relatively new entry in matters of coding language but as I progress with my courses I also try to put into practice. But!, as it often happens it is not that easy.
I am currently working on my personal website and I wanted to create an interactive image using .js to use in my homepage.
The idea is to create something very simple, like graphic in the very first Exercise I did in Codeaccademy.


is this familiar?

Well, up to now I have always been (and still I am) practicing on codeaccademy, but now I want to get something done.
I just downloaded my code editor Visualstudio code, which I hope is going to do the job.
Now, just a blackhole, am I on the right route? Does any of you guys have any tips to help me to get started?

Thanks :pray:


Hello, try to make little projects which is a good practice.
Don’t forget to make wireframes(they are plans) they can help you a lot:

And if you are ready to make your page, there are color schemes, like monochromatic where the whole page is made by only one color(can be any color you like, but only one color), analogous which needs you to stick to color wheel because they are those 3 colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, complementary which is still on color wheel and these are those 2 colors that are opposite on the color wheel, triadic that are those colors that are 120 degrees from the previous color on the color wheel
Hope this helps :grinning:


You gave us the link for lesson one. Take a look at lesson 6/7 on Welcome to Codecademy for the full thing.


I hope this helps =)


Yes, I am gonna review that, it will surely give me some clues to work on, thanks :slight_smile:

In terms of making a page from bottom up instead, I might actually start to give a look into that to. I am starting to use the code editor and getting to know how that works. Things are getting interesting :nerd_face:
Most likely you guys will hear from me in the near future :sweat_smile:
In the meantime though, thanks for the help