Weekly Poll for February 2

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Topic: Your Data

Hello Everyone,

We are generating data constantly in our everyday lives through our purchases, social media interactions, emails or documents. There are certainly too many to list - a simple click is all it takes.

There are so many benefits to having data for learning and making improvements, however, there is also the opportunity of data being misused.

In a general sense, how confident are you in how your data is being managed? (1 No Confidence – 5 Very Confident)
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Feel free to elaborate below.

Exactly. Lately, I feel like it’s more misused.
I’m conflicted…probably b/c I know what companies do with data. :wink:

I’m a huge proponent of data for good; if data helps make society and communities better then I’m all for it. I’m also a believer in making data more accessible to people (like for instance many cities have public data sets [NYC’s open data portal for ex. that contains NYPD data, 311 data, NYC parks, Participatory Budgeting, etc], which I think is awesome b/c not only can non-profits use the data, but so can anyone w/a computer.)

But, it seems like there’s more abuse (see FB and Cambridge Analytica) or potential for abuse. That, and the reality that data is wrapped up in profit and how to make companies more profitable (based on their users & interactions w/websites) often troubles me. :confused: