Weekly Poll for October 5

:white_check_mark: Welcome to Our Weekly Poll :white_check_mark:

Social media can have it’s advantages to learning about new things. You may discover something new that you would have not encountered in your day-to-day life.

Topic: How active are you on social media?

  • 1 don’t use it
  • 2 seldom
  • 3 occasionally
  • 4 frequently
  • 5 extensively

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Feel free to elaborate below.

I’m addicted to TikTok and I’m trying to stop :weary: You can go hours scrolling through it and I’m procrastinating heavily. I just want to delete it, but I can’t. Trying to slowly hype myself up to do it though.


I’m on discord everyday other than that I can’t handle the constant input.

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OMGGGG… I AGREE WITH YOU 100% :ok_hand:
for that reason, I haven’t downloaded the app… I only use it on my friend’s phone…
It’s so addicting…
Before TikTok, I didn’t know that seeing people doing stupid things is so entertaining!


Does this count as social media?


I was wondering if anyone would raise that question. I would say educational/technical ‘forums’ are not social media but I could argue either way :slightly_smiling_face:

It depends on the purpose for being on the forum. :books:


Girl, same here, but with Instagram instead :sweat:
But to be honest, I think I’m improving :sweat_smile:
I recently took a whole freaking week break from social media, and it was very helpful lol.

Couldn’t had said it better :ok_hand: :sweat_smile:


I’m going to guess yes? haha, since there is people are you are consuming content? Hmm… interesting question though.

I answered “extensively” because I check all sorts of online platforms regularly, including (but not limited to): DEV.to, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and Slack.

I’ll give a word of caution to people trying to “network” online when learning to code: be honest to yourself. It’s so easy to go down the rabbit hole and end up with 50 tutorials on Python or amazing front-end web dev, machine learning algorithms, the top 10 things every beginners should know, and the “this is how I got my first job in tech”. Don’t waste your time. I’m sure there is some useful info in those articles, but don’t let them be your main focus.

Ever heard of busy buffering? It’s when we start doing tasks that keep us from doing the things we should actually be doing. It gives us a sense of “I’m working on something” while not actually moving forward. Don’t buffer in social media, even tech social media.

PS: I busy buffer all the time, that’s why I’m warning you :joy:


Oh, I would say I’ve been down many rabbit holes and the payoff isn’t worth it most of the time. :woman_facepalming:

Don’t we all busy buffer because there is always something better than working on something we should be doing. :laughing:

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