Weekly Poll for March 8

Welcome to Our Weekly Poll

Welcome to Our Weekly Poll

Happy International Women’s Day! :tada:

Community = People + Support

Supporting each other on communities builds camaraderie. We all win by helping each other learn by leveraging our strengths.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, in 60 seconds or less, can you name 10 great women in tech you have collaborated with in the past:
  • Yes, no problem
  • Yes, more than 10 with a little more time
  • Less than 10, lack of opportunities

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Feel free to share your stories below.
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I don’t really know too many women involved in tech. If I had the time I’d run through the forums and list influencing women I find. The top 3 I’d put (only ones I’ve seen super active) would certainly be @lilybird @coffeencake and @lisalisaj! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Less than 10 so far, but mostly because I haven’t collaborated with many people in tech yet. I’m really hoping to find lots of opportunities to collaborate with women and other people of marginalized genders as I grow in this space.


I am hoping to network with women in tech. I am hoping by being active in here and reaching out.


I started with code first girls so thanks to that I know of more women in tech than I otherwise would!