Weekly Poll for August 31

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Hello Everyone!

What is your learning style?

  • Visual(Spatial) – Using diagrams and images
  • Aural(Auditory-Musical) – Hearing the information
  • Verbal (Linguistic) – Involves speaking and writing
  • Physical (Kinesthetic) – Hands on learning
  • Logical (Mathematical) – Recognizing patterns easily, classifies and groups information
  • Social (Interpersonal) – Socializing and communicating with people
  • Solitary (Intrapersonal) – Independent and introspective

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I would add that the optimal mixing and time-organization of these during different phases of learning is an area of interest for me.

Then there’s also a dichotomy of creative vs. analytical (as in creating new models/environments/etc vs. analyzing existing ones).


Aye, I definitely use most of these but some significantly more than others. One of the ones I noted is that I get little to nothing from audio on its own. I’d only make the most of it with a view of the speaker or what they’re explaining (lectures/videos even when predominated with slides are all good).


It’s really hard for me to catch information from audio, just like @tgrtim said. I’d honestly prefer to have all the information laid out as text, so I can go back and forth, get a general idea of the topic from the beggining…reading just works better for me.

But also I really need to speak what I learn, cause sometimes I have a lot of nonsense in my head and I don’t even realize it untill I start explaining it to a “rubber duck”. And taking notes also reinforces my knowledge.

And of course, things will very easily slip out of my memory if I don’t put them to use, so I love making projects.


It’s funny that I’ve now been out of college for several years, but I’m just now figuring out what my learning styles are while trying to learn to code. It’s like it’s so intense to try and learn that I have to figure out the best way for me to do it so it’ll actually stick. But hey, I’m happy!

I will say that intrapersonal and interpersonal are very dependent on the situation for me. The majority of the time I find it easier to learn alone, but sometimes talking to others really gets the motivation going and can help me to figure out some of the more complicated things.