Weekly Poll for November 23

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Hello Everyone,

What do you find most challenging about learning to code?
  • remembering everything
  • staying motivated
  • frustrated when it doesn’t work or concepts don’t make sense
  • other (comment below)

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Inspired by:
What are your biggest struggles while learning to code?

Within this post, there are great points of wisdom. Some of them are take notes, ask questions, engage on forums and work on projects.

Feel free to comment below.


What is challenging to me is being able to figure out the mechanics for solutions and different methods. I feel like I can understand what you are trying to solve, but I get lost in the how. And the “how” is what teaches me more things (that I can apply to my own code).

When I was working on Censor Dispenser, there were solutions that utilized the python module re, which lost me completely (since I used indexing and string methods). I searched up the re module in hopes to understand the mechanics behind the solutions, but I wasn’t able to understand how it worked.

In a way I guess, I’m struggling with my problem solving and comprehension skills when it comes to coding.

It’s like, I try to understand a solution but can’t because I’m not sure HOW to understand it. I don’t understand how each part is working together to give you a solution. I don’t even understand the parts!

I especially dislike when I’m searching up the answer to a problem I have, and I find it in a old StackOverflow post only to find the solution is written in hieroglyphics. Because I can’t understand how the solution works, I can’t properly integrate it into my code.

I love to learn, so when confronted with all these many solutions that I could learn from but can’t, it’s challenging for me. It makes me feel like I’m not progressing. Like I’m stuck at this mediocre level of knowledge that shows in my code.


I voted 50/50 for “staying motivated” and “other”, because the latter is the cause of the former.

I don’t have an issue getting stuck in and learning what I need to do what I want, but without a defined end goal I’m less inclined to do something. If I’ve got an idea for a hobby project or something I want to try and build, great - but as soon as I’m out of ideas, my inclination to write code is much less…


I didn’t know I could select more than one option above. (doh!)

For me, it’s remembering everything and then getting frustrated when I don’t and the solution to my error/issue is something that I temporarily forgot. (if that makes sense?).

Sometimes I feel like I just can’t absorb what I’m learning and I have to go over it a few times (which is fine b/c that’s how I learn… but still). Right now, classes (which is a newer part of the DS path) has me a bit stuck. I get it in a general sense, but, completing the work…well, that’s slow-going. My cat is tired of hearing me talk things out, out loud. Hahaha.


Being consistent is really hard for me. I could be learning about databases one day and the next one, decide that I’d like to learn to make games instead. And learning tiny bits of many things isn’t very useful tbh.
Even when I am sticking to one single topic to learn, it’s hard for me to decide to sit down, put my all into it for a few hours, and then do the same thing the next day.

Also my confidence has been decreasing lately, and I start comparing myself to other coders. Feeling like you don’t know the things you should/are expected to know, or that you are behind…that gave me a motivation boost at first, but now I think it’s just slowing down my learning (how ironic).


I find remembering everything and getting frustrated the most difficult.

As I am not a professional coder or software developer yet, I am trying to learn all different kinds of code so I have a strong base to build upon. I get really frustrated when one language kind of hijacks another and I start doing java things in python. Because of the number of things I am trying to process, I sometimes forget a part of a language that is less used. When I make some type of mistake, I get really frustrated.

I also struggle with getting the hang of things sometimes. Like, I don’t understand HOW to understand.

I don’t really see an end to learning and sometimes I feel that gets frustrating like I might work for a really long time but get nowhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I like coding. It’s just that sometimes it really gets you and makes you frustrated.