Weekly Poll for September 28

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Topic: Responding to error

You are working thru a lesson an error occurs. You try to make some changes and STILL there is an error. You’ve reread the tips and hints several times and the code looks correct.

We’ve all been there and the frustration sets in. :man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

You are not alone and It’s likely that someone else had the same problem.

Before posting a question, do you:
  • Search the forums for an answer
  • Check official documentation
  • Search for error message
  • Ask a friend
  • Take a break and revisit the error

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Inspiration: @lisalisaj

Thank you to all those who participate in these fun polls. :wave:

Feel free to elaborate on tips below.


I look at any notes I’ve taken, re-read my code from bottom to top…looking for possible errors that I may have missed. I also always google the error (b/c I know that I’m not the only one who’s ever gotten the error) and check the documentation to see what I may have done wrong. And if I’m really stuck, I walk away for a time and do something else unrelated to code. Oftentimes, that helps to figure it out too.


Error messages are like my best friends when I’m stuck.

I like going over the steps my program should be following in my head, then analize my code line by line (without assuming anything works correctly) and see if it matches the list of steps I just went through.

I usually like to spend a lot of time trying to fix errors, but knowing when to walk away (not forever, obviously) is important too :upside_down_face:


I ask a very good friend of mine. His name starts with G and has two Os :wink: