Weekly Poll for July 13

:white_check_mark: Welcome to Our Weekly Poll :white_check_mark:

:wave: It’s so exciting to see all the new learners join the community and the current ones extend their learning with even more courses. It’s also wonderful to have all those that continue to learn by helping and supporting others in this community.

We all come from different backgrounds with different reasons for joining Codecademy.

Why are you learning to code – choose all that apply?

  • Look for a new job and/or better career opportunities
  • Improve or refresh coding skills
  • Have fun – it’s a hobby
  • Complement schoolwork or related
  • Curious
  • Teach/help others learn to code
  • None of the above, see story below

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Feel free to share your story below.

Credit to @mtf for the poll question.

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I origionaly started learning, because in a world that is growing so reliant on computers, I believe it is a skill every one should have.

Shortly after finding Codecademy, I stumbled on the forums.
After asking some questions and answering some, I began to love the community aspect of it and I couldn’t easily leave.