Weekly Poll for March 2

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Hello Everyone,

Have you ever had this happen? One minute your code is not working and you try something “just for the fun of it” and it’s working. It’s all part of the learning process.

Have you ever gone back to really figure out why your code works now?

Have you ever gone back to really figure out why your code works now?
  • Always
  • Sometimes
  • Depends on time
  • Nope, just so happy it’s working

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Feel free to share any stories below:

I try to understand why it works most of the time, because if I don’t understand it, everything else I build on top of it might end up crashing :laughing:
Also it’s really satisfying to get to understand why the code you wrote works…or not :sweat_smile:


I try to understand it, yes. But, I think the duck knows more than I do.


I’d like to say I diligently understand all code, but when you’ve copied a line from Stack Overflow, and everything works, and you’ve been programming for 5 hours, I just sort of don’t…


That’s generally the thing I dig into. The bits I know how to do, I can usually figure out how I’ve mangled them together and see what they’re doing.

If I’ve had to look up an example of how to do something, I’ll take the time (if I have it) to look at whatever code snippet I’m lifting and see if I can understand what it does. :slight_smile:


Mostly I do. Unless I just can’t get it. Since I am still learning, I try the “see solution” which helps a lot. I find it is silly stuff, like not using quotation marks or forgetting a colon.


I guess I should say I usually try to figure it out, just not always right away. If I’ve been working on something for a few hours and just wanna get done I’ll mark it to come back later.