Weekly Poll for January 11

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Topic: Breakthrough/Magic Moments

For experienced coders and even beginners, we have those breakthrough or magic moments. It might have been a piece of code that you’ve been debugging for hours or working on a project that is finally being used by users.

Do you remember the first project or lines of code you wrote for work?
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Inspired by: I wrote my first ever code for work!

Feel free to share some interesting stories below:

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Hey Everyone, It doesn’t have to be work related. It could be a personal project/game that was memorable. :star_struck:

Well, if you put it that way, I do remember :smiley_cat:

It was my first real programming project: an Inventory Android App. I made it for my Dad :smile:

It was a really fun project that, overall, taught me to deal with frustration correctly. I developed it sitting next to my Dad, he would always help me find the bugs in my code and see things in another perspective. Also I was really stubborn at that time–I would insist with wrong ideas that I thought were right. Which is really weird, cause I had just started out so my knowledge was logically limited :laughing:

Oh! I remember I did a project before that one. It was a Python game. Really hard for me back then, so I basically just copied the code from the example :woman_facepalming:
But then the game didn’t even run as expected (what on Earth could I have possible done wrong while copying it?), so I had to truly make an effort to understand what was happening and be able to fix my code :laughing:


The first thing I made was a guess the number game in python.

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Mine was Hello World on C++ :heart_eyes: That was way back in 2002, I hardly ever coded since.

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My first line professionally probably was fixing the print layout on the website of a non profit I work at. It’s a great feeling, working on the front end of something. I can go to the website and actually see my change!

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