Weird errors on my account

So, I used to have another codeacademy account, and I think it may have the same email I’m using right now, the problem I’m having, is, when I enter my profile (clicking the “See my profile”)
It sends me to: ""
Which gives a 404 not found.
When I go to Account Configuration, the user field shows:
netNinja08991_51b51ef17c82ca06ce01e982_deleted (It should be “agucova”, I think.)
And my email is: (It’s not, it is
Was my user deleted? Then why I can login?
I think I’m experiencing some weird account problems, help please?
PD: I’m having another weird error on a course.

this is what i will reccomend you to do… I think you should delete both accounts, because im sensing that you dont care about either accounts… And then restart a new one!

Or an Alternative can be to get a new Email, and go by that… Other than that i think @AdminsLevel4 , @moderateurs can help you out

I can certainly delete this one, but I lost access to the old one, that’s why I created this account.
I really don’t care about my progress.

Do you care about your old account @netninja08991_51b51e ?

Nothing at all. It’s an abandoned account.

Ok @netninja08991_51b51e , anwser me one question… Can you login to your old account? If it is yes, then delete your old account as well as this one, and recreate your codecademy account. If its a no, then ill reccomend you to create a new Email… For email i have heard about ProtonMail , from @cadecodes but you can certainly choose whatever email you want and just signup to codecademy with your new email!

I can use my secondary email, anyways, it redirects to my actual email. But I’ll better wait for a admin to see the error. So they can fix whatever is happening. (I mean, to prevent future errors).

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Is your language set to Spanish ?
As I see the URL has es in it.

Yes it looks like your account has been deleted,
Where you part of a class in school ? Or was your account created by a teacher ?

Yes, it is set to Spanish.
And the account was created totally by me, I’m not part of any class.

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I have no idea,

So can you access the courses once logged in ?

As you said its fine, then Create a new account with your email address and use it

Yes, I can access courses, but I recently got some (backend) weird error on the MySQL course. (see the first post)

I see it now.

if you don’t haven’t progressed far in the course I recommend creating a new course and starting fresh.

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Just started MySQL course, the CodeAcademy connection light, stays white (Connecting), I can see the information and instructions, but the code editor shows like nothing it’s opened. (I can’t type anything)
When going to chrome console, I can see there is a:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) when querying:
When I enter manually it says:

"{"error":{"code":"0","message":"Unable to handle your request","details":[{"target":"NoMethodError","message":"undefined method `roles' for nil:NilClass"}]}}"
So this seems likely to be a backend error.

This is on:

OSX 10.11
Chrome 50.0.2661.94 (64-bit)

I will reset course if i were you, it will both probably help solve my situation here, and also i would refresh the topics learned (which is always nice :wink: ). To Reset the course just go to the first lesson and click reset. @zystvan explained it well here:

(I didn’t pass the introduction cause of the problem)
Ok, so I’m deleting my account now.