Weekly Poll for February 8

:white_check_mark: Welcome to Our Weekly Poll :white_check_mark:

Topic: Work-From-Home (WFH) or Learn At Home Workspace

Many of us are working and/or learning from home these days. Some people have separate spaces with a desk, chair, multiple monitors, mobile devices and others work in shared spaces on a laptop on the couch.

How comfortable are you in your workspace?
  • Love my workspace :heart:
  • Working just fine now with some changes :hammer_and_wrench:
  • Needs improvement :chart_with_upwards_trend:
  • Nomadic life, moving around as needed :luggage:
  • Other (see below) :beach_umbrella:

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Feel free to leave any interesting responses below:

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People who live in NYC in small (& sometimes tiny) apartments wonder what this “separate workspace” thingy is…


:smile: Oh yes, those multi-purpose workspaces - the ultimate efficiency in sleep, eat, work with travel time down to just foot steps.

I made my own makeshift standing desk by just placing a stack of boxes under my computer to raise it a bit :laughing:

But I admit I would love to simulate having co-workers around by having some weekly chat sessions about code with you fellow coders :grinning:

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