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Topic: Code Linters

Hello Everyone,

A code linter can make your life easier by identifying syntax errors, formatting or incomplete statements, as well as, helping with formatting.

Coding Standards

Do you use a code linter?
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I don’t always use linters for my personal projects (though I probably should), but once you have more than one person working on a project it’s very important. I collaborated on a Python Django project a few months ago and we used Flake8 and Autopep8. Black is also a good linter for Python.


Unless you’re writing your code in a pure text editor, like vim or Notepad, you’ll probably be seeing the benefits of a linter. You might not know about it, because editors like Visual Studio Code have them for the most common languages out of the box, but they’re almost certainly there.

Incidentally, if you are coding in vim - serious kudos. :+1:

I can write functional code in Notepad… but I like the convenience of a good code editor. :slight_smile:

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